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Ariana Lorraine, forgotton, neglected, and not about to let her father stand in her way. Can she and Luke ever be together? Or will the Olympians stand in their way? LukeCastellan 06:01, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

Strong language, implied sexual intercorse, and a down right moron will follow.

Chapter One


I went my entire life without really knowing who my parents were. My mom supposedly wasn't ready for a child, so she dumped me off in an adoption center before I could hold my head up. I was in and out of foster homes, in a new place every couple of months. I was described as "a problem child" "an endangerment" "the sort of child that grows into a juvenille delinquent" and so forth. I couldn't even say one thing to most people, my appearence was enough to scare the crap out of them. The long black hair was okay, but my scorching blood red eyes, well, I wasn't exactly everyone's best friend. By the time I was seventeen, I was living on the hard streets of New York. My scowl sent people for the hills and monsters haunted my dreams. I slept in different alleys every night, because I had that feeling that someone was watching me, deep in the shadows.

I'm just one ray of freakin' sunshine aren't I?

My life took a turn for the worse when I turned twenty-two. Some blonde stalker dude started following me. All he did was follow me. When I'd duck into a bathroom, he'd turn up at some hot dog stand not forty feet away. I evenually got so tired of it, that I confronted him.

"Who are you? And why are you stalking me?" I asked, point blank.

"The question is who are you?" he asked back.

"If you were smart, you'd stop quoting Rafiki and tell me who you are!" I threatened, feeling my eyes flare.

"I'm Luke, and you are?" he said.

"Ariana Lorraine," I replied curtly. This guy was slightly taller than me, with sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He also had this freaky scar across his cheek. He wore cargo shorts and a white t-shirt. Rather gorgeous, but he wouldn't fall for someone as ugly as me (A/N: She is rather pretty, but she's been told that her black hair and red eyes make her an ugly freak for most of her life)

"I have a question," Luke started, "Do you know who your parents are?" This question freaked me out some, why would some guy follow me around for weeks, and then ask that?

"Don't know, lived in an orphanage up until I was seventeen," I replied cautiously. His eyes seemed to light up.

"Have you been diagnosed with dyslexia or ADHD?" he asked. Is this guy from the census?

"Never went to a doctor for anything more than what was required," I replied. He bite his lip.

"Do odd monster-like-things follow you?" he asked. Seriously! Where's the hidden camera? Who's making ten grand off of my answers? I want a share of it!
"Other than you? Not really," I told him. He looked hurt.

"Dream odd dreams?" he asked, looking desperate. Honestly? How far will he go?

"What's it matter? You from the government? You sent here to interview homeless people?" I asked, getting suspicious.

"You do don't you?" he shouted, "Do you wanna join the cause?" he asked.

So he's a hippy!

"What cause?" I asked. Hey, I needed something to do with my life.

"Against the Olympians, against my father. I've teamed up with the Titans to take over Olympus, reform the world into what I want it to be," Luke explained.

All of my dreams of him being smart and sophisticated went right down the drain.

"WOW! That's really, err, nice, Luke, but I think I won't board the crazy train, thanks," I told him, attempting to turn around and walk away. He grabbed my arm.

"C'mon, I promise I'll track your parents down for you," he said, a look of pleading dancing on his face. I rolled my eyes and looked at the skies. I must resist that look. I must resist. I was failing, epicly failing. I could feel myself falling into his grasp, and all it took was just gazing into those ice blue eyes.

"Fine, I'll join your little cause," I said, a look of relief splashed onto his face.

"You won't regret your decision!" he vowed, I highly doubted it. But what did I have to loose?

Chapter Two


A year and a half ago, life for me changed. I met Luke. He seemed kind and caring, and I really think he loved me. He didn't have a choice when Kronos took over his body, it was either that, or Kronos would have killed me, and made Luke watch every last second of it. He wasn't willing to sacrifice me, especially when I had nothing against the gods in any way. It was six months after we really started liking eachother. Then about a week ago, Kronos finally made his way to Olympus. It was a wimpy sneak attack. He lured all of the main gods away with Typhon, and snuck his cowardly butt into New York. You should have seen the look on Luke's, I mean Kronos' face when he realized the herioc little Percy Jackson had seen through his plan and was waiting for him. Tempermental little thing, he threw a royal tantrum.

Then, on top of Olympus, Luke managed to regain himself for all of three minutes before, he killed himself, along with Kronos.

Or so I'm told.

Of course, as part of Luke's deal with Kronos, I would never be put in harms way.

So I wasn't invited to the party in Manhatten. Hurrah. Yay. La-di-freakin-da.

