I sat at my bed, reading th most wonderful book.

"Lights out," my mom told me.

I rolled my eyes and shut the door, turned of my lights, turned on my lamp and continued to read.


My mom barged in and said," Turn your light off!!"

I threw up my hands and dropped the book.

"Turn it off," my mom said.

I turned of my light and set down a copy of "The Last Olympian".

"I wish this was real," I thought. I really didn't.

Chapter 1: I Run from the Obesed Sasquatches of Hunger

2 years later.

I walked up to my locker and put my books in it and pulled out my report card, I new what it was: straight A's. Last day of school was awesome though I liked school, I needed a break.

I brushed my hand through my firery red hair wondering what to do with summer.

Then I felt someone walk up behind me and said with a freakishly deep voice," Hey look it's a small one. I was hoping for the biggest one, but it'll have to do."

I was confused, because there's three things you should know about me, 1: I'm smart, 2: I have red hair and 3: I'm tall, not like I'm skinny too, no it's just like I'm tall. Here, when I was in 5th grade I was taller than a high schooler. Weird huh? Oh, I think you'd all ready knew the first two right?

Any way I turned around and the three people that were behind me, well how do I put this, 8 foot tall Laestrygonian giants.

Crap, that world was real!!

So, I did the bravest thing possible: I ran.

They looked suprised. The biggest one yelled, "Hey, get back here, we want to eat you!" I didn't.

I passed my friend that's a year older than me. "Scott," I yeld," Help?"

"Oh," he replied,"Hey Eri- Whoa."

"Ya, help."

"Sure what-ever."

He pulled out a sword that I never knew he had and I noticed something I never knew he had, a bead necklace with two clay beads. He's a demigod!

"Here," he said. he threw a dagger made of... Celastal Bronze. It bounce off of me. I was good with weapons so I picked it up.

Two Laestrygonians were already dead, but Scott was having trouble with the biggest Sasquatch.

I ran up to him and jumped of Scott's blade and deacpitated the Laestrygonian.

I land perfectly..... flat on my face.

"Practice the landing," Scott said.

"Ya, practice," I muffled a reply.

Chapter 2: I Went to Dinner and Became the Main Course

2 days later. I went out to dinner with a bunch of friends, Scott, Dante, Tage, Quintus, which is Greek for 4th, ya, read "Battle of the Labrynth", and me, Eric.

We went to a Mexican restruant, though Dante kept complainig that America ripped off Mexican food. The waitress took our order and left. I ordered root beer and a chimichanga, we all tried to keep Dante away from the caffeinated drinks, well if he did, the restraunt would be gone.

I got bored and twirled the dagger in my hand. Two days ago, Scott gave me the dagger. He said that wouldn't be the last time a monster would find me and he wouldn't be there. I was a little affriad he would say that.

Then and there Dante looked at me and his eyes widened. I hid the dagger.

"I have to use the bathroom guys, ok," I said as I stood up.

When I entered I was nocked out cold.


When I woke up I heard," Habanero or cayene?"

My vision cleared and I was hanging right next to a rack of butcher's knives. I turned my head and behind me were the Laestrygonians. One was holding two hot sauces, another was sharpening knives and the third was stiring and adding spiced to a pot.

I had a weird feeling that I'll be cut up by the second, put in the pot by the third and topped with hot sauce by the first.

"Curse Zhang for running away from us," one said.

"Ya, we would have been very powerful," said a second.

"Quiet!" said the third,"When we eat the next scribe the heroes will never be heard AGAIN!!!!!!"

"Uh, sir what if there were 2 Jr. Scribes?"

"Crazy, outrageous. There are only one Jr. Scribe per generation."


"Oh well."

I had to get out of here. I reached in my pocket though my arms were tied down. I grabbed the dagger. It was really hard to cut the ropes.

I managed to cut one rope. Good, one down forty-nine to go. I needed to find a quicker way to cut all the others ropes, fast!

Looking around, panicking, I heard," I know hot fudge!"

"Hot fudge isn't spicy, we wan't a meal the gives a kick," replied the leader.

"I'll give you a kick once I get out," I thought.

I was still panicking so hard I almost peed my self. I was afriad(and afro :D) I thought they'd take the knives next to me and butcher me up. Wait, knives!

I was so stupid because right next was a rack of KNIVES. I was struggling really hard to nock the rack of knives of from were it is. "Almost got it," I thought.

BOOM! I fell, flipped over and unsethed my dagger.

They turned around. "You want some kick? I'll give a whole of it!" I said. I ran up and liltery gave him some kick. I stabbed my dagger into his face (that's what she said). He turned to dust.

I turned around and charged the others and something so epic I can't put into words. They turned to dust.

I stubbled out the kitchen and joined my crew.

"Hey where were you? A weird kid kept on asking for your chimichanga," Dante told me," Oh here he is".

He had a huge smile, it took up half of his face. "Can I have it?" he asked, who was ghostly white.

"No," I replied in betwine bites.

"But sharing is good," he said. His smile grew.

There was a long silence."No," I said.

"Please." he looked at me with big eyes.

He was obvisly a shade. I took out my dagger and stabbed him. Dante stared at me with horror. I gave him a tell you later look.

Chapter 3: La, la. La, la, la, la. Sing a Happy Song....When You're About to Die!

2 days erlier.(sorry for jumping around but this may be familiar(hint: "Son of Neptune" page: 314-344 Amazon Breakout)).

I was reading my book when I heard:" Eric could you pick up my latest order? I have to get to work."

I put down my book and headed out the house.

The thing about my brother, Taylor,(yes he's a dude) that ever since we moved to seattle is that my brother is, -wait! He just got a 50% discount of of any thing- any way, that my brother picks up his items on his own, at the main campus, I always hated doing it for him, though I never did. He lives in the apartment next to us, well he's 22(hey, he didn't leave the house till he was ninteen).

So I left the house, to the main campus, which was a couple blocks away. Strolled quietly, twitling the knife. I knew what they( the mortals, like me) could see, a stick.

While walking I'd thought about the Amazons, highly argessive woman who like controlling men's lives, kay that was an exaggeration.

As I walked in, still twitling my knife, I was waiting for the woman, Arica as her name tag said, to notice me. "Yes?" she asked starring at my knife, which is weird because she should thinkit was a stick, if she was mortal.

"I'm here to pick up an order for Taylor Williams," I replied.

"I'm sorry," she said as if she had pitty," He'll have to wait for it to arrive."

"Um, actually he picks up orders, he hate the cost of shipping."

After I told her that, I thought I heard "Putred demigods always tthinking there better than us,"she murmmered. "Maybe we can find it down stair's. Kinzie, take my shift!"

Another girl ,who apparently name was Kinzie, took her shift.

When I was walking down the stairs, I caught a glimps of three teens walking toward the building(this sounds familiar:\) . They must've hated the shipping too.

Then I thought to my self " Wait, why can't she have me wait for her?" my mind getting deeper in thought I realised something,"She must've thought Iv was a demigod!"

More soon....

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