The eleventh chapter of the first installment of The Legacies Saga



"Who's this?" Adam pointed at the girl. She had light purple hair - a color that did not come naturally in the Upperworld... but was relatively common in the Mainworld. In fact, everything about her suggested Mainworlder.

"This is Marrell Tanaquas," Julia said. "She's a Mainworlder anomaly who just helped James Pierce and Natasha Hutchins deal with a crisis in Bellona Square. Now she is acting as Fiona's temporary replacement. Marrell, this is Adam Jamison, Tori Grant, and Carrie Buster, also known as Team Explosion."

"Who's Fiona?" Marrell asked, but Adam cut her off.

"What exactly is the situation?" Adam asked Julia. "You didn't explain much beforehand."

"The situation is Alaric Burne, son of Hephaestus," Julia said.

"Assumed son of Hephaestus," Tori corrected. Team Explosion was one of those teams that thought the Greek myths were just that - myths.

"He has fire powers, just like old Leo Valdez," Julia said without missing a beat. "Burne is trying to make the combination - he already stole Ouranos's coin from Bellona Square. We're sending your team to the Mainworld with James, Natasha, and Marrell to try and find the tree before Burne does."

Julia's door slammed open. "Does anyone realize this door can be gently knocked upon?" Julia asked.

A girl came in gasping for breath. Adam recognized her - Kassy Crowfeather from Team Diamond. "Did anyone capture any Ofiotians lately?" she asked, ignoring Julia's question.

"James and Natasha, a little while ago. Why?"

"They just left Bunker 10," Kassy said. "And a man came out of fire and re-captured them."

"Alaric!" Natasha cried. "He took the captives... Hoover Dam! He's going to use them to find the tree!"

"Alaric Burne is a greater threat than we thought," Julia muttered. "It would seem he is the biggest threat the Hidden City has ever faced..."


Gyan Kirrno stepped calmly into the Ekinta.

She showed her authorization to the elevator, which opened with a soft Bloom.

Next stop, the Upperworld.

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