The tenth chapter of the first installment of The Legacies Saga



Adam Jamison was still asleep when he got the call.

With a loud groan that nobody else heard anyway, he answered his phone. "Hello."

"Adam," said the voice of Julia Rodriguez. "You are needed. Get your squad immediately and report to my office."

"Uh-huh, on it," Adam said. He hung up the phone and got up.

He needed to get his squad.


"So if Ouranos is resurrected, what would that mean exactly?" Marrell asked.

"There's nothing Ouranos has wanted more than to reunite the earth with the sky," Julia told her. "If he tries, not even the pillar of Atlas can stop him. The Mainworld would be crushed under the weight of the sky. The Upperworld would be completely destroyed. And every person - and tree - on either would die."

Marrell knew the tree comment was directed at her. But she was well aware what this meant. "Alaric Burne cannot get his hands on the Mainworld tree."

"That's what Team Explosion is for," Julia said with a slight grin.


"So, you all are from Ofiotia?" the man asked.

Ermot didn't answer. Beside him, he saw that Filan was not answering either. Good. Whoever this guy was, he was trouble and shouldn't have the answer.

"Yes," one girl said. "The majority of us are residents of Kanderr Town, which is indeed located within Ofiotia."

Ermot cursed himself silently. How had he forgotten there were other captives besides himself and the anomaly?

"Thank you," the man said. "What is your name?"

"Rinte Akuresh," the girl said. "Daughter of Galtum Akuresh, deceased, and Tornahk Akuresh, formerly Tornahk Firute, sister of Thanu Noetock, formerly Thanu Akuresh. Ofiotia, Kanderr resident. Civilian Block D. Identification number 746..."

"Rinte Akuresh was enough," the man said. "So, Rinte, you will be my guide."

"Guide? For what?" Ermot asked.

"I'm looking for a tree..."


Tori Grant opened the door to Julia's office. The rest of her team - Adam Jamison and Carrie Buster - followed inside.

"Ah, Team Explosion," Julia said. "Are you ready for your mission?"

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