The Legacies of Tomorrow is a collection of stories involving the Jackson family, the series will include stories of the Grandchildren and other descendants of Percy Jackson, this is a community project created by ExtremeSSJ4 and anyone that wishes to join can do so (just message me first).


I do not own the Percy Jackson or the Heroes of Olympus series, this is just a fan made story...I am no Rick Riordan.

The Jackson Family Tree

Below you will be given a list of the most important child of the four children of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. The number inside the parentheses is the year they were born in. 

Percy Jackson - Annabeth Chase 

Silena Jackson (2017) Percy Jackson (2019) Ethan L Jackson (2019) Sally S Jackson (2022)
Blake Solace (2047) Clarisse Jackson (2044) Paul Jackson (2047) Lily Jackson (2040)
Altair Solace (2070) Adam Eveson (2070) David Jackson (2068) Fabian Miles (2065)
Emma Solace (2100)

Peter Eveson (2095)

Edwin Jackson (2090) Layla Miles (2093)
Rachel Parnelia (2126) Anna Eveson (2117) Jonah Jackson (2118) Lando Castian (2120)
Carmen Dare (2150) 

Bella Starten (2140) 

Jake Jackson (2142)

Claire Castian (2149)
Jack Angler (2172) Ekia Folaster (2170)

Matthew Jackson  (2170)

Christian Billio (2172)

Pier Angler (2200) Lilian Mentac (2200) Jacob Jackson (2200) Sarah Billio (2200)
Kray Angler (2222) Leia Klose (2223) Harvey Jackson (2224) Jonathan Star (2225)
Bell Angler (2250) Icarus Bennett (2248) James Jackson (2254) Felicia Star (2249)
Perseus Grace (2271)

Arthur Bennett (2269)

Ian Jackson (2269)

Krystal Fletcher (2268)
Michael Grace (2300) Eren Bennett (2297) Tom Jackson (2297) John Zalton (2294)
Martin Grace (2323) David Bennett (2320) Brandon Jackson (2326) Flake Zalton (2318)
Kenneth Grace (2353) Joseph Bennett (2348) Alex Jackson (2356) Elizabeth Zalton (2346)
Abigail Grace (2382) Logan Bennett (2379) Mason Jackson (2375) Gabriel Bellard (2376)
Peter Merez (2402) Gate Bennett (2409) Jeremy Jackson (2400) Jonathan Bellard (2411)

Note: The names that are underline are characters who have been chosen by a user for a story and may not be used until the user who currently is using the character finishes the story.


Silena Jackson and the Golden Ring

Clarisse Jackson and the Christmas Dreams (One-Shot)

Arthur Bennett and the Mysterious Beast (One-Shot)

The legacy of Percy Jackson Jr, Arthur Bennett, makes an incredible discovery. He meets someone he never thought existed and gets ever more surprised by the ability he has.

Ajax Jackson and the Atlantis Lessons (One-Shot)


  • This community project was created by ExtremeSSJ4.

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