The Olympian League: Warriors features the main team of The Olympian League, Team Omega.

Main Characters

Silena Jackson

Flinn Miles

Seth Alder

Brook S. Harbor

Nathan Sharpe


Burning Sun begins to make attacks all over the world and there is only a group of heroes who can take them down for good, they are the main team of The Olympian League...they are Team Omega.

List of Chapters

  1. This Is War (ExtremeSSJ4)
  2. Secrets (Bladewood)
  3. Searchlight (Theecho12457)
  4. Loyalty or Safety? (ArchieScotts)
  5. The Burning Scar (ExtremeSSJ4)
  6. Recovery (Theecho12457)
  7. No Rest For The Weary (ArchieScotts)
  8. Life and Death (Bladewood)
  9. Silena in Wonderland (ExtremeSSJ4)
  10. The Second Task (Bladewood)
  11. ? (ArchieScotts)
  12. ? (ExtremeSSJ4)

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