Josh's P.O.V

I felt relieved when Melody had blast Nadine out into the sky when she is trying to take revenge by taking me prisoner. She will stop at nothing to come back to torture me, and so that's when Melody comes in handy. Melody's magic is so powerful that she can lock Nadine's essence in Tartarus for quite a long time.

It seems unbelievable, but apparently, according to Melody, Hecate and Circe are helping her secretly, and that makes the story more believable.

Then, we cheered in happiness, as the battle was over for now. Oh wait.... Gaea's most powerful weapon had been destroyed, and I figure that the war is finally over, after a couple of weeks.

But I got the feeling that Gaea will be back soon or later, and I got the feeling that we will face a monster much more horrendous than the Kraken.

People are cheering for Mary for dealing the final blow on the Kraken, but as they're about to herd Mary above their heads, they seemed to be struggling to raise her up. Then, more campers gathered around Mary to lift her up, and sure enough, with about 15 campers, they're successful in raising Mary up. Then, Melody lifted me up and I bend my knees and jumped up. I landed on Mary, and got on her shoulders. The campers didn't seem to mind about this, and after about 30 seconds, the campers put Mary down, and I got down from her shoulder. The Campers are clutching their hands in pain, probably because they hadn't lifted something that heavy before.

Then, Chiron blew a conch horn, and all the campers, who are cheering because the battle was over, kept cheering and went inside the camp.

It was a very exhaustive effort. Thankfully, no camper dies, but 4 of them are seriously injured. A boy from Athena cabin had his arms burned from Laistrygonian Giants bronze flaming balls, and a girl from Aphrodite cabin is not technically injured, but she was complaining about her makeups being destroyed in the monsters attack. Another boy from Hermes cabin had lost a leg, and the other was Gary, from Artemis cabin, who had his ribs broken after receiving a blow from the cyclops.

We all returned to the camp with smiles in our faces, and weapons in our hands. If anybody else other than the residents of Camp Half-Blood saw this, they probably thought that this is a group of lunatics that recently took drugs and got high.

When we got to the campfire, we were shocked because the 12 Olympian Gods have arrived in this camp. This is such an honor, and if we're Romans, we have to kneel.

Chiron gestured the campers to kneel anyways, and faced the Olympian Gods. I and my friends kneel.

Then, Chiron cantered over the campfire and started giving speeches of how great the demigods have been defending the camp, and most importantly, he gave Mary quite a big credit for the hard work she had done on killing the Kraken.

It was thought impossible. The Kraken is one giant massive collosal beast that even the gods are afraid of it. Mary was able to find the Kraken's weak spot and kill it (with my help of course).

Then, Zeus's voice thundered. "Mary Lester!"

All eyes were on Mary. I could tell she was looking very nervous, especially when this is the first time she stood in front of all 12 Olympian Gods.

Mary reached near the Campfire, and she began to gave her speech. Mary said that she couldn't have done it without me, and she gestured me to come forward.

I did came forward, and she ruffled my hair. I smiled, looking at the rest of the crowd with a smile. I could see Jessica, Melody, Stella and Jarren over there, watching me with a smile.

I then went back to my seat, and the Olympians asked what gift would they give to her. Mary thought about this, then she perked up, as if she had found the perfect thing to say.

"Yes, I would like a gift, but will you promise me to fulfill it?" Mary asked.

The Gods murmured amongst themselves, and Zeus spoke. "Yes."

"But.... I need your promise on the River Styx." Mary said.

"Why?" One of the Gods asked her, and it's Demeter. "Can't you trust us?"

"It's not that." Mary told the Gods. "I don't want my wish to be muddled up with other wishes. And besides, it's very important for me."

"Very well." Zeus said, and he spoke the words that told us that he is making a promise on the River Styx that he would do anything to try to fulfill Mary's wishes.

"Okay good." Mary said. "I only want a gift, and it's only singular, nothing more."

The Gods waited.

"I want my father out of his punishment." Mary simply said.

