Sara POV:

I sat up as I spit out a mouthful of feathers. "DUSTIN YOU ARE SO DEAD!" I screamed even so he was long gone by now and he deinftely is dead, he lied to me and now this

. What the hell happened when I was asleep? "Aaron and Dustin had a fight of course" No! hes back, but that cant be! "What the? What the hell? Why are you here again? I thought I got rid of you dammit!" "correction, thought, not did. Of course Im here my dear" I am going to strangle him when i meet him in person.

"Oh come on my dear, you wouldnt really do that to me. I know you"  I glared at thin air as if it was him. "Hell yeah I would, youve been torturing me for years, In my own mind!"

He laughed evilly, "So? I dont see a problem there, its only a matter of time-" i cut him off, "a matter of time before what?" he chuckled again, "dont worry my dear, you will find out soon, you will find out sleep my little one, until the son of styx returns" I started to fade out, hearing him humming some kind of mythical old timey greek monster tune.

Dustin POV:

I looked back for about the millionth time. if sara was following me then i was dead, D-E-A-D. She doesnt like it when i lied to her....or throw pillows at her.

And now because of that I have to go find Aaron. Saras making me even more guilty then before. I didnt meant to get so mad at Darren like that but when it comes to Sara I get a bit more touchy about that. I dont hate aaron, but i dont really see him as a friend.

I wish he would just leave, but Sara doesnt want him to go. For the love of the gods shes in love with him! Why him of all people? This is even worse then her falling in love with someone else.

I sighed....Why couldnt if have been me? I am her best friend, ive always been by her side, always. I just day she would see that i love her, and she loves me. I was actually going to tell her that day when i found out about the quest, I was nervous as Hades. but then Aaron....he had to show up and ruin it in just second. I looked down a dark alley way, maybe he likes the dark like a vampire.

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