The Final Three is a trilogy of novels written by Bladewood. It composes of The Pegasi Corps, The Voyage of the Gorgoness, and The Last of Kings.

The Final Three Synopsis

The Final Three is mainly about an organizaiton, known as The Pegasi Corps, and their battle against the evils of the demimonsters and their corps. The first book (The Pegasi Corps) is narrarrated from three points of view, that of the leader of the team, Anthony Sharpe, and his two surrogate sisters: Gracie Redstalk and Olivia Adams. The second book (which has not yet been published) is also narrarted by the three foster siblings. However, the final book is narrated by the children of the Big Three: Anthony (a son of Zeus), Kelsey (a daughter of Poseidon), and Erik (a son of Hades).

Book 1: The Pegasi Corps

The Pegasi Corps is an organization created for and run by demigods to rid the world of Demi-Monsters. After years and years of fighting, the Demi-Monsters went into hiding, as did the Corps...

But years later, the Demimonsters have resurface, waging war against the world. It's up to the new generation of the Pegasi Corps to defeat them and restore order to the world!

Book 2: The Voyage of the Gorgoness

Book 3: The Last of Kings


  • Please that the second book is a short-collaboration, writting by Bladewood with the help of Hazelcats. Please give her 50% of the credit in the creation of The Voyage of the Gorgoness.
  • I'd like to give full credit to any and everyone who helped me develop these characters as, I'm sure you all know, I developed their personalities off of you guys! :)


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