Things you should know

I kinda got this idea from the Olympian Facebook thingy, you get Olympians and PJ characters commenting on each commandment like it is on the net. Please don't ban me for stealing somebody else's idea, this is different from that.

Here we go! 

1. Thou shan't not tell Athena to redo an IQ test.

AthenaSmart likes this

2. Thou shan't not call Clarisse 'Chicken'.

Ares Cabin and WarriorLaRue likes this


WarriorLaRue: Yeah, I totally agree.

Ares Cabin: Replying to WarriorLaRue: +1

PJAwesomeness: You guys can count?!

3. Thou shan't walk under a bit of misletoe with Artemis/Hunter of Artemis. (Applies to boys only)

Leohotguy and ConnerNoSteal likes this


Leohotguy: Thanks for the idea!

ThaliaHunter: Curse u

4. Thou shan't attempt to puke on a god/goddess's throne.

All Olympians like this


Lightningrox: This rule also applies to gods and goddesses.

Winedude: Hey that was an accident, I was drunk! And who changed my username?

AthenaSmart: Me.

5. Thou shan't call Hermes 'Guy with Weird Shoes (Avian-shoe hybird?!)'

6. Thou shan't ask Chiron why he isn't in the stables.

Horseguy and ZEPARTYPONIEZ like this


Horseguy: I just wonder who got the idea.

PJAwesomeness: hmmmn?

blackflyinghorse: dont look at me boss and i cant type gwell i dont hv vingrs

7. Thou shan't attempt to hack Olympian laptops, may result in being grounded by Hermes.


ConnerNoSteal: Awwww.

TravisNoStealEither: Awwww.

8. Thou shall always remember that Zeus is awesome.

Lightningrox likes this


Seadude: Hate you Zeus

Lightningrox: Excuse me?

Deathking: Replying to Seadude: +n

Lightningrox: You two are banned from Olympus for two months!

Deathking: Like I care.

Seadude: +me

MotherRhea: Boys, are you arguing again?

Lightningrox: No mom.

9. Thou shan't not urge mortal PJ fans to go to Empire State Building and ask for the 600th floor.

Lightningrox, Seadude and 8426 others (non-mortals) like this.


TravisNoStealEither: Darn it.

10. Thou shalt not pee in the ocean.

Seadude likes this.


PJAwesomness: Gross!

ILuvPeanutButter: Oops

Lightningrox: haha! Hermes dump my waste into the sea!

Seadude: I'm telling mom!

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