The Seven Tales of Morgan Knight is a new story by DarkCyberWolf. It will rule. A lot.


Morgan Knight - the main character. She has a magic shield with pictures on it that are not on it. The pictures magically appear when she figures out what they are. She needs to have all of them.

Thomas Garcia - a son of Aphrodite who is friends with Morgan.

Miracle Hill - a unique daughter of Hera who arrives at camp shortly after Morgan.

Ty Quandow - You'll meet him later

Django Flame - You'll meet him later

Liz & Beth - You'll meet them later

Ish Melville - You'll meet him later

Francesca of the Night - You'll meet her later

Shine - You'll meet her later

Michelle Summer - You'll meet her later

Polaris Bloque - You'll meet her later

Matt Lawrence - You'll meet him later


A Demigod's Shield (WIP)

This Shield Was Made In... (Unstarted)

The Burning Songbird (Unstarted)

Girl With An Unusual Talent (Unstarted)

Half-Blood Sorted (Unstarted)

A Soul Journey (Unstarted)

MORGAN (Unstarted)

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