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"Extreme Awards Winner"
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Best Story Award

  1. The Arena (Bladewood)
  2. To Disturb the Harmony (Darkcloud1111)
  3. The New Level (DarkCyberWolf)
  4. Order and Chaos (ArchieScotts)

Winner: The Arena by Bladewood

Best User Award

  1. Bladewood
  2. Ersason219
  3. Darkcloud1111
  4. ArchieScotts

Winner: Bladewood

Best Villain Award

  1. Nadine (The Running Man)
  2. The Olympians (The Arena)
  3. Nico di Angelo (Last Man Standing)

Winner: Nico di Angelo

Best Trailblazer Award

  1. Darkcloud1111
  2. ExtremeSSJ4
  3. Josh-Son Of Hyperion
  4. Bladewood

Winner: ExtremeSSJ4

Best Chat User Award

  1. Ersason219
  2. Mcleo1
  3. Bladewood
  4. Hazelcats

Winner: Hazelcats

Best Sequel Award

  1. Nolan Swift: The Flames of Hope
  2. The Avengers of the Earth (Book 2)
  3. The Rebellion

Winner: Nolan Swift: The Flames of Hope

Best Collaboration Award

  1. Last Man Standing
  2. The Avengers of the Earth
  3. Zo̱ntanoús nekroús
  4. The Olympian League

Winner: Last Man Standing

Best Character Award

  1. Torrin Wood (The Arena)
  2. Ashton Feith (To Disturb the Harmony)
  3. Patricia Evergreen (Order and Chaos)

Winner: Torrin Wood from The Arena

Best Male Character Award

  1. Kudos/The Jester (The Arena)
  2. Luke Vapor (Last Man Standing)
  3. Raymond Tarry (Heroes: The New Level)
  4. Malcolm Archer (Nolan Swift: The Flames of Hope)

Winner: Luke Vapor from Last Man Standing

Best Female Character Award

  1. Tara Young (Heroes: The New Level)
  2. Nova Lylac (The Arena)
  3. Aisling Swift (To Disturb the Harmony)
  4. Megan Snow (Last Man Standing)

Winner: Megan Snow from Last Man Standing

Best New User Award

  1. Mcleo1
  2. Jack Firesword
  3. SonofZeus1200

Winner: SonOfZeus1200

Best Story Cover Award

  1. The Son of Styx Cover
  2. Order and Chaos Cover
  3. Last Man Standing Cover

Winner: Last Man Standing Cover

Best Author Award

  1. Bladewood
  2. ArchieScotts
  3. Darkcloud1111
  4. Leafwhisker

Winner: Bladewood

Best Comedy Story Award

  1. Demigod High by Luke 12346
  2. I am Sexy and I Know It series by Lightningninja502
  3. Olympian Facebook by ExtremeSSJ4

Winner: Olympian Facebook

Best Vet User Award

  1. Leafwhisker
  2. Hazelcats
  3. Sally Person
  4. MattShadow

Winner: Hazelcats

Best Female User Award

  1. Hazelcats
  2. Sally Person
  3. Daughter of Poseidon118

Winner: Daughter of Poseidon118

Best Male User Award

  1. ExtremeSSJ4
  2. Josh-Son Of Hyperion
  3. Dagostino
  4. ArchieScotts

Winner: ExtremeSSJ4

Best Fight Scene Award

  1. Jean vs Zombies (Last Man Standing)
  2. Rebels vs Nadine's Army (The Running Man)
  3. Torrin vs The Olympians (The Arena)

Winner (s): Torrin vs The Olympians & Jean vs Zombies

Best Finished Story Award

  1. Nolan Swift: The Flames of Hope by Darkcloud1111
  2. The Arena by Bladewood
  3. The Running Man by Josh-Son Of Hyperion (Creator)

Winner: The Arena by Bladewood

Best New Story Award

  1. The Legacy of Three by ExtremeSSJ4
  2. Child of Norse by DaughterofTerpsichore
  3. The Questers:Day One by Hermione6720

Winner: The Legacy of Three by ExtremeSSJ4

Best Kiss Award

  1. Megan and Nolan (Nolan Swift series)
  2. Torrin and Nova (The Arena)
  3. Luke and Jean (Last Man Standing)

Winner (s): Torrin and Nova & Luke and Jean

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