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You see were making Greek myths in Social Studies so I decide to put on her

Don't hate it Please :)

The Hunter

There once was a girl with Fire like red hair and bright Grey eye's

Her name was Altera Daughter Apollo and Athena

And her Aunt Artemis wanted her to be a Huntress But Apollo Did'nt

He wanted his daughter have a Wonderfull life

But artemis told him when on her 16 birthday That should would join the Hunters

"Alright sister" Apollo sighed

Artemis falshed a big smile

"Thank You Brother" she said and was off

11 Years later Altera was already a great archer and reader

"Father?" she asked Apollo

"Yes?" he asked

"Am i Immortal?"

"Well...I don't know Altera" he said

Altera frowned

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