What if all the OCs on the Percy Jackson Fanfiction Website started Instant Messaging

Here's what would happen!!!

NOTE: THE SEQUEL TO THIS IS- The Random All OC Email Forwards (Basically what emails would look like in the demigod world)

Just put your OCs in, any one can do it. See the Drama!!! (I'm bored Kay?)

Do it!

Message 1

Teresa: *Enters* Any one alive.....?

Aella: Hi.... I'm on a quest, you know where Percy is?

Teresa: I'm on a ship!!! How could I! He's at camp!

Aella: Wait, your in the future, sorry!!!

Teresa: Wait, what kind of name is Aella?

Aella: .... BYE!!! *leaves chat room*

Shara: * Enters* Uh, hi Teresa.

Teresa: Aghhh!!! How are you talking to me? Your DEAD!!! And I'm AWAKE!!!

Shara: Things happen, sheshe

Barbie: * Enters* Hi everybody!!

Thalia: *Enters* Uh hi, AGGHHH!!! BARBIE!!!! *Virtually kills Barbie* Well that's better.

Barbie: *Dies*

Teresa: I thought Barbie died from popularity years ago

Thalia: Huh? Who are you? I just killed Barbie. You must be from the future. Oh hi Shara!!!!

Shara: Thalia, this is the future. I'm dead.

Thalia: WHAT!!??.... Well that's wierd. Well that's what happens when you you use the god's IMing system.

Luke: *Enters* Uh, any- AGGH!! THALIA!!!

Thalia: LUKE!! TRAITIOR!!!!

Teresa: Who's Luke? Oh wait, yeah I know. Sorry, I'm a mortal from the future, I can't know EVERYTHING

Luke: .... uh, this is odd.....

Everyone: ......

Shara: Well, when in doubt and dead, PARTY!!!!

Message 2

Luke: *Enters* Well no ones here

Luke: ... the gods have bad reception

Three Year Old: the gods?


Three Year Old: i found this in a garvage can

Luke: Garvage?

Three Year Old: I CAN'T TYPE!!!

Luke: But you can use caps?

Three Year Old: ....

Luke: Who are you?

Three Year Old: annabeth, are you a- AGGHH!! MONSTER!!!


Luke: .... shoot, she was a demigod.... a three year old..... uh....

Luke: Offline

Message 3

LittleMissSunshine is online

Cailin: *Enters* Well I'm alone...

Luke: Hey

Cailin: Hi?

Luke: Wanna join the titans?

Cailin ......

Luke: Hello?

Seaweedbrain is online

Percy: Luke what are you doing?

Luke: Asking some kid to join the titans...


Luke: I'm not stupid and are you joing the titans or not?

Cailin: NO!

Percy: Luke GET OUT!

Luke: Fine...

TitansRULE! is offline

Cailin: ......

Percy: So...?

GhostKing is online

SmarterThanYou is online

KingOfTheWild is online

DaughterOfWar is online

Annabeth: Hey KK!

Cailin: Hey Annabeth

Nico: Hello Cailin

Cailin: Hey Nico

Grover: Hi KK

Clarise: Yo! wassup KK?!

Cailin: Nothing Much...Listening To Music...

Annabeth: You always listen to music don't you?

Cailin: Pretty much

Message 4

'**KiwiDaughterOfApollo in online**'

'**SeaweedBrain in online**'

Kyra: Retard...

Percy: I may have dyslexia, but I can still read, just a little messed up!

Kyra: Good. Now you know how retarded you are.

Percy: Die.

Kyra: No.

Percy: Why not?

Kyra: I prefer living.

Percy: I hate you.

Kyra: Ditto.

Percy: Grrr...

Kyra: You're a chromosomal chuckhole.

Percy: What the heck does that mean?!

Kyra: Neither male nor female. No, it's not the same as a hermaphrodite. They are both male and female.

Percy: How do you know that?

Kyra: *smirk* I read the dictionary.

Percy: I can't read the dictionary because I have dyslexia!

Kyra: If you're asking me to read it to you, forget it.

Percy: I'm not.

Kyra: Oh, yes, you do. I'm going to tell everyone at camp that you want me to read you the dictionary. *smirk*

Percy: Please, don't!!!!! I beg of you!!!!!!

Kyra: Maybe... Gimme 10 drachmas and I won't.

