Shawn Froste is a Son of Khione who bears the soul of his deceased brother in his soul, and when he gets a message from an old friend with terrible news he sets out on a journey not only to save the world, to sa
The Icy Soul345
ve himself.....


Shawn Froste - Son of Khione, Goddess of Snow and Ice, Shawn houses the soul of his deceased brother inside him after a terrible accident 10 Years ago, now he is struggling to cope with it....Is he really Shawn Froste?

Julia Vanguard - Daughter of Aphrodiate, Goddess of Beauty, Sick of her siblings constant remarks on her looks since she is the only one who doesn't fuss about her looks she gains friendship from Shawn before he gets the message from Xene, she accompanies him along with Jordan.

Jordan Greenway - Son of Demeter, He's Shawn's best friend and is worried about his constant change of personality, he was made fun of because of his hair before he came to Camp and thats where he met Shawn because Jordan joined the Soccer team Shawn was on, He accompanies him on his quest along with Julia.

Xene - Shawn's mysterious friend tells of a disaster that will take place in Alaska, a possible strike at Olympus that will catch the gods alarmed...but who is this Xene really?


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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