(A/N- this is a side-story of Child of the Norse. It's the story of how Kody got Widget (who has not been introduced to the story yet))

Chapter 1 (Kody's PoV)

"KODY!" Ugh, why did Inga always have to yell?

"What, Inga?" I walked down the steps to the kitchen of my house that i shared with my "mum", who was actually my step-father's (who's dead, and my mom's (who's also dead) ex-husband) wife. She actually legally adopted me, and insisted I call her Mum, but i refused to. She hated my sneaky and aggressive ways, and grounded me a lot.

"We have to go into town today. You can go play with friends or something while i'm shopping." Ugh, as if I had friends. Everybody hated me. I grabbed my green army jacket off the back of a chair and then walked out the door in front of Inga. She got in the front seat of our car and I sat next to her. She backed out of the driveway and we headed to town. She dropped me off in the square and drove to the marketplace. I looked around. There were kids playing, couples walking around, people eating at the cafe, and dogs fighting. Inga had given me some money, so I walked over to the cafe.

"Hello, today, Miss. What can I get you?" The man at the counter turned around and asked me.

"I'll have a cinnamon roll and a hot chocolate." The hot chocolate would be good in the cold months of Winter, and the hot cinnamon bun would fill my empty stomach. The baker/cafe owner handed me my food and drink, and I handed him five dollars. I headed back into the Square and saw a man heading towards a small black pup. The pup ran away from the man, but the man was too quick. He scooped the little pup up and ran towards a car. Then a woman shouted.

"Help! That man stole my dog!" She ran after the man, but she wasn't quick enough. The man got away. Then the woman looked around and came towards me. "Please, you have to help me. I live alone, and Widget's the only living thing i have left. Please." She looked at me pleadingly, and I couldn't handle it. I ran to an electric scooter store and grabbed one. I sat on the seat and started it up. I went after the car, chasing after the dog. I couldn't be seen, so i used my natural sneakiness to keep the man from seeing me. We rode for about an hour, and i was lucky the tank of the scooter was full.

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