Percy: Done. I'll give them to you tomorrow.

Kyra: And if you don't it'll be doubled.

Percy: Okay.

'**SeaweedBrain is offline**'

'**KiwiDaughterOfApollo is offline**'

Message 5


'**SeaweedBrain is online**'

Percy: I'm bored.

'**LightningScar in online**'

Harry: Hey, peoples! I defeated Voldemort! I pwn!

Percy: Yeah? Well I drowned Hyperion!

Harry: Die, kid who is thirteen years younger than me!

Percy: I don't want to die. I don't feel like rebirth right now.

Harry: Rebirth..

Percy: Isles of the Blest.

Harry: Whatever. Stupify! *cyber stuns Percy*

Percy: *stun bounces off my sword, sends Lake Erie flying at Harry, Drowning Harry*

Harry: *drowns*


'**JaceWaylandRox is online**'

Jace: Are there any demons on here I can kill?

Percy: No.

Jace: I'm better than you; I have the angel Raziel'e blood!

Percy: My dad is Poseidon.

Jace: Die. *pulls out a dagger and throws it at Percy*

Percy: *jumps out of the way of the way of the dagger*

'**DieDownworldersDie is online**'

Valentine (Morgenstern): Hello, Jonathon, my son.


Valentine: Do you happen to know the location of the Mortal Toilet Bowl?

Jace: Isn't it the Mortal Cup?

Percy: What the heck are you guys talking about?!?!?!?

Valentine: No, there is a Mortal Toilet Bowl, now. It does the same thing as the Cup but it's just bigger.

Jace: GET OUT!

Valentine: I need to leave anyway.

'**DieDownworldersDie is offline**;

Percy: Who was that?

Jace: My girlfriend's father.

Percy: Weird dad.

'**TeenageSpy is online**'


Percy: Uhh...

Jace: What? Who's Bex?!?!

Cammie: My friend.

'**I'veGotAGreatChokehold is online**'

Bex: NO!

Cammie: You're on a different computer anyway!

Bex: Whatever!

Jace: Are either one of you demons?

Cammie: Demons? They don't exist, retard.

Jace: Yes, they do.

Percy: So do the Greek gods! My father is Poseidon!

Bex: Uhh... Okay, I have CoveOps, bye!

Cammie: Me, too!

'**I'veGotAGreatChokehold is offline**'

'**TeenageSpy is offline**'

Jace: I need to go! Isabelle is forcing me to eat her spaghetti! Ew... Save me!

'**JaceWaylandRox is offline**'

Percy: Nobody's here anymore. I'm leaving.

'**SeaweedBrain is offline**'

Mesage 6

'**SeaweedBrain is online**

'**PunkLightningHunter is online**

'**SmarterThanYou is online**

'**GhostKing is online**

Percy: OMG, I see random food!11!234!

Annabeth: Oh my gods!

Thalia: OMGods!

Nico: Why are we all saying variations of "Oh My Gods"?

'**Stoller1 is online**

'**Stoller2 is online**

'**TitansRule is online**

Travis: *rolls digital golden mango into conversation*

Annabeth: It says "For the hottest".

'**KiwiDaughterOfApollo is online**

'**DaughterOfWar is online**

'**SuperBeckendorf is online**

'**PegasusRider is online**

Silena: I'm the hottest!

Thalia: No, I am!

Annabeth: No, me!

Kyra: It's foolish to bicker over sucha thing, when obviously, I'M THE HOTTEST!

Clarise: Retards.

'**BlackPegaus is online**

Blackjack: Yo, boss!

Percy: Get outta here!

'**BlackPegasus is offline**

Thalia: Let's go hijack a car.

All: YEAH!!!

'**Everyone is offline**

Message 7

'**ZombieQueen is online**

'**GhostKing is online**

Ariana: Hey Nico!
Nico: Since when did you IM?

Ariana: Since Luke bought me a laptop so I could post pictures of the twins online...

Nico: ... Why would you do that?

Ariana: I wouldn't, but I don't turn down free electronics.

Nico: Niiice

'**SmexxiDemigod is online**

Luke: Hey, Ariana, when are you gonna post the pictures of Sierra and Kyle?

Ariana: Why is your username SmexxiDemigod?

Luke: I lost a bet...

Nico: That's disturbing...

