The War Hero

A daughter of Aphoites has been kidnapped by the Titan Cronos, whom needed her for Aphorites suporite on there behafe so she really immortant at the moment, 5 demi gods shall go through flames and Surive the deadly impact of a greek monster, and there lifes are at stakes whom shall surive shall be much rewared and whom betrays is in the fates hand. And they shall go through a Memory river and the cycopes on the way... Who shall live?And who shall die?

Heroes of this Quest.

Nora Sadie Thomson The leader

Michelle Jupiter The one that got kinapped

Nick Johnson The 2 in command

Rebecca Narda Shaw a true hero, you'll know more about her once she is one a different quest.

Angeline Chirsty Jupiter a Daughter that wants to help.

Marry-Ann Jupiter A roman, ahh but she is very immortant.

Day 1 Camp Half blood.

Nick: When are we going to save my Wife? as he looks at his wallet picure of her and him

Chiron: You will be going on a huge and immortant quest if you fail She shall die and Olympus shall be Sudiced by Aphorites. He sees Rebecca running over to see them.

'Rebecca: Ohh a death ,i love death in fact she will be a ghost i can summon once she gone! as she crackels then leaves

Nick: Thats one more reason to Not let her join our quest. as he stares at her eyes

Nora: Rebecca! You know she is like his wife. Leave him alone child! Before i shoot you with my boa! grabs her boa

Rebecca: Oh soo touchy. Walks away and bumps Nora in the shoulder

Nora: Whats wrong with her?

Nick: Guess she has a attuide issue...

Nora: Agreed now lets go to the Ocracle

Rachel: One Dove shall be locked by a clock whom shall srupsise the Death

The Lover of the Dove shall be challenged by a Myth and a Quesioner

The Death has all but nothing death shall be wrestlebed by Clock

Nymph shall be death for 3

5 demigods shall be lifed, one shall be the lifter.

End of day one.

2 weeks later, at Los Angelis

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