The North Lake Saga

The North Lake Saga is a series of stories that takes place at North Lake . My family owns a camp on North Lake, in Upstate New York that inspired the stories. One day our neighbor came by with a book on the history of the lake. I was skimming through it one night when a few captions caught my attention, "North Lake's Islands, Pheonix Island.", "Mountains, Ice Cave Mountain." and "Does North Lake Harbor a cousin of Nessie?"

These jump-started my brain and gave me the ideas for a few of the stories I plan on writing.


Joseph Mierek - Son of Zeus, age 17, his family owns a camp on the left side, half way up the lake behind a pennisula. Around every other week.

Steven Martin - Son of Ares, age 18, his camp is located torwards the front of the lake on the right side. At camp all summer.

Ryan Richards - Son of Apollo, age 16 and Steven's cousin. He visits as often as he can.

Andrew Dawson - Son of Hephaestus, age 14, his camp is the last camp on the right side of the lake. Around all summer.


The Monster of North Lake

First story in the series. Joe's family has finally gotten settled into their camp at the Lake. Joe is loving the peace and quite of the lake... but it doesn't last long. A mysterious monster beings attacking camps along the lake and disturbing the normal peace and quite. Now it's up to Joe and his new friends to catch and destroy the beast.

The Phoenix Migration

This story takes place a year later. Joe is excited for a summer with his friends at the lake. Unfortunately more trouble awaits. The phoenix's centennial migration has turned to chaos after thieves steal a nest of phoenix chicks. Now while Joe prevents the remaining phoenixes from torching the Adirondack's, Steven, Ryan and Andrew must track down the thieves and return the chicks to Phoenix Island.

The Dragon of the Ice Cave

The final story... or is it?


Author's Note


I'm heading up to camp this weekend so I hope to get some pictures of the lake and my camp to add to the gallery.


So after what seems like forever I'm getting back to the story :). If you see anything wrong or something that needs changing feel free to fix it.


I finally started adding chapters again and I'll be adding more almost everyday.

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