So, now I have no one. Luke wasn't able to track my parents down, but I was okay with that, since I had him. Then, The Royal Jerkwad named Kronos, decided that I couldn't have Luke anymore and ripped him away from me. Now, I'm alone.

Good for me!

Thought I'd head to Camp Half-Blood, see what the big SHA-BANG is. I got there. It was a freaking construction zone. Cabins going up every where! I walked around, seeing if anyone noticed me. They did. It's hard to miss me. First a bunch of super models gawked at my appearence. Hey, I haven't exactly cut my hair in awhile, Luke liked it long, so it nearly reached my waist. They fawned over me, asking how I kept it so neatly brushed and shiny. I really don't care about junk like that, I just told them I eat a lot of carbs. They seemed to think that was the secret to healthy hair because they stormed off demanding that they get carbs.


Then I saw this one kid. He was probably thirteen or fourteen. He looked a lot like me. Freaky. He had the same black hair, but deep chocolatly brown eyes. He was standing around a table with a girl who was about sixteen with curly blonde hair, and a boy with black hair who was also about sixteen.

"C'mon Annabeth! Can't we atleast have a kennel for Mrs. O'Leary?" the younger boy pleaded. The blonde shook her head.

"Nico, there isn't enough room to put Mrs. O'Leary in your cabin. We're crunched for space as it is. She'll just have to stay in the Arena," the girl, who I presumed to be Annabeth, said. Then a deep voice came from behind me.

"Percy, Annabeth, Nico, don't insult our new guest. Say hello," the voice said, and I whirled around to see a centaur. The three teenagers looked up to see me, and I saw Nico looking at me the closest. The two older ones nodded a hello. The centaur tapped my shoulder.

"What's your name, and who's your Olympian parent?" he asked.

"Ariana Lorraine, and I dunno," I replied. The centaur looked nervous.

"You haven't been claimed yet? Oh, well, err. I'm sure you won't be spending long in Hermes' cabin then, it shouldn't take that long," he said nervously. He moved me to a cabin with the caduceus on hanging over the door. I knew that it was Hermes' cabin. But it didn't look as run down as Luke made it seem. Maybe it had been renovated in Extreme Makeover- Camp Edition.

"Until your Olympian parent finally claims you, and there's no doubt he or she will, you will have to stay here with Hermes' children," the centaur said. I smiled and walked inside. The cabin was a lot more spacious than Luke made it seem. I plunked down on a bunk. The lower bunk of a bed that was near a window. I don't know why, but I looked at the bottom of the bed above mine, and saw a name that nearly made me faint

Luke Castellan, December 18, 2000.

My mouth dropped. You're kidding. I saw a fading picture of Luke when he was probably twelve or thirteen, with a girl who had punk styled black hair and blue eyes, who couldn't have been much older than he was, and a little girl with curly blonde hair who was probably six or seven. It had to be Annabeth. Just had to be. One of the Hermes' kids introduced himself as Connor Stoll.

"Hey, it's time to get some food, you coming?" he asked. I got up and followed him outside.

Chapter Three


Dinner was okay, until Hades decided to pay a visit. Quite literally, he exploded into camp, shattering a window or two. Nico looked at him, not with total interest, but there was a spark in his eyes.

"Hello, father," Nico said and my eyes widened. Oh holy corn puffs, I was talking to the son of the GOD OF THE DEAD earlier. Hades really didn't say much to him. It must really suck to be one of his kids.

"Hello father!" Nico said a bit louder. Hades still didn't pay attention to his son. He seemed to be looking for something.

"Yo! Daddy!" Nico shouted and Hades finally showed interest in him.

"Wait? Can't you see I'm busy?" Hades asked impatiently. Nico looked hurt.

"I just wanted to show you how the cabin is coming along," he said. Hades held up a finger, silencing him.

"Not now, maybe later," Hades said. His eyes scanned over the tables.

"Okay, which one of you, other than Nico, sent me an offering?" he asked. Everyone looked at eachother and shrugged. Hades strolled through the tables, ocasionally yanking a child's head back to stare at his or her's face. He eventually got to the Hermes' table. My black hair was the first thing that caught his attention, I'm sure of it. He strode up and tapped on my shoulder. I looked at him, and he shuddered the moment our eyes locked.

"How in the- What in the- I thought-" the great god stammered. Hades' face contorted, thinking intensely.

"You shouldn't be alive. I gave her money for the abortion. What in the name of Tartarus did she do with it?" he said to himself. I could feel multiple pairs of eyes staring into the back of my skull.

"How did you not apply to the prophecy?" Hades asked himself. Nico stared at Hades.

"I have a new older sister?" he asked, disbelief ringing in his voice. Hades seemed to subconsiously nod. The camp gasped.

