Tito is a demigod.

He is torn between family and loyalty.


I crossed my arms over my chest, sending a prayer to whoever may help me.

I stared over the edge, into the water, 20 feet below me.

I jumped.

I came up, a son of Poseidon.

Chapter 1

I couldn't help but smile as the boy held the knife to my throat.

Didn't he know I was on his side?

I faked fear. I represent fear, although I think there's a god for that. I'm new to all of this.

I stared forward, my eyes wide. "W-what's happening?" I asked, pretending to be scared.

"You're a traitor to Kronos," the boy with the knife snarled.

"Why would I be?" I asked.

"You're not on his side," the boy murmured. His voice was beginning to make me feel tired, and I realized- this was the son of Morpheus.

"I'm Tito!" I shouted. "Let me go!"

The knife pulled away, I was suddenly wide awake...


I groaned as I woke up. My head throbbed. There was a cup of water next to me and I smiled.

Water heals me. Duh.

I touched the water and the throbbing stopped, and I felt the skin on my neck seal.

The skin on my neck? My mind raced to figure out where I could of...

Had Morpheus's son actually cut me?

I groaned and sat up to see where I was.

I already knew. 57 degrees East, 45 degrees North. I was on a ship at sea.

"Hey, you!"

I glanced to my right, where there was a man standing in the door.

A scar down his face. Long blond hair. Striking blue eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"The boy who put you to sleep," he said. "I'm Beta. Son of Morpheus."

Beta... I struggled to place it. Blond boy. Beta. Beta. B!

"You're named after the second letter of the Greek alphabet!" I realized out loud.

Beta smirked. "Yeah."

Two more people appeared behind him- an older boy and a younger girl.

The boy gasped. "Finally!" he said. To me, he said, "You have to excuse Beta, he put you to sleep by accident."

"I did," I replied.

"See, Kappa?" the girl asked.

"Shut up," Kappa snarled.

"Your name is Kappa?" I asked quietly.

The boy nodded. "Eros's son."

Oh, gods, Eros. I shied away from him. "What about you?" I asked the girl.

"I'm Rho," she said quietly. "Spelled R-H-O."

I nodded. "I'm Tito."

"Cool name," Beta commented.

I nodded. "But you three are all named after the Greek alphabet..."

Rho nodded. "Our mom was weird."

"Wait... you all had the same mom?" I stood at this.

"They all loved her, and Morpheus had to put her to sleep," Beta mumbled. "To... make me."

I shied away from the conversation and asked Rho, "Who's your Olympian parent?"

"Khaos," Rho said gruffly.

Khaos- the god of chaos. This could be helpful.

I grinned. "I'm son of Poseidon."

They all gasped, and Rho stepped back.

"What?" I asked.

"Y-you're the son of a major god!" Beta breathed. "No way."

"Way..." I said hesitantly.

"Oh, Luke has got to meet you!" Kappa said.

"Who's Luke?" I asked.

"Kronos's future host," Beta told me.

I was whisked off by my three new friends. I was going to meet Luke.

Whoever he was.

Chapter 2

"Come on, Tito!" Kappa snarled.

I stood back. "No, way."

I had seen Luke. A golden coffin. A scythe.

"Tito, he won't be Kronos's host for another month," Rho mumbled. She shoved me into the room.

Luke was there. He had a scar down his face. He looked a lot like Beta...

Where was Beta?

Luke turned around and saw me. His face broke into a wide, evil smile.

"Good, have you captured him?" Luke asked Kappa.

"In a way..." Kappa mumbled.

"I already worked for your army," I snarled. "I was on a mission, and a son of Morpheus found me and accidentally put me to sleep."

Luke looked thoughtful. "Where were you going?"

"To spy. At Camp Half-Blood," I added.

Luke nodded. "Then go, and bring your... friends. You can absorb more information that way."

Rho's eyes widened. "We- we have to leave?"

Kappa's eyes blazed. "I'm not leaving, not within a month of the final transformation!"

Luke glared at him.

Kappa stepped forward. "You can't send us away."

"I am."

I sighed. "Kappa, get over it. Come on, we have to get Beta."

"Beta?" Luke asked. His eyes were bright as he asked, "Who's Beta?"

"My brother," Kappa mumbled. "He's a son of Morpheus."

"You're a son of Morpheus?" Luke asked, obviously impressed.

"No," Kappa replied, "I'm a son of Eros."

Rho grinned evilly. "I'm the daughter of Khaos, and his sister."

Luke looked confused, and I elbowed Kappa.

Kappa sighed. "We've got to go. On your mission."

Luke held up a hand. "Wait, explain how you three have different fathers and you're still- oh."

"Got it?" I asked. "I've got to go."

As I left the room, I realized that I never told him that I was the son of Poseidon.

Chapter 3

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