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Emma Halman


Camden Tomson

Man who gives test

Chapter 19

"Emma, I must talk to you." Reyna came in the doorway of my room in the Preator House.

"Yes, Reyna?"

"I recently became a trainer for the Olympian League. I was told to choose one camper to train. I chose you. If you pass a test, you will be put in Team Delta of the Young Olympian League. Do you accept?"

"Sure... I guess." I've heard about the Olympian League before, about the dangerous things they do, how many of them get killed. But everyone liked them, except for the enemies. "When do we start training?"

"Right now." Reyna took out her sword and I got out mine. We headed to the Field of Mars. Reyna taught me many things. I knew every Roman move in the book, but Reyna was teaching me Greek moves. She taught me how to hook a person's blade so they had no chance but to drop it. We trained for many weeks. One day, a man showed up insted of Reyna.

"It's time for your test." He started attacking me, but I blocked his moves. We battled for five/ten minutes before I hooked his blade and he dropped it. "Good. You'll get a letter in a little bit." And with that, he disappeared. I headed to the Dinner Hall and met Camden Tomson on the way"

"Hey, Emma. I heard you took a test for The Olympian League."


"If you get in, who's going to be Preator?"

"I don't know. I guess camp will have to be with just one."

"I guess." Then Mercury just appeared in the room.

"LETTER FOR EMMA HALMAN! FROM THE OLYMPIAN LEAGUE!" I took the letter and opened it.

Dear Emma Halman.

You have passed the test to be admited to Team Delta of the Young Olympian League. Your trainer, Reyna, will take you to HQ tomorrow. We wish you the best of luck with your later journeys.

Best wishes, Percy Jackson, head of The Olympian League

I did it! I made it into the League! Now I just had to pack and get to HQ while staying alive...

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