The Legacies Saga is a series by DarkCyberWolf.


Set centuries after PJO, demigods no longer exist because the gods are gone. All that remain of them are the legacies, longtime descendants of the gods who often don't even believe in their heritage and live in a hidden city miles above the rest of the world.


Yeah, there's a lot, so DarkCyberWolf will be making an actual character page in the future.

List of Characters in The Legacies Saga


The Tree of Hope

The first installment of the Legacies Saga. When a pair of Class 2, Subclass D terrorists named James Pierce and Natasha Hutchins come to the Ekinta in the Mainworld, they capture forty Mainworlders and bring them to the Upperworld. Marrell Tanaquas and her best friend Ermot D'Asuila were among them. Now, Marrell is compelled to learn all about the strange Upperworld. But trouble brews around as a demigod named Alaric moves toward his frightening goals of reawakening the ancient protogenos Ouranos. In order to do so, he needs a tree. The last tree in the Mainworld. It's up to Marrell and the Upperworlders to get to the last tree before Alaric can use it...

The Five Legacies

(More to follow)

Important Notes

  • The character Silena Annabeth Jackson is mentioned at least once in The Five Legacies. She was not created by DarkCyberWolf, who makes no claims to her. ExtremeSSJ4 has, however, given Wolf the OK to use her in the story.

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