The Others are a group of demigods that are servants to Matt.




As a servant to Matt, each member gains a number of new abilities and skills.

  • Eternal Youth - Servants never grow old, and are immune to disease and aging. They can only die in combat.
  • Auto-Nourishment - Servants do not need to sleep, eat, nor drink, however they are still able to do so.
  • Combat Skill prowess - All combat skills are improved, making a servant stronger, faster, and more agile than a normal demigod.
  • Improved healing factor - Healing is increased.
  • Telepathy - Servants gain the ability to instantly communicate with other servants and Matt no matter where they are by thinking it. They can also communicate with a non-servant by contact.
  • Auto-Travel - Allows a servant to teleport to The Hub, where they can travel to any location in the world, as long as it is accessible.
  • Shadow Ability - The ability to shadow allows a servant to see the targeted person no matter where they are in the world, however, they lose the former shadow if they switch to a new target.
  • Enhanced Demigod Abilities - Enhances the latent abilities of the demigod, granting increased control of their inherited godly power.


Servitude does not come without a price, and they have also inherited some flaws.

  • Loss of Speech - Servants lose the ability to speak with others.
  • Subjective Will - Servants lose their previous lives and they must follow Matt's orders, however they can do whatever they want to accomplish this.
  • Disobey - If a servant directly disobeys Matt, they suffer intense pain, motivating them to accomplish his goals.

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