'**PeanutButter is online**
'**SeaweedBrain is online**

'**BrainChild is online**

Percy: SmexxiDemigod? Wow, just wow... Umm, Luke, what possessed you to take that bet?

Annabeth: Haha, I remember that day...

Luke: Yeah, you and your sisters bet me that I couldn't climb the rock wall with a blindfold on...

Annabeth: You smelled like charcoal for weeks...

'**I<3FriedChicken is online**

Nico: Who the heck is that?

Colonel Sanders: Me.

Percy: o.O

Luke: o.O

Ariana: >.<

Annabeth: ...

Tyson: YAYYYYY CHICKEN MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colonel Sanders: Remember kids, fried chicken is an excellent food choice, and KFC now serves grilled chicken for all you health conscience ones. Toodles!

'**I<3FriedChicken is offline**

'**ScarredArms is online**


    • ScarredArms is offline**

Ariana: And on that note, bye!

Nico: See ya!

Luke: I love you!
'**LightningGirl is online**

Thalia: You what?

Luke: Nevermind.

Ariana: *cyber slaps Luke*

'**ZombieQueen is offline**

'**LightningGirl is offline**

'**GhostKing is offline**
'**SmexxiDemigod is offline**

Tyson: What does smexxi mean?

'**SeaweedBrain is offline**

'**BrainChild is offline**

Tyson: Hello? Percy? Annabeth? Okies, well BYEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'**PeanutButter is offline**

Message 8

'**IAmADevilChild is online**

'**SeaweedBrain is online**

Percy: Hello?

Ava: Percy, they took an X-ray of you and guess what? Your brain really is made of seaweed!

Percy: ....

'**GhostKing is online**

Percy: Dude, you're half sister is creepy.

Ava: Ah, you'll regret saying that. >:D

Nico: Percy this appears to be your problem, not mine.

Percy: Nico can't you do anything!???
Nico: Hades won't let me harm my sister. Guess you gotta deal with her instead, have a great tortured life!

'**GhostKing is offline**



Percy: Uh, I think I'll go and uh.... eat peanut butter with Tyson now, bye freak!

'**SeaweedBrain is offline**

'**I'mSmartThanYou is online**

Annabeth: So you're Nico's half-sister?
Ava: Correct. :]

Annabeth: And you scared the **** out of my Percy?

Ava: o_o Your Percy?

Annabeth: Yes, him and I are dating :D

Ava: That's nice. Yes, I did scare him.

Annabeth: Good, now you must face Athena's rage.

Ava: You're Athene's daughter therefore incapable of defeating me in with a simple dagger while I have epic powers and my throwing knifes that never fail to miss a target. If you wish to die a painful death I suggest you keep insulting me. :]

Annabeth: I think I'll leave now... And Athena is spelt Athena not Athene.

Ava: Wise choice. Athena can be spelt both ways, but Athena is more common.

Annabeth: ... Bye.

'**I'mSmarterTHanYou is offline**

'**IAmADevilChild is offline**

'**SeaweedBrain is online**

Percy: Thanks gods the devil child left.

'**EmoPerson is online**

Percy: Hello?

Ava: Hey idiot!

Percy: *curses*

Ava: I'm always watching, always waiting...

Percy: Stalker!

'**SeaweedBrain is offline**

'**EmoPerson is offline**

Message 9

I'mNotWeirdYourJustBoring is online

DaughterOfWar is online

GhostKing is online

Cailin: Hey!

Clarisse: Hey

Nico: Yo...

SeaweedBrain is Online

SmarterThanYou is Online

Cailin: Hey

Percy: Hey

Cailin: Whatcha doin?

Annabeth: Reading

Cailin: I'm wahtching The Annoyinh Orange on youtube!!!

Percy: What?

Cailin: This

Percy: .......................

Cailin: ROFL!

Percy: That was disturbing....

Cailin: Good ^^

Clarisse: Lol "Hey Apple!" What?!" "Knife!"

Cailin: I know!

Message 10

  • KellyClarksonFan is online*
  • EmO gIrL is online*
  • SeaweedBrain is online*

Percy: .... Kelly Clarkson?

Teresa: I LOST A BET TO CHAD!!! and why are you on? Your like.... fifty??

Ivy: he he

Percy: I AMM NOT!!

Teresa: he he

  • BoredToDeath is online*

Chad: Kelly Clarkson? Ha! You smelled like hellhound for a week

Ivy: What did you do Teresa?

