2013 - The Unveiling has been nominated for the 2013 TEA 3!!!



Demigods have always slipped through the radar of the mortal world. They have hidden under the facade of normal children and families. They have learned to hide themselves away and have been successful so far.

Alex is just the usual teenager who loves skateboarding and video games. Sasha is an ordinary girl with a hint of talent in the music agencies. Nic is his highschool's mysterious badboy who is considered emo and punk. Poppy is the odd but likeable girl with good-grades. Finally, Fayeria is the loner girl who lives in the orphanage on eight street.

Five different people, five different stories. One thing in common, one thing that draws them together in the Unveiling.

The Unveiling features a mortal world being opened up to the immortal world which had formerly been hidden.

All About The Unveiling

A new series of pages of All About The Unveiling! Character pages and more!


The Unveiling: Chapter One

The Unveiling: Chapter Two

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