That's when the Olympian murmured amongst themselves. Atlas was the titan who is keeping the sky aloft from ever touching the earth again. If Atlas quit his punishment, then who will get his place?

After a long chatter among the Olympians, Zeus cleared his throat. "Very well. I knew precisely who should replace Atlas."

I hoped that it's Nadine herself. I think putting her under the sky will give her a taste of her own medicine.

Just then, Mary's father, Atlas appeared beside the crowd. Mary was very relieved to see her father and she hugged her father.

"Father!" Mary put her head in Atlas' chest. "Finally! You're out of your punishment!"

Atlas laughed. "Yes,"

"So, who's holding the sky now?" Mary asked.

"Well, you want to see for yourself." Then Atlas waved his hand and there appeared Nadine apparently holding the sky.

I sighed in relief. After all those years of Nadine torturing me, I can finally enjoy and rest, knowing that Nadine won't be bothering us for such a long time.

Then the vision shut off.

"Sorry about what happened back there." Atlas said. "I was threatened by my mother to keep holding the sky if I didn't get revenge on the gods."

I understood how he felt. I can barely hold the sky for 2 months before passing out, and yet Atlas can hold it for thousands of years. I can smile to see someone finally out of his punishment, assuming that he didn't do bad things again.

"Now..." Zeus bellowed, and his attention turned towards me. "Josh McLean, you have done a wonderful service on this war. Is there anything that we can give you as a gift or wish?"

"Actually, you have already fulfilled my wish." I told Zeus.

Zeus looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"I want Nadine imprisoned." I told Zeus. "Put away somewhere where she can no longer bother me again, but it turns out that Nadine took Atlas' place."

Zeus talked to Hera for quite a while, and then Zeus spoke again.

"Very well." Zeus said, and he said thank you to the demigods once more, before the Olympians teleported away from Camp Half-Blood and to Mount Olympus. Atlas decided to stay with Mary for quite a while.

I went to the dining pavilion, and checked on the clock. It was already midnight. I didn't even realize this until I felt very sleepy.

Apparently, this time Chiron allowed some people to sleep over other cabins, and I decided to sleep over Jessica's.

I made my way to Phoebe's cabin, and knocked on the door. Once the door opened, I got in, and I saw Nadine's face.

"Miss me, Joshy?" Nadine asked.

I was aghast to see Nadine's face that I fell back in surprise and scrambled to running. But she had a grip on my wrist. I punched and kicked in panic, only to have her face morphed to Jessica's.

I gasped and sighed in relief. I was about to go into shock when I saw Nadine's face. I can't believe that Jessica made a prank like this.

When Jessica saw my reaction, she laughed very hard. "You bought it, did you?" She kept laughing.

But I was already furious and shocked. She had pranked me by disguising herself as my worst nightmare. "JESSICA!! Don't you ever do that again!" I said, while recovering from my shock.

"I got to admit it's very funny. You should have seen the look on your face!" Jessica kept laughing.

I don't want anyone to make fun of me using my worst fear. This is why I kept my true fear to myself. I was trembling, the thought of Nadine torturing me rushed through me again.

I could feel tears streaming down my cheeks, and Jessica probably is going to laugh at me for being a crybaby, but no. I had known Jessica for so many years, and she would do anything to keep her husband from crying.

I let out the tears slowly. I was already clenching my hands very tightly to stop myself from trembling furiously, and after a few seconds, I started crying.

Jessica heard me and hugged me. "Josh, I'm so sorry!"

Jessica should have known better than to do Nadine disguising prank. I let my tears run through my cheeks and down my chin. I hugged Jessica tightly, and made her promise never to do disguising as Nadine prank again. But I still feel terrified after the prank, so I decided to sleep on her cabin.

"Jess? Can I sleep on your bed?" I asked, still tears in my eyes.

"Sure! Anything for my husband!" Jessica replied, and then I moved to Jessica's bed.

