Aaron POV

I ran down the face of the hill and stood in front of Camp Half-Blood, it had been my home for 4 Years before i had become Hade's Assassin.

I had missed it so much! had been 5 years, all my friends were either dead from the war or gone...I swallowed down my sadness, If i was gonna complete this quest and win my freedom i needed to stay calm and go to the oracle, i needed to know what this prophecy meant.

I was about to take a step when suddenly a large black shape kicked me to the ground, I grunted in pain as i hit the grassy ground and a caught a glimpse of a pair of big wings.

I tried to get up but i was pinned to the ground by something and i felt the cold sensation of a blade touch my throat "Name yourself!"

My vision came back into focus and i saw a boy about 16 with jet black hair with grey streaks, sea green eyes and holding a celestial bronze sword.

My instincts kicked in, i lifted my knee and lifted the guy off me, freeing myself, i then rolled backwards and drew my sword.

Sparks rang out as our blades met, he matched me blow for blow but i had been training none stop for 5 years, fought endless amounts of monsters.

I feinted one strike the lashed out with my fist and punched him across the cheek and he fell down to the ground, his sword fell out of his hand, i then pinned him down with my foot and raised my sword over my head but i didn't plunge it down, it took all my willpower to stop my instinct.

"What is your name demigod?" The guy scowled at me "Percy, Percy Jackson" I then noticed a crowd had gathered, a horde of kids wearing orange t-shirts and jeans or shorts, they held swords, spears and bows in their hand and i knew i was out numbered "Take me Chiron" I then said "I mean you no harm"

I let Percy go and he recovered his sword and it turned into a ballpoint pen which he clenched in his hand so i knew he didn't trust me "Come on"

We walked threw the volleyball courts, the cabins and passed the climbing wall till we came to the big blue building which i reconised as the big house "He's inside" I nodded and walked into the Big House, leaving Percy frowning at me.

I passed a sword stand then marched up the stairs and took the door on the left and i was greeted by the same horrible music that me and the old donkey butt had listened to.

"Hello Chiron, remember me" I said as Chiron looked up from his paperback, his eyes widening.

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