ok now this is gonna be VERY FUNNY. so here i go! lets hope i don't die! YAY!

The fight

For no apparent reason Stormi Marino, Lira Manning, and Violet Stirling were in the forest when Lira shouted:


" NO MY DAD IS!" Stormi screamed.

"NO MY DAD IS!" Violet Hollered at the top of her lungs.

"OH THATS IT! BRING IT ON!" Lira said loudly. she broght an army of the undead from the ground.

"Darn I have nothin good!" Stormi said. then she uncaped her pen and it turned into a 3 foot long celestial bronze sword. "Wait my dad is the god of earthquakes. So HAHA! nothing can beat that."

"Well I have lightning and thats cooler. So HAHA back." Violet said.

"No way! it sucks" Lira said.

"NO IT DOESN'T! YOU SUCK." Violet and said feircly, "AND YOUR DAD MAKES PEOPLE DIE!"

"NO THATS THE FATES YOU IDIOT! Lira was mad now. Violet blasted her with lightining.


"You deserved it." Izzy said. Lira shot at her with fire but she put it out with her water powers. She was the only one that was sort of calm. "And plus my dads cooler. He rules 73% of the eath. So you guys need to shut your faces."

"OOOOOO, daughters of the big 3 fighten, eh." 3 dudes emerged from the bushes. The first was Gabe Sprite from the Hermes cabin, the second was Tyler Smith from Apollo, and Michal Long from Morpheus. "Me likey." Dylan said.

"GO AWAY!" Lira yelled at him. "CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO WIN A FIGHT!"

"GEEZ! but can we watch?" At the sight of Tyler Izzy slowly backed into a bush. So did Violet at the sight of Michal. They did to. the only ones who were arguing now were Dylan and Lira.


"NEVA!" he screamed and ran in a circle then fell to the ground.

"What did you do to him?" Tyler asked

"Nothin." she kicked him and he wheezed "He's just bein' stupid." they all backed away slowly. "Weird..." Michal said quietly.

"Yeah." agreed Violet. Then they all ran towards camp ditching Dylan lying on the ground.

The End

"Were's Dylan?" Chiron asked. "in the forest taken a nap" said Lira. "hmm I never did like him anyway. let the monsters eat him." Luckily some of the nymphs saw him on the ground a put a magical barrier around him. That morning he woke up and was like " Why am I in the forest?" Then made his way back to camp. He didn't realize that some of the nymphs had been kissing him in his sleep. THE END FOR REALZ!!!

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