About the Corps (WARNING: SPOILERS)

The Pegasi Corps is an organization created for and run by demigods to rid the world of Demi-Monsters. Founded by Grahm T. Ragor, the Corps was established in the year 447. The Corps devoted itself solely to the protection of the mortal world against the threat of demi-monsters. When Ragnor passed away, the Corps was inheireted by his son, Pharoah K. Ragnor. Pharoah, a master mage, was the Legacy of Zeus (as his father was the son of Zeus). Though the Corps had been originaly established in Greece, it was Pharoah's idea to branch out into the rest of the world, to establish other "branches" of the Corps

From France to the Americas, from Japan to Antarctica, the Corps has now become a big part of society- though society might not even know they exist. In the year 1847, there was a mass war between The Pegasi Corps Greece and The Cerberai Corps (a newly formed orginzation of monsters). Coming together from all over the world, The Pegasi Corps became one and fought back against the many monster corps, who had come together to now form The Echidnus Corps.

Defeated and mostly destroyed, The Echidnus Corps broke apart and its few remaining survivors scattered across the Earth.

The members of the Corps retired, and the monsters were have said to never been defeated...

Untill the year 2102. In the futuristic year of 2102, The Cerberai Corps reformed, launching a ballistic attack on North America.



The Pegasi Corps Greece (Has bases in Sparta and Athens)

The Pegasi Corps France (running from Paris base)

The Pegasi Corps North America (running from New York base)

The Pegasi Corps London

The Peagsi Corps Japan (running from Tokyo base)

The Pegasi Corps China (running from Beijeing base)

The Pegasi Corps Germany (running from Berlin base)

The Pegasi Corps Australia (running from Sydney)

The Pegasi Corps Antarctica

The Pegasi Corps Egypt (running from Cairo)

The Pegasi Corps Canada (Has bases in Toronto and Quebec)

The Pegasi Corps Brazil (running from Rio and the Amazon)

The Pegasi Corps Nigera

The Pegasi Corps South Africa

The Pegasi Corps Iraq

The Pegasi Corps Afghanistan

The Pegasi Corps Vietnam

The Pegasi Corps Russia

The Pegasi Corps Puerto Rico

The Pegasi Corps Cuba

The Pegasi Corps Quebec

The Pegasi Corps Greenland

The Pegasi Corps Iceland

The Pegasi Corps Scottland

The Pegasi Corps Ireland

The Pegasi Corps Mexico


First Generation

  • Grahm T. Ragnor
  • Pharoah K. Ragnor
  • Heracles
  • Theseus
  • Perseus
  • Achilles
  • Zetes
  • Calaïs
  • Orpheus
  • Castor
  • Pollux

Second Generation

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