I found it quite hard to sleep, especially knowing that the war isn't really over. Gaea and Nadine had backed away because their most powerful weapon had been killed. I continued to cry until I ran out of energy and finally fell asleep.

Dreams found me, and I saw Gaea tending to Nadine.

"I should have known." Gaea said to Nadine. "Your plan never works."

"It works!" Nadine struggled from the sky. "We just have to not retreat when the Kraken is killed!"

"But you're the one who suggested fleeing when the Kraken is killed." Gaea said. "You have failed me, and this is your consequence."

I smiled happily as Nadine struggled under the sky. Just like the happy endings in fairy tales.

Nadine glared at my direction, and her face showed anger and resentment. "I will get you for this, Josh McLean! Mark my words. I will return, and I will torture you to death, even if you had to scream for the rest of your life!"

I started to waver a bit, but I kept reminding myself that Nadine is now trapped, and she won't be teleporting anywhere now. I managed a smile, and willed myself to get out of the vision in Mount Othrys.

I woke up in the morning with a wide yawn. It was a beautiful day here in Camp Half-Blood, and knowing that Nadine is now punished, I felt a surge of relief, and my panic had gone too.

I looked at Jessica, who was sitting next to me. She looked at me contentedly and asked if we want breakfast. I immediately got up and go to the dining pavilion.

I looked at the clock on the dining pavilion. It's already 08:10, which means we're just in time. I quickly grabbed a burger and steak and started eating them. Then, I left about half of the portion for sacrifice to the gods, who had helped us in this war, and also the Olympians, and of course, my father.

But I got the feeling that this war isn't going to end as easily as we expected it, but everyone was celebrating because the current war is finally over.

After I finished eating, I went up to the floating swimming pool, and had a swim there. Mary was also there, so I said hi to Mary, and then I began to swim.

There are more campers. Annabeth, Katie, Piper and Leo are also in the pool, playing some kind of water polo. I, on the other hand, wanted to play by myself, swimming in a circle in this pool. After about 30 seconds swimming, I took a deep breath and plunged underwater.

I swam lower and lower until I reached the glass floor. I swam around like a nymph as I saw some people waving at me. I waved back, and continued swimming. I looked at the sphere of water below the glass tank, and it's just sitting there, with the water filled until full.

Then I got an idea. I swam up after about 3 minutes under the water, and surfaces and gasps for breath. I regained my breaths and then climbed down and went into the sphere of water.

The sphere is about 5 meters in diameter, and I looked at it, and nothing seems to be happening. I lost interest of it and went to the swordfighting arena.

Something tells me that the war isn't over yet, and I have to still practice my skill on swordfighting and archery.

I got to the swordfighting arena still drenched from my time swimming and started practicing on the dummies. I slashed and hacked at the dummies, imagining that they're Nadine. I couldn't tell how much I hated her, how much I want to make her pay for making me suffer, but at the same time I couldn't tell how much I am afraid of her in the first place. I smiled, because this is the very first time that I had made Nadine pay for her sins. Even the protogenoi gods and goddesses have their limits and cannot do what they want forever.

I kept practicing at the dummies when Jessica strolled up to my direction. She was dressed in her usually orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt and she was holding a celestial bronze sword.

"Hello, Jessica." I greeted her. "Another new day of Camp Half-Blood, eh?"

"I agree." Jessica said, and she jumped at a dummy and stabbed it in its abdomen. I did the same to another straw dummy. Apparently, Chiron must have known that we're going to have lots of practise today so Chiron had built many straw dummies.

I smiled with delight. I trained with my sword and keep slicing the dummies in half as if they're hordes of monsters coming to attack us. Finally, I had enough with swordfighting, and decided to go to archery range. I still need to work on my pressure wave channeling arrows because it's still imperfect and the pressure wave needs to be powerful in order to blow monsters 10 feet away, but this one can only blow monsters about 2-3 centimeters away.

