The Five Legacies is the second part of The Legacies Saga? and the sequel to The Tree of Hope. It is written by DarkCyberWolf.

The Story So Far...

Warning: MASSIVE Spoilers From TToH

At the end of the Tree of Hope, Tuler Janiken agreed to become the new Oracle after the death of Julia Rodriguez. But, as it turned out, Gyan Kirrno somehow survived her battle with Julia and is searching for the truth about... something. The only one who knows this truth appears to be Alaric Burne. Alaric himself is, with the help of his servant Ritne Akuresh, trying to awaken the ancient Ouranos using Thalia's tree. To do so, all he needs are descendants of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Aether to unlock the gate. Once he does so, Fiona is the only hope for stopping him. Also, the mysterious family of Bryce, Charity, Dan, and Emma are stirring up some sort of trouble: Dan has kidnapped Tom Hutchins and Emma has tremendous power and the aid of Squad Three member Kassy Crowfeather. With Alaric three-fifths of the way toward destroying the world, it is up to Marrell, Ermot, Filan, James, Natasha, Tuler, Adam, Tori, and Carrie to stop Alaric from finding the descendants...


The Five Legacies: Chapter One

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