Aaron POV

I marched up towards the Big House, my feelings were acting crazy.

Why had i done that?! I shouldn't have kissed her! I shouldn't have! Why did i?! It was wrong....but it felt so right!

In rage i kicked a deck chair and it shattered on touch, Rachel pulled open the window to see what was happening "Aaron? Whats wrong?" I swallowed down my rage and shook my head "Nothing, accident" She nodded but i could tell she wasn't convinced "Come on in, we gotta decifer this prophecy before you leave tommorow"

I nodded and walked into the dining room and sat at the table, the papyrus copy of the prophecy on the table along with a bunch of papers with theories of the prophecy on it but it all seemed like a sea of words to me thanks to my dyslexia.

I sat next to Rachel and she handed me the prophecy "Read it out loud again"

I did and she thought for a moment "This smoking sounds sort of familliar..." She then remembered something, she jumped over to the cabinet on her right and pulled out what looked like a large slab of stone and painted on it was a dagger which seemed to glow like the sun "The Dagger of Hyperion, said to burn anyone who touchs it"

"That must be it then!" I said half-heartedly, my mind was still on that kiss....

She seemed to ignore this and asked me to read it again and i did "Hmmm well obviously the North Wind is Boreas and his daughter must be Khione but frozen heart..... I don't quite understand it" "Sounds like some sort of stone to me" She looked at me "Stone?" "Well i've of some magic stones able to use any elemental power, they're mentioned in most Greek stories"

She nodded "Must be a Ice Stone then, to cool the dagger down so you can touch it...must be pretty powerful though" "Least we know where to start at least..." I said, a journey to Quebec to confront the Goddess of Ice would not be pleaseant.

She stared at the second last line "But first will travel to the core....what could that mean..." "Dunno but i bet Khione will tell us when we see her" I said, twisting a dagger in my hand.

Suddenly the clock gave off a loud chime and i knew it was past midnight "That late already...least we know what we're searching for and where to start....thats a start" I got up and hugged Rachel "Thanks for your help Rach...night"

I walked up the stairs and pulled my backpack filled with all my stuff off my bed as i pulled off my shirt and lay in bed, gazing out the window at the Athena cabin.

Soon i dozed off and all the memorys of today came in a dream.

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