Jessica followed me, and once I'm in the archery range, I saw Mary, firing her huge celestial bronze arrows at the dummies. I noticed that the arrow Mary were firing was quite larger than usual, but her bow appears to have increased in size as well, so it's kind of balanced. The celestial bronze arrows now have a diameter of 30 centimeters and length of 4 feet. I wonder how Mary is going to carry all this arrow, it didn't seem compact. This is truly a weapon feared even by gigantic monsters such as the Kraken, as the weaker version of this had proved to had taken down that horrendous beast with just two hits of that huge arrow, and two pressure wave arrows that I fired, which acts as a force multiplier.

Mary shot another arrow, making a loud whizzz across the archery range, and when Mary saw me and Jessica, she stopped what she's doing and looked at us.

"Hello Josh and Jessica. I see that you have witnessed my new set of bows and arrows." Mary said.

Me and Jessica nodded.

"Well, it's new. Leo Valdez allowed me to access the forge in Hephaestus cabin, and so I made some."

"How much did you make?" I asked.

"About 6-7. We don't have resources to making something like this."

"Perhaps put something inside it, like.... tungsten?"

Mary shook her head. "Ordinary metals won't hurt monsters. The arrows must be made out of celestial bronze."

In fact, I know a place where there's an abundant resources of celestial bronze, but the big problem is that it's in the Castle of Eternal Night. I had a very bad experience over there, and I don't want to think about it.

I had a theory that the Hephaestus forge had an abundant resource of celestial bronze, because they seem to get it out of nowhere. One time, I noticed that they're not taking in or out the celestial bronze ores, and they just made a weapon, and that made me suspicious.

Anyways, I kept firing arrows at the dummies, which explodes in a pressure wave. Mary decided to conserve her ammunitions for later since she probably knew that we're going for battle soon or later. Mary grabbed her smaller arrows, the ones that are 5 cm in diameter, and fired at the dummies. It created the same effect when Mary fired the larger arrows, but this one just go through 4-5 dummies.

"Amazing." I told her, and patted her in the back and me and Jessica went to our cabins respectively.

As soon as I got to my cabin, I saw my cabin is quite a mess, and I tidied them up. It took me abuot 10 minutes to fold up my blankets, put my shoes in the shoe rack, put my weapons in the weapons rack, and my stash of flares in the flares section.

Speaking of Flares, did you know that the flares can be attached to a bow and made to burn? I had only tried that once in the archery range, and it caused quite a burn on the archery range. Chiron grounded me for 1 week on kitchen duty and after that I learned my lesson not to set flares on my bows.

Of course I was ready to try it on some monsters, and that's when my luck came because Chiron spotted an army outside.

Chiron grabbed a conch horn and blew it, and the campers scrambled to stop whatever they were doing and come to the campfire. Then, after the campers gathered around Chiron, Chiron announced that the next wave are coming, and apparently this is the elder demons along with the minor demons.

This is bad, very bad. I heard that the elder demons can only be killed by a titan, a god, and a hero working together. This makes it much more difficult and annoying than the giants. Even with the help of Platina won't stop the elder demons.

I rushed to grab my bows and arrows, and the flares too. I grabbed my sword as well and rushed to the scene.

As soon as I got to Thalia's pine, the minor demons are charging at us. I fired an arrow, and it hit the demon's chest. The demon roared, and I fired another arrow, but this time I attached a flare to it, so when the arrow buried itself in the demon's neck, the flare started to burn, and the demon writhed around in pain before painfully disintegrating.

Mary drew her bow and shot her medium sized arrows at the group of demons that are advancing here. Her arrows pierced through several demons before it came to a halt, and the demons that got pierced by Mary's arrow disintegrated into stygian pool of blood.

Wait.... Stygian pool of blood. Why is it when the demons are killed, stygian liquid is present instead of the dusts? This is a catastrophe. If anyone actually tries to get close to the demons....