"Whaat?" The head conselour, who I had heard was Dionysus, said in a sarcastic surprised tone. He never looked up from his game of portable Pac-Man. He cursed, and swore vengence on Inky. Hades rolled his eyes at his nephew and continued to stare at me.

"Well you're definetly my child. I can't deny you," he admitted, "Welcome to the family, yada yada yada, hope you like me, blah blah blah, and good-bye!" he said, vanishing. I quietly got up to go sit with my 'brother'. Everyone continued their dinner in silence. It apparently freaked Dionysus out, the eerie silence and all, because he paused his game and said.

"What did I miss something?" Poor retard, if only you knew.


Ariana came over to sit by me. Her eyes were filled with rage. She glanced sideways at me, but turned back to her plate. She didn't eat much. I don't think that she ever blinked. She seemed so full of thought, I didn't want to interupt her. But Dionysus announced that it was time for the camp fire singalong, so I gently tapped her shoulder. Her scorching red eyes glared at me.

"What?!" she snapped at me.

"It's time to go," I said quietly, getting up and leading the way. I wasn't sure who the head conselour was now, being that she was older than me, but I knew the most about the camp. She quietly followed me, her long black hair trailing in the slight breeze. She sat down in the farthest corner, in the most darkness. She didn't sing. She didn't smile. She didn't say anything.

It went on like this for months.

Everytime I turned around, she was sulking in the corner of the cabin.

The only time she went outside was when we played capture the flag. She liked that. It gave her a chance to beat people up.

Her mother must have been a descendent of Ares.

She never played fair.

She wasn't Bianca in any way, shape, or form.

But I liked my sister.

She seemed to be warming up to me, but her eyes burned into people's souls when they mentioned Hades.

I was worried. I don't think she really liked him. Percy and Annabeth say that she was acting like Luke. That worried me.

And it worried Dad too.

Chapter Four

(A/N: Get ready for this one everybody!)


I waited in the line for ever. It was atleast six months before my soul was judged. I stood before them, and guess who decided to make a guest appearence. The Olympians, that's who.

Yeah, my soul is screwed.

Off to The Fields of Punishment, if I'm lucky. But, knowing Zues, he's gonna condemn me to Tartarus.

There they were, Zues, Poseidon, Dionysus, Hera, Apollo, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Artemis, Demeter, and the rest of the gang.

Even Dad was there, judging my soul.

I took a deep breath and took a step forward. I tood in the middle of the room. Zues' voice thundered.

"Speak your name!"

"Luke Castellan,"
"What good have you done in your lifetime?"

"I saved your daughter once," I replied coolly, hey, if I'm gonna burn for the rest of forever, might as well have some fun.

"Don't try my paitence,boy," Zues growled.

"Luke," came my father's voice, and I sighed and turned to face him, "We are here to vote whether or not give you another chance. You aren't scoring many points,"

"Fine, I managed to put up with my mom for quite a few years. I rescued Annabeth and Thalia. I saved a camper from drowning in the lake, twice, in the same day. I gave a hobo twenty bucks, I killed Kronos" I said.

"What bad have you done in your life?" Zues asked. Well shoot, I don't know!

"I ran away from home, lied to my mom, killed many people, resurected Kronos, I tried to take over Olympus," I admitted, "I lied to my best friends. I turned children against their parents," I continued. I paused and turned to look at Hermes.

"I, I hated my own father," I finished. Zues cleared his throat. I turned to him.

"As you can see, the bad far out weighs the good," he said, and I could see it coming. I was going to get a tan, really fast and painfully.

"But, do you think you made an impact on the way Olympus is run?" I thought for a moment.

"I don't know, it really wasn't me that demanded all the changes, that was Seaweed Brain, I mean Percy," I replied.

"But Luke, he asked all those things, because of how alone you felt, I heard him," Hermes said.

"So, in a way, yes I have made an impact on Olympus," I said, unsure if this was the right answer. Zues nodded. He started whispering to the other gods, and it didn't look good.

"Luke Castellan, do you have anything else to say?"

"Look, I know I screwed up. I nearly ended the world. I don't deserve a second chance. Just send my sorry soul to Tartarus, it's where I belong," I said. Hermes and some of the other gods smiled. I think they found the answer they were looking for. Even Zues smiled.

"Luke, you have proven to us why you deserve a second chance. The Fates have allowed us to vote to bring life back to your soul. All in favor?"

Every hand in the room went up in the air.

"It is decided. Luke Castellan, your soul shall be restored in your body. You will remain in the Underworld until your body is fully restored though. I expect you to be out of here in six months," Zues said. The Olympians started walking out of the room, but Hermes stood up and touched his caduceus. He shrank down to my size. He gave me a hug.

