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Theo Laurent
Boy with Dagger
Child of Iris
Slayer of Megaera The Fury
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 5-23-1995
Current age 16
Gender Male
Family Mother: Iris Father: Jim Laurent
Status Alive
Eye Color Bright Blue with tinted green
Hair Color Dark Green
Height 6ft 1"
Alias "The Rainbow Kid"
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood. Theseus
Weapons Crystal Daggers, Imperial Gold Shield and Celestial Bronze throwing stars
Species Demigod
Home Cabin #14
Appearances Haunted Demigods
Quests None
Theo is the son of Iris and Jim Laurent, A peace activist. Theo was concieved at a hippie convention and has lbeen on the road with his dad ever since. Him and his Dad got on great up until they where attacked by hellhounds in Maine as Theo's dad was changing the tire of their camper van, Theo killed them with the Tire crank.

Theo arrived at camp half-blood when he was 11 as his dad sent him there on Iris' wishes after the attack. Theo fitted in exceptionally well. Everyone liked him apart from Joshua from the Hecate cabin.


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