The sixth chapter of the first installment of The Legacies Saga



"What do you mean 'gone'?" Marrell asked. She could barely believe Julia's story, but it was so... captivating. But Marrell knew, for instance, that the inake believed Zeus ruled the sky, and it was clear from above the ceiling that the sky still existed. So if Zeus ever existed, why wouldn't he now? Or the other gods for that matter?

"Back in the twenty-first century was the first recorded instance of a god dying," Julia said. "His name was Pan, god of the wild. As I'm sure you're aware, this was during the time when the inake were completely destroying the environment. Well, Pan, as a result, lost his dominion, and faded. The gorgons Euryale and Stheno are a more interesting case. They lost all respect as their sister Medusa outshone them both, causing them to fade as well. The Opening a year or so after Pan's death allowed the two gorgons to return from Tartarus, however. Where the gods are now is unknown."

"Assuming the gods ever were real," Natasha said. "We all claim to be legacies, descendants of the gods, but our demigod ancestors are so far back that some of us believe they made it up."

"My ancestors were heroes," Julia said through clenched teeth, the first time she'd seen the Upperworlder lose her resolve. "Some say that we are not truly descended from the gods, but I can tell you that I am descended from the drakon-slayer Clarisse la Rue. Yet, since she's from the age of gods, some people think she never even existed!"

Marrell had never heard of Clarisse la Rue. An Upperworld legend? Julia's ancestor had also apparently slain a drakon - whatever that was. It sounded similar to dragon.

A small device - an inake telephone, Marrell was barely amazed to see - rang softly with old Japanese pop music. Julia picked the device up and held it to her ear. "Uh-huh," she said. "Where, exactly?... I see. I'm sending two of my best people on it." She looked up. "James, Natasha, you two have a mission. At the Bellona Square is a large gang of telkhines. At their head, if you'll believe it, is one of the legacies, albeit one who claims to be an actual demigod. I need you two to go over there and dispatch them. If you can, take the legacy alive for questioning. And please, do not be seen - they think I'm sending my best people."

"What about me?" Marrell asked. "What if I assisted in the removal of this... telkhine threat?"

"Tradition does say three people," James pointed out. "And if there really is a legacy among them, we could use Marrell's help."

Julia nodded. "Very well. Do well not to get yourself killed, Miss... Marrell."

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