The Hourglass: Elimination is a lead-in to the Hourglass/a trash can for unused characters. It is based on Avengers Arena.


Anything with an asterick must first be approved by the original owner.

  1. Rebecca Kingestoga (Nico di Angelo and the Olympians)
  2. April Opal Joy (The Torches of Nemesis)
  3. Logan Reed (Reborn)
  4. Jason Black (The Shadow Warriors)
  5. K. C. Samuels (Nico di Angelo and the Olympians)
  6. Adrian Hummels (?)*
  7. Arthur Musika (PoT)
  8. Christine Geraldin (Flipped)
  9. Sei Johnson (A Mystery to Be Solved...for the Reader!)
  10. Marc Danes

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