The Greatest Heroes of All is a collab started by DarkCyberWolf. Prepare for this epic wiki event.


Khapophis - the antagonist. He was formed when Khaos took the power of Apophis to become more powerful. He draws more powerful now and aims to destroy PJOFFW so that he can take over the universe.

Josh - Our own user, Josh-SonOfHyperion. Khapophis has named him as his first target. Just so we're clear, the character is NOT Josh McLean, popular wiki character, but the user Josh-Son Of Hyperion, placed into the story.

Dot, Wolf, Joe, Jack and Luna - Other users who are characters in this story.


DarkCyberWolf (a.k.a. Wolf)

Josh-Son Of Hyperion (a.k.a. Josh)

DaughterofTerpsichore (a.k.a. Dot)

Jack Firesword (a.k.a. Jack)

SonOfZeus1200 (a.k.a. Joe)

Amberfire3 (aka Luna)

Luke 12346 (a.k.a. Luke)


Prologue: χάος (Written by DarkCyberWolf)

Chapter 1: Josh (Written by Josh-Son Of Hyperion)

Chapter 2: Untitled (To be written by undecided writer)

Chapter 3: Untitled (To be written by undecided writer)

Chapter 4: Untitled (To be written by undecided writer)

Chapter 5: Untitled (To be written by undecided writer)

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