Sara POV

Well, after Dustin came in with the food. Aaron ate his meal quickly without saying a word and, then went to bed exhausted from what happened today.

Dustin was eating his food like he hadn't eaten for weeks. I on the other hand was just staring down at my lump of food, getting lost in my mind with sad thoughts, making me more depressed by the second.

Dustin looked up from devouring his meal and said "Sara, you okay? I thought you would be eating right now." I know he was just trying to be nice, but I automatically snapped back "yeah, of course I am fine! Why wouldn't I be?" Dustin then decided to leave me alone since he knows not to mess with me when I am in a bad mood.I then got up and went to my bunk, I turned to face the wall. Not wanting anyone to see me like this. I then started to cry silently. I know I shouldn't be crying over a boy, he was just one boy. He mightv'e been my first love first kiss, but that shouldn't mean I should obsess about him.

Sure, he has skin like snow, jet black hair with stripes of white, and irresistable green eyes that make me melt like butter.(A/N reminds me of a cartoon, where a girl actually did melt and she looked like melted butter). Being with Aaron, It was so wrong, but it felt so right.

What was wrong with me? He is like 20, plus after this quest he will go back to the underworld. Immortal, meaning he will never grow old, and when he leaves he will probably forget all about me.....Finding someone else, other then me.

I felt fresh tears falling down my face every minute onto my pillow. Why, why was I crying about this? I never cried about anything before, I am supposed to be strong. Not weak, I am not supposed to be crying about Aaron. But....I couldn't do this anymore, the tough act, acting like I had no feelings. Like a robot, but made of flesh and blood instead of cold hard metal. I had to get over him, and that was final. No more getting lost in his eyes, kissing him or anything else. I had to be stronger, I couldn't be heartless like I tried over the years, but that doesnt mean I cant be not be in love. So it was final, I would become un-inlove with Aaron.

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