Apparently, their stygian explosion when dying causes quite a drawback too. When the demons disintegrated, their stygian blood explodes nearby, causing the nearby demons to come in contact with stygian blood too, and a chain reaction occurs until the demons stopped exploding in stygian blood, and just disintegrating normally.

"Perhaps Gaea wasn't too smart about this." I laughed about it to Mary.

Mary chuckled a bit, and we both charged at the demons and sliced and hacked at the demons.

Just then, Platina joined the battle, and she turned into a ball of platinum and rolled at the demons, disintegrating demons that were on its path.

Platina was heading straight for the elder demon, and when she barrel straight through him, the elder demon disintegrated. Wow, this is easier than we thought.

Just then, Platina returned to us in her normal form, but the next thing that I saw is more horrifying. The elder demon that Platina had just killed rose, and with a wave of his hand, armies of demons rose from the earth and begin attacking us.

I quickly notched an arrow etched with a flare at the elder demon, and fought the lesser demons. Apparently, they are still crackling with electricity, and hasn't changed since the last demon war.

I could hear the sound of the elder demon screaming in pain as the elder demon slowly disintegrated to ashes.

Melody was firing barrages of magic bolts that rain down on the demons, making the demons panic.

As expected, the elder demon rose again, and it stomped its feet harder, and columns of buildings started boiling stygian water and the buildings started collapsing. This is where Hyperion interferes.

"Father!" I cried in happiness, and cheered for him to kill the elder demon. Hyperion unleashed a laser blast that killed the elder demon for good this time, and the buildings stopped bubbling stygian water, and the campers cheered in victory.

But, unfortunately, Chiron sent us to another expedition to Mount Othrys, fearing that we got to end this war for good now.

Chiron sent only me and Mary, fearing that the rest of them must stay in Camp Half-Blood. I gave Chiron the flares, which burns just like greek fire but it burns a lot brighter just in case more monsters decided to invade Camp Half-Blood.

Jessica's P.O.V

Josh gave Chiron the stash of his flares, but I got the feeling that Josh might be storing a lot more in his cabin, so I went to his cabin, and looked at his neatly tidied room. On the left, I saw Josh's stash of flares, and decided to just leave them there and went to my cabin.

In my cabin, there's my shadow bows and arrows. Josh isn't the only one with his cool bows and arrows. I have an arsenal of my own as well. My arrows can be channeled to shadow travel and hit targets that is very distant, and some that I call 'intercontinental ballistic arrows' because they can travel halfway around the world by just enchanting the arrow to shadow travel and find that target and hit it.

The first time I tried my intercontinental ballistic arrows, it accidentally sparked world war 1. I accidentally went back in time by some time travellers, and I fired my shadow arrows and hit the heart of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Then, for some reason I travelled back in time to where I came from. That's one of my biggest mistake ever. Of course, the mist blamed it on the Saravejo assassins.

Anyways, I grabbed my bows and arrows, and decided to practice in the archery range. I experimented on channeling my powers through this arrow, and it turns out that my powers can dish out much more damage than Josh's. Some of them include mini black hole temporary shot, which consumes everything in a 10 centimeter radius; arrow shadow blend, which allows the arrow to blend in the night, and to do extra damage.

After I am done with the archery range, I went to the magic practice arena, and saw Melody practicing her magics. They are, as Josh said, incredibly powerful, and so she prefer it to keep it inside this chamber in order to prevent excess magic from leaking out.

After I know that Melody take a break from her practice, I stepped inside the giant glass cylinder.

"Mother!" Melody said and hugged me. "Where's father?"

"Oh, he's gone, assigned by Chiron to go to Mount Othrys with Mary." I replied.

"I got a bad feeling about this." Melody said, looking concerned.

Josh's P.O.V

We had just taken a truck, and he's driving us to Gila Claw, Arizona. Apparently, the truck was broken just as we left the junkyard of the Gods.

"So, what now?" I asked Mary.

"Let's retrace our steps when we're getting to Mount Othrys earlier." Mary said.