Teresa: let's just say.... it had to do with Nico and a few hellhounds...*

  • GhostKing is online*

Teresa: Crap.... BYE!!!*

KellyClarksonFreak is offline*

Nico: Shoot.... i really need a new screenname....


Nico: Sorry.... it's um....


Everyone but Ivy: .....

  • GhostKing is offline*
  • BoredToDeath is offline*

Ivy: Percy-

  • SeaweedBrain is offline*

Ivy: Oh I'll find out....

  • EmO gIrL is offline*

Message 11


  • SeaweedBrain is online*
  • GoatBoy is online*
  • Yellowfang is online*

Percy: Yellowfang?

Yellowfang: Meow

Grover: Uh, she's a cat...

Percy: ... ok???

Yellowfang: MRRROW!!!!

Grover: Uh... she's pushy.

Yellowfang: glares

  • WiseGirl is online*

Annabeth: Yellowfang? Isn't she from a book?

  • DJCadence*

DJCadence: LISTEN UP- oh wait, this is for books, sorry!!

  • DJCadence is offline*

Yellowfang: .... Mreeww?

Everyone: ....

  • Wisegirl is offline*
  • GoatBoy is offline*
  • SeaweedBrain is offline*

Message 12

  • Bla Bla Bla is online
  • Seaweed Brain is online
  • Palm Tree is online

Izzy: Hello

Percy: What kind of name is Bla Bla Bla?

Izzy: *shrugs*

Shara: Hi....?

Izzy: Hi

Percy: Hi

  • GhostKing is online

Nico: Hey

Izzy:Crap. Uh.....bye!

  • Bla Bla Bla is offline

Percy: What was that about?

Nico: Teresa

Percy: Oh, the bet....

Shara: Oh, Teresa, Nice girl, pretty, funny

Nico:.... she's you

Shara: So? I'm dead your not >P

Nico: Hmm

  • Seaweed Brain is offline
  • GhostKing is offline
  • Palm Tree is offline

Message 13

'**EmoPerson is online**

'**SeaweedBrain is online**

'**PONY is online**

Percy: Gods, Tyson, you love ponies to much.

Tyson: Rainbow likes peanut butter. :D

Ava: Awww! Percy, you're half-brother is awesome! :DD

Percy: What the Hades?

Ava: >:[

Percy: Ohh, sorry. :|

Ava: ;D

Percy: What's up with the double smile?

Ava: Well, it means epictasticnesseatyourhatwithfuzzypeppersandoliveyourgirlfreindisaMarySueNicoisverybeastepicismyfavoritewordIlikechikencuzmybrainsfellouthapiness.

Percy: O_O

**GhostKing is online**

Ava: NICO! *hugs*

Nico: Hey, Ava, hey Tyson, hey Percy.

Percy: You greeted me last? ;~;

Ava: Loser. :DD

Nico: What with the doubly smile?

Percy: Gods Nico, YOU'VE DOOMED US ALL! *cries*

Ava: ...

Nico: ...


Ava: Yay! :D

Nico: Bye, guys, dad called me.

Ava: Try not to die!

'**GhostKing is offline**

'**EmoPerson is offline**

'**Goober is online**

Tyson: Hai!

Goober: Hello, Tyson.

Tyson: I love Goober peanut buttah!

Goober: I know you do, Tyson, I know.

Message 14

LittleEmoHappyGirl is Online

SeaWeedBrain is Online

GhostKing is Online

DaughterOfWar is Online

WiseGirl is Online

Clarisse: Hey KK since when were You married to Nico and had 3 kids...?

Cailin: CLAR! :@

Percy: ...

Annabeth: You named 1 of your Kids after the Jonas Brothers?

Cailin: Yes Yes I Did ^_^

Annabeth: He looks alot like Nico and his name is Nick O_O

Cailin: ^_^

Nico: Why did'nt get a say in this?

Cailin: I don't know It was like 12:30 at night and I was tired...

Nico: OK

Percy: So you BF/GF?

Nico: DUDE! SHE'S ONLY 11!!!!

Percy: Dude! your only 12!

Nico: Oh Right...

Cailin: ^_^

Clarisse: Cool I'm gonna go Train Wanna Come KK?

