The Sinister Four is a story made by Josh-Son Of Hyperion


A new enemy has risen. Now, it is going to be much more terrible than all that has been encountered in the past. Not really a new enemy, but it's all the enemy that the gods have faced before, all joined up into one force to destroy the gods and the titans. Will the gods and the titans survive the incoming attack?

(This story started 2 weeks after Stranded in the Pacific.

Sides against the Gods

Giants (Gaea's children)


Powerful Monsters (Echidna, Typhon, Lydian Drakon, Clazmonion Sow, Teumessian Fox, Minotaur)

Nadine Safana La Muerte


Sarah Cahill

Layla Jobs

Adam Sinise

Melina McKidd

Josh McLean

Melody McLean

Bella McLean

Dallas Winston

Jessica Sparks

Stephanie Cross


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