......Juk yter 15:30, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 1

'Hello, Percy.' The Hermes screen said. 'Grover is already online. Would you like to talk him?'

'Anyone else?' I asked as I hated Grover. He was a geek.

It took four nanoseconds for it to work out using it's AI.

'I am.'

'OK, Grover.'


'Percy!!!' Grover said.

'Yes, Grover.'

'You're a demigod!'


'Half-God, half-human.'

"Yep. I sure believe you.' I started adding Grover to my Blocked Contacts.


'Hey! You're blocked!'

'Yeah, well Hermes has real intelligence not AI.'


'Come to my house RIGHT NOW!'


'Well, I've got some Cadbury.' Grover knows I can't resist Cadbury. It's imported from Britain and delish.

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