Mary's right. All we need to do now is retrace our steps, but which way is it I don't know. I was already looking confused because this isn't the same path that we took as last time, but Mary seemed to know where she's going.

"There." Mary pointed at the nearby lump of earth just a few hundred yards away, and we ran towards it. Apparently, it's one of our weapons that we had used, arrows that had been fired from the previous battle, and Mary took some of it. This reminds me of where we came from, and I could see the tracks that our truck had made.

"There." I pointed towards the tracks, and Mary inspected it. Just then, a desert scorpion is heard from the distance, and it's heading straight towards us.

"Looks like this is the way." Mary said, and then we started walking, following the tracks. I found it quite tiring, but we have to hurry or else the desert scorpions are going to catch up on us.

"Wait..." I said, then I drew an arrow and channel it to explode in a pressure wave. I looked at the scorpion and apparently someone was riding it, so this scorpion wasn't build to attack. This scorpion was build to carry things. I hope that Mary saw the same thing, so all I have to do is knock the driver off its wheel and take control of the scorpion.

I fired the arrow, and it exploded just beside the driver. The driver went tumbling down and rolled over in the sandy desert, coughing and sputtering sand. We approached the scorpion, and then me and Mary mount on it, and we began following the truck tracks.

"So, what's the plan?" Mary asked me.

I was kinda screwed of not having to think about this since Chiron sent both of us to Mount Othrys to stop Gaea from waking, which sounded ridiculous since it's just both of us against a formidable army of Gaea's.

I thought about this. Mary had her quiver full of arrows, small and big ones. She should be alright in taking down the monsters since she already took some of the arrows that she had used, which is still in a good shape. I can summon arrows, and this makes us formidable allies.

"The plan is simple. We stalk out Mount Othrys, shooting arrows from long distances, and once we got close to Mount Othrys, use this." I held out my necklace.

My necklace usually can transform into a tent or armory, but since Melody had enchanted it a few months ago, it can now become floating platforms, and pretty much anything you want.

"That?" Mary asked. "What does it do?"

"I'll explain later. Right now, let's get near Mount Othrys first."

"Okay." Mary said, and I steered the scorpion left to follow the truck tracks.

"You know, it's actually nice to be with you." Mary told me. "You're.... one of the nicest demigods I ever met."

I blushed. "Thanks."

"Remember when we first met?" Mary asked me.

I shivered. The first time we met didn't go quite well. Hippolyta introduced me to Mary, and it turns out that Mary had been in the same experiment with their mortal parents, and she blamed me for making the research paper, but after a while, Mary softened and grew close to me.

"Yeah, I remember." I told her, as I tried to steer the scorpion around cars so that they won't get crushed. "It kinda test me quite a lot back then. But... about your parents...." I looked down, trying not to meet her eyes. "....the way you poison them..."

I timidly tried to meet Mary's eyes, and she had this anger on her face just by mentioning her mortal mother. I know she had resentment towards her mother, but it just doesn't feel right to just kill them inhumanely like that. It's just barbaric. Until now, I can't shake the memory out of my head about Mary killing them with superpotent poisons.

Mary sighed. "Perhaps... I was way too angry with my mother..."

I began to cry silently, and Mary noticed and she hugged me. "Please, no more of that, even though your mother did something bad to you. Remember the story that I told you about my mother?"

My mother had died peacefully in her bed. It was right after when we're stranded in the pacific, and I got word that my mom was dying because of Hypnos' coma curse, and 2 days after, she died. It was tragic for me, and painful too. I can't describe the pain that I am experiencing until now, it's just too painful.

"Yeah, I remember." Mary said, and she kept stirring the scorpion until a mountain comes into view.

"Oh look, there's Mount Othrys." I told Mary, as I took out my necklace and shook it while imagining a huge flying platform, and then a huge flying platform the area of a house appeared from my necklace and me and Mary got on board.

