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What would you do if you weren't in your place? Well, you were… but you weren't. You were in your place you just didn't belong there. That's what happened to Rye and his friends. Now their goal is stay away from trouble. But one problem: Trouble finds them.


After the Giant War, the seven arranged for inviting all the Greeks (18+) to live a worry-free life in the Romans' city New Rome. Of course they figured that the city would be immensely packed, so they made for them another city just for the Greeks. The only thing was the makers weren't too keen on making another city for them. They made the houses, they made the shops, they made all the necessary requirements—they just didn't make them with enthusiasm, and the city looked like a poor ghetto dump.

Most of the Romans left them alone, as they wouldn't even dare to step into that city. But not this certain pack of Romans, known as the Promans. They–like almost all other Romans–hate the Greeks even after the giant war. The Promans won't leave Rye and his friends alone. And thus starts a war…


More to come

  1. And the Riot Begins
  2. Las Vegas Meets Rome


Greek Demigods

  • Rye Ballik - Greek demigod, the son of Hephaestus. Main protagonist and you will be reading from his point of view. He is 19-years-old.
  • Travis Hunting - Greek demigod, the son of Hermes. Rye's best friend and he is 19-years-old.
  • Isaac Valencina - Greek demigod, the son of Ares. Rye's younger step brother and is 18-years-old.
  • Matt Aaron - Greek demigod, the son of Poseidon. Another close friend of Rye's and he is 18-years-old.

Roman Demigods

  • Ted West - Roman demigod, the son of Jupiter.
  • Danny Smith - Roman demigod, the son of Apollo.
  • Peter Kingston - Roman demigod, the son of Bacchus.
  • Alex Edison - Roman demigod, the son of Pluto.


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