Cailin: Sure

DaughterOfWar is Ofline

LittleEmoHappyGirl is Ofline

GhostBoy is Ofline

SeaweedBrain is Ofline

WiseGirl is Ofline

Message 15

'**SCORE! is online**

'**GhostKing is online**

Ava: Hey, Nico guess what!

Nico: What, little sis?

Ava: I got my ears pierced! Yay!

Nico: Awesome, what'd you get?

Ava: Black studs to start out with. :]

Nico: Cool.

'**SeaweedBrain is online**

Percy: Score...?

Ava: That's me, I got my ears pierced.

Percy: Yeah, I know. I came here to talk with Nico, Shoo, fly!

Ava: ;~;

Nico: Aw, it's okay, Ava, you can stay, Percy's just being a *bleep*.

Ava: O_O

Nico: Sorry...

Percy: O_O

Nico: ...

Percy: Whatever, anywho, we got word you have kids, Nico.

Ava: Eww.

Nico: ...

Percy: Yeah, what I thought.

Ava: ... I just mentally died, be AFK while my brain's rebooting.

Percy: O_O

Nico: O_O

'**WiseGirl is online**
Annabeth: Hey, Ava, I gotta show you this funnt pic!

Nico: She died.

Annabeth: OHMYGODS!

Percy: No, mentally.

Annabeth: How?

Nico: Uh...


Nico: Oh *bleep*.

Ava: Back. Gods, your a pottymouth, bro.

Nico: Percy's telling everyone I have kids.

Ava: Well, you do.

Nico: -_-

Percy: Find someone special, Ava? *winks*

Ava: You *bleep*.

Nico: ....

Annabeth: Percy, you idiot.

Percy: What?

Percy: ..Oh.

Annabeth: Idiot.

Nico: Dude, even I know that and I live in the Underworld half the time!

Percy: ...Sorry, gods!

Ava: You better be or I'll kill you in your sleep. >:D

Percy: You're worse then Thal!

'**HunterPunk is online**

Thalia: I told you not to call me Thal!

Ava: Hey, Thalia. Percy's hitting on me.

Thalia: You're disturbing, Seaweed Brain, wait till Capture the Flag.


Ava: I just died again...

Thalia: I still don't know what you see in the nerd.

Percy: ...

'**SeaweedBrain is offline**

'**WiseGirl is offline**

'**GhostKing is offline**

Thalia: Wanna sword fight later on, Ava?

Ava: I'd love to.

Thalia: Awesome, see you later!

'**HunterPunk is offline**

'**EmoPerson is offline**

Message 16

EmoPerson is Online

LittleMissHappyEmo is Online

Ava: Hey Cailin =)

Cailin: Hey =]

GhostKing is online

Cailin: Oh No

SeaWeedBrain is Online

WiseGirl is Online

Cailin: Hi...Nico


Cailin: But I'm like 11?!

Nico: And I'm 12

Cailin: But they are cute Kids

Ava: O_O

Cailin: ^_^

Cailin: Hold on

LittleMissHappyEmo has Changed there name 2 KingdomHeartsLover

Cailin: OK I'M BACK!

Ava: Kingdom Hearts?

Cailin: A VideoGame

Ava: OK

Percy: Eww You named 1 of your kids after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter?

Cailin: Yes! She is a awsome Character!

Nico: Again No Say In This

Cailin: Sorry Nico

Nico: It's OK

Percy: There names are:

Riley Bella Di Angelo

Nick Joe Di Angelo

and Amanda Luna Di Angelo

Cailin: Yep aren't I good name Picker?

Message 17

'**EmoPerson is online**

'**SeaweedBrain is online**

'**HunterPunk is online**

Ava: CHICKEN BOMB! *throws chicken bomb into the crowd*

Percy: Now I know why you don't have a boyfriend yet.

Ava: -_-

Thalia: O_O That's harsh, Percy.

Percy: Well WTF is a chicken bomb?
Ava: A nuclear bomb filled with chicken blood, when it explodes the blood acts like acid, burning up everything it touches.

Percy: O_O

Thalia: O_O
Ava: :D

Thalia: O_O

Percy: O_O
Ava: :D
Percy _O


Thalia: xD

Percy: Anywho, There's a Poseidon kid at camp I think.

Ava: Cool!

Percy: :D

Thalia: Not another mindless idiot.

Percy: -_-

Ava: CHICKEN BOMB! *everyone dies*

Percy: O_O

'**GhostKing is online**
Ava's Ghost: Hi Nico.

