The second chapter of the first installment of The Legacies Saga



Natasha angrily jammed her finger on the elevator button. Bad enough Julia had her and James go down to Ofiotia on such short notice, then they get there and find out that there were no killable adults, only must-be-taken-alive children, who were squirming their way to try and get out of the elevator.

"Quit it, Ofiotians," James shouted.

But the loudest voice was one outside the elevator.

"ERMOT!" a girl was shouting.


Marrell was pushing her way through the panicked crowd to get to the elevator doors before they closed. "Ermot!" she shouted again.

The boy with the ballpoint pen - James - grabbed her. "If you want to come with us, fine!" he muttered. He pulled her into the elevator, and she felt the sudden urge to resist, as though following the 2-Ds wasn't her initial goal to begin with.

When she was inside for the first time in her life, Marrell felt compressed by the forty or so adolescents who were crammed into the elevator with her. She saw Ermot standing and struggling beside the terrorist girl, Natasha. She started pushing her way through before hearing the Bloom again.

Then Marrell turned and watched in horror as the elevator door closed.


James had no idea what to make of this girl who'd been so intent on joining the rest of the captives, then tried resisting, and then went back to going inside before meeting overwhelming fear. Everyone had always told James that the Mainworlders - especially those from Ofiotia - had predictable behavior patterns, but this one...

This one was an anomaly.

James internally chuckled. This girl could be either the most corruptible Mainworlder in existence... or the most dangerous to the mission.

He stepped beside Natasha as the elevator doors closed and pushed the forbidden OMEGA button.

And they began to ascend.


Marrell grabbed Ermot's arm when she was close enough.

"Who is this?" Natasha asked.

"Marrell Tanaquas," Ermot answered automatically, responding as though Natasha was a citizen of Kanderr. "Daughter of Jurnel Tanaquas, deceased, and unknown mother. Ofiotia, Kanderr resident, of Civilian Block D, Identification Number 468186971252, registered anomaly with a particular passion for the ancient Greek civilization."

"Do you Ofiotians always introduce yourselves like that?" James asked.

"Usually, however this introductory method is not often used by the anomaly class, and indeed, the lack thereof is the standard means of testing whether an individual has anomaly nature," Ermot said, again without thinking.

"So this Marrell Tanaquas is different from other Mainworlders," Natasha summarized. "Looks like we'll need a few answers from you where we're going."

"Where are we going?" I demanded to know.

"Above the ceiling," was James' reply.

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