The fourth chapter of the second installment of The Legacies Saga



Everyone in the room, with the exception of Bryce, looked at Tuler patiently. Eventually, she decided to settle on her first course of action as Oracle.

"We need to find the five legacies," Tuler declared.

"Earth, air, fire, water, and aether," Adam said. "We already know that Alaric is planning to use himself as the son of fire. So, the other four are the ones we have to find."

Tuler nodded. "So, Team Chiron. I'm giving you two the task of finding the legacy of earth. Team Explosion, you search for the legacy of air. Team Anomaly, you can find the legacy of water... I'll see if I can get Squad Three to look for the legacy of aether."

"Roger," a few of them said.


James and Natasha were the first to leave the office.

"Legacy of earth," Natasha said. "That means descendant of Hades. Or Pluto. We can head up to the Athena Light to find out if any of his demigods had descendants."

Just then, a vehicle came up in front of them. "I need to speak with James Pierce," a woman's voice from inside said.

"You talk to James, you talk to me," Natasha grunted.

"Sorry, but only James."

"It's alright," James said. "I've still got Anaklusmos. I can handle any monster necessary. If it's too much, I'll get you immediately."

James stepped into the vehicle and saw a young woman sitting in the front. She had wavy, shoulder-length hair that looked like a mix of light brown and dark blonde. Her eyes were the familiar bluish color he'd seen every day for years. Overall, she looked familiar, but unique. Every time he blinked, she seemed to alternate between resembling Natasha and resembling Fiona.

"Hello, James," she said in a mix of Natasha's and Fiona's voices. "My name is Aphrodite."


"Air," Tori said. "Well, knowing Zeus's track record, finding one of his descendants should be easy."

Before the gods had gone, saying something like that was guaranteed to get you struck by lightning. Now, legacies said that kind of stuff all the time. Team Explosion was particularly exempt since none of them believed in the gods.

"So, what about heading over to East Tiber?" Carrie suggested. "Based on the weather, it seems pretty likely that anyone with air power would be there."

Adam grinned. "Let's go, then."


"Any idea how to find a legacy of water?" Filan asked.

"Not a clue," Marrell admitted. "I know they'd be descended from Poseidon or Neptune. And since Burne has fire power, I'd guess legacies of water would have water power."

"Well, you're our leader, so... which way?" Ermot asked.

Marrell bit her lip. "Bellona Square. It's not too far from here, and I know the way around, a little."

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