Nico: Ava's Ghost...?

Ava's Ghost: I killed everyone on the chat, including myself, with a chicken bomb.

Nico: ....

Ava's Ghost: :D

Thalia's Ghost: Nice job, Ava. -_-

Percy's Ghost: How am I supposed to tell this to Annabeth?!

Ava's Ghost: I dunno...

Nico: I'm leaving, bye.

'**GhostKing is offline**

Thalia's Ghost: Well...bye.

'**HunterPunk is offline**

Percy's Ghost: I'll leave too...

'**SeaweedBrain is offline**

Ava's Ghost: Guess I'll leave t-

'**Barney is online**

Ava's Ghost: HOLY **** IT'S BARNEY!

Barney: I luv you!

Ava: O_O

'**EmoPerson is offline**

    • Nessa is online**


Nessa: she isnt here is she??

Nessa"well this sucks im leavin

Nessa is offline**

    • ellfire is online**

Leo: Uh... hi....

    • Nessa is online**

Nessa:Hi?? Who are you??

Leo: Leo you?

Nessa: My names Nessa Daughter of Rhea you a demigod?

Leo: yeah i'm the son of Hades and HOLY CRAP you're mom's a titan

Message 18

'**KyraDaughterOfApollo is online**

'**SeaweedBrain is online**

Kyra: Where are my drachmas? You're up to 50 drachmas!

Percy: I... uh...

Kyra: Son of a *bleep*

Percy: Thank you

'**KyraDaughterOfApollo is now known as KyraWantsToKillPercy**

Percy: O_O


Percy: I'm gunna go... BYE

'**SeaweedBrain is offline**

Kyra: T_T

'**SchoolIsForLosers is online**

Harry: I'm Harry Potter, school is for losers, I'm totally awesome!

Kyra: O_O

'**Shakira is online**

'**SchoolIsForLosers is offline**

Kyra: OMG! Shakira?!?!?

'**Shakira is offline**

'**JB is online**

Kyra: Justin Bieber? T_T

Justin: Imma tell you one time!

Kyra: T_T

Justin: bye, sis

'**JB is offline**

Kyra: sis? O_O

'**KyraWantsToKillPercy is offline**

StarryEyes is online**

Dakota: Dang it, I missed JB. GRRR.

    • JB is online**

Justin: OMG

Dakota: *laughs evily*

Dakota: *kills JB virtually*

Justin: *dies*

Dakota: HA HA!

    • StarryEyes is offline**
    • JB is offline**

Message 19

    • StarryEyes is online**
    • Crazyness is online**
    • BeaversROCK! is online**

Dakota:Beavers Rock?

Jaimie: YEAH!

Jade:.... Sorry. Jaimie do you want me to chant?


    • BeaversROCK! is offline**
    • Seaweedbrain is online**

Jade: Hi Percy.

Percy: *groans* Hi Jade.

    • Wisegirl is online**

Annabeth: *groans* Jade!

    • BeaversROCK! is online**

Jaimie: ANNABETH!!! GRR!

Jade:Jaimie if you hurt my half-sister...I'LL CHANT!


    • BeaversROCK! is offline**




Jades: Well bye!

Dakota: Whatever...

Percy: Bye

Annabeth: Okay.

    • Crazyness is offline**

Dakota: Well I've got to go to.

Percy: Bye Dakota

Annabeth: Bye Dakota

    • StarryEyes is offline**

Percy:This is boring now. See you in the real world Annabeth.

Annabeth: I agree, see you in the real world.

    • Seaweedbrain is offline**
    • Wisegirl is offline**

Message 20 A crossover between PJO and Golden Compass (Yeah, thats righ Golden Compass)

(A/N: I haven't read the whole His Dark Material Trilogy yet so its gonna be weird. ENJOY!)

  • Silvertonge is online*
  • DaughterofNoOne is online*
  • Fred (No, not the god) is online*

Lyra: Have you seen Pantaimon, and Roger Parslow, and/or the compass?

Eva: ........


Lyra: Uh, nevamind

  • Silvertounge is offline*

Eva: OMGS Lucas whats his face!

Fred: Your not Judy! GET AWAY!! AAAAHHH!!!

  • Fred is offline*

Eva: Dang it!

  • DaughterofNoOne is offline*

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