I grabbed a binocular from the pockets of the platform and used the binocular to see Mount Othrys. I could hear Nadine growling and struggling from the sky as she endures the punishment Gaea throws at her. I saw a couple of monsters encircling the mountain as they stood guard. Apparently, they are all lesser demons that stood guard the mountain, and looking through the lines of demons, one of the demon caught my attention.

It was the same demon that I killed prior to the ending of Deimonomachy. I remember that I have to use my laser eyes to kill that demon since I have to hold up the sky back then, and he's back, and probably I have to do the same thing, but let's hope that it doesn't happen.

Together, we stalked Mount Othrys from the distance. Using the flying platform as a cover so we don't actually touch the earth, we took out the monsters one by one using our arrows. I shot a telkhines, and Mary lodged an arrow at a drakon's neck, and the drakon roared in pain before shortly disintegrating.

The other monsters are very confused indeed, and they started to search for us, but it didn't take long before they lined up together, and Mary shot an arrow that pierced both their necks. Both laistrygonian giants disintegrated and it left Mary's arrow that clattered softly on the ground.

I could bet that Gaea and her minions are confused, because there's a couple of demons also looking at the direction of where the arrow came from.

As soon as the demons got close to the edge, I decided to fire an arrow and channel it to make an explosion once it landed on its target. I released the arrow, but I forgot to count the fact that my arrows are way too small so it's very easy to be deviated by the winds. My arrows missed very far, and it made an explosion a few hundred meters beside Mount Othrys.

"Perhaps this time, try using your arrow to guide it." I told Mary.

"Or we can just wait until the winds calm down." Mary replied.

She's right. She only have 10 arrows left in her quiver, and she can't summon arrows. I only have used one arrow, only to have it miss because of the winds that is blowing around Mount Othrys.

After a couple of minutes of waiting, the wind stopped blowing, and I figure that this is the perfect time to shot an exploding arrow at the demons. I shot an arrow at the demons, and it exploded in orange flames around the demons.

Good news is that the demons have been incinerated, and the other demons scrambled around.

Bad news is that the demons that are inside the mountain had spotted us, and this is the time to get off this platform, since our cover is blown.

I yelled, "Claustrum!" and my necklace shrank back to its original size and we fell just a few feet. I then retrieved my necklace and wear it on my neck and started to run. The demons are after us. Mary decided to fight them head-on. She lifted a demon and throw it to another demon, and fortunately for us, the demon behind it is about to shoot an arc of electricity at us when the demon in front of him was thrown back at him, causing them to be electrocuted and disintegrate into ashes.

We ran towards Mount Othrys to kill more demons, but apparently we didn't have to expect much, since the demons are not so many in numbers now.

But there's a problem. The demons are appearing here and there, and killing them becomes an exhaustive effort.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the peak of the mountain, and Nadine is holding the sky. The sight of that kept me up and running to kill the demons.

I killed another demon, and Mary did the same. In the corner of my eye, I could see Nadine glaring at me, muttering curses as she looked at me, her torture toy.

I know that I have to get out of here soon or later, or else I would be the victim of holding the sky again, but I have to finish this war once and for all, and the only way to do that is to put Gaea back to sleep. The only question now is how.

I kept killing the demons that materializes around Mount Othrys, and one time, I told Mary to keep fending off the demons while I sent an Iris message to Chiron.

I told Chiron how dire the situation is, and how the demons are stirring again. Chiron had this sour and unnerved look on his face.

"This is terrible. I thought that this war had ended, but it turns out that we were wrong." Chiron said. "We must prepare. Head back to Camp immediately. There's something...."

Just then, there's an explosion heard, and Mary skidded on my direction. I jumped just high enough to avoid Mary's skidding just by a millimeter.

I heard Mary moaning, but she didn't moan too long as she quickly got back up. I looked over to the peak of the mountain. One of the demons is actually offering to take the sky so Nadine can fight. This is terrible! I quickly shot an arrow at the demon, but it's too late as Nadine already dropped the sky onto the demon's shoulder. This is going to be a long war...

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