Chapter 1 I Meet A Red Head

Hi, I am Tim Cold. I live on the streets. I don't believe in getting lucky. I make my own luck.

I waited for the rich man to pass to alley I was hiding in, then I opened up the wallet I had taken from his pocket. there were a couple of tens and twenties, a bit of odd change, nothing special. I placed it in my pocket and headed back to the abandanded warehouse I had taken up residence in. When I got there I spotted a girl waiting outside. | went round the back and slipped throught the back door. half an hour passed and the girl was still there. she was a red head, she wore a blue shirt far too short for her exposing her middle and a leather jacket. another 10 minutes passed and then finally the girl moved. but she didn't move away. in fact whe headed straight for the door! when she got she knocked gently. I meant to ignore her but she looked up and saw me and I realised there was no point in hiding anymore so I went downstairs and let her in.

Chapter 2 I Haven't Won The Lottery

She entered and introduced herself as Mira Forrow.

"Any particular reason why you've come here or just for a browse" I inquired.

"To tell you, you've won the lottery," she replied.


"No you dingbat, because you're half-god,"

"No really, stop joking, why are you here,"

"That time I wasn't,"

"Yeah, and I'm a monkey's uncle"

"Shut up or I'll slit your throat,"

I did as I was told.

"I'm here to take you to camp half-blood where you can be trained. it will also be more safe for you there," she explained

"Safe from what," I asked


"Ah, do I get a choice?"

"Well lets go then."

and so we left for this camp half-blood place in a grey van that was driven by a man named argus. who had a ridiculous number of eyes. when we got there it wasn't at all what I had expected...

Chapter 3

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