"I'm sorry, if I had spent more time with you before, well, no time for regrets," Hermes said. I smiled. For the first time in my life, I knew my father loved me.

Chapter Five


Dad called us down to the Underworld. Apparently, he was feeling lonely. Stepmom wasn't around to entertain him, so I guess his kids were the next best thing.

Did I mention how much it sucks to be The Lord of the Dead's daughter. I'm terrified that if I get a new boyfriend, he will scare him to death. It would be like, "Hey, my dad want's me to bring you home to see him. He might freak you out some, but don't let him bother you." "Okay" and we would skip down the bunny trail and Dad would be like, "BOO!!" and raise the dead and whoops, boyfriend is dead.

I really hate my life. But camp isn't all to bad. One of the girls from Apollo's cabin is a riot. Her name is Lykasios, but if you call her that, she will scream so freakin loud, windows will shatter. "DO NOT CALL ME THAT! MY NAME IS LYKA, END OF FREAKIN STORY!" She's fun to hang out with. Her sarcasm really makes me feel at home. Most of the time, she's acting or singing, but she really puts on a good show. She is a killer archer. Honestly, I don't know whose better, Chiron or her. She'd kill me if I went against her. She had bright red hair, which is odd for the Apollo cabin, but in the right light, it turns orange. She is the oldest in the cabin. She is actually the new conselour, since the old one left for college. She always puts a smile on my face, even when I don't want her too.

Then there's Scarlet. Her real name is Kaylee, but even since she got this wicked scar during the Party in Manhatten, as I call it, she's gone by Scarlet or just plain Scar. She's in the Hermes Cabin, but she's undecided. Everyone kept on saying it wouldn't be long. She's got long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I figured she was a Hermes, but others think she is Aphrodite. Pfft. Yeah right. If she's Aphrodite, then the reason she's not being claimed is because she was disowned. She is nothing like those preppy supermodels. She actually plays capture the flag, unlike the others. She's got some skills to. The other team never notices the flag being missing. She literally climbs the trees, and hangs down to grab the flag.

I think she's part primate. But I love her, she's like the younger sibling I never had.

Speaking of siblings.

My 'brother' is the one who really ticks me off. He's nice, and then BOOM he's the most emo child I ever met. I've lived through more than him, and I'm not that bad! Honestly the child spent like half a century in a freakin endless casino. I lived on the streets of Manhatten. He got endless food. I got McDonalds fries. He spent time with his sister. I didn't even HAVE a sister.

He had it made, because Dad likes him best. I'm nothing to him.

But here I am, in the Underworld. Sitting in my room. Staring at a wall. Ignoring Dad. What's the worst he can do? Forget about me? Already done. Ground me from my electronics? Don't have any. Not let me see my boyfriend? Don't have one.


"Nope!" I scream back.


"What can you possibly do that I haven't had done to me before?" I challenge.

"Ask your step-mom! She's here and wants to meet you!" Great! More relatives. I bound down the stairs and stare at my step-mom. She sneers back. I scowl. She complains. I'm grounded. Great talk mom! Great talk.

I'm sent back to Half-blood, thank the gods. But Nico is still there, probably taking some hard punishment. I feel sorry for him.

Chapter Six


Thanks a lot, Ariana, because of you, I'm stuck down here with Hades. And don't think he's going easy on me. No, I'm out in the Fields of Punishment, cleaning up after hellhounds.

I really am starting to hate my sister.

Normally, my punishments are cleaning the throne room, feeding Cerebrus, and making sure the lines are still moving. Never this.

It sucks beyond all belief.

I thought I would see Luke's soul around here somewhere. Maybe they decided to go easy on him and put him in Asphodel. Yeah, well, I don't care. Because of Luke, my real sister is dead.

I hear rumors about him, just things the souls are passing along as I clean the hellhound mounds. Something about the gods giving him a second chance. Yeah, right, and my father is the king of the My Little Ponies.

But they seem really mad about it. Like overthrowing mutiny mad. It freaks me out. But then again, I'm paranoid about a lot of things.

Still, it makes me wonder what I'm not being told.


It had been nearly six months since the gods voted to give me a second chance. It really surprised me that Zues thought about that. Was it because I had saved his daughter at one point? Or was my fate not complete? What, in the name of Olympus made him decide to do that?

Not that I care.

I'm just happy they didn't decide to put me in Tartarus.

Hades decided that I should get out of his hair as soon as possible. I figured another day or two, and I was home free.

I wonder what Ariana is up to.

Has she forgotten about me?

Is she dead?

Oh snot, she probably is.

Even if she isnt, she's probably moved on. It's been a year.

I wonder if she was finally claimed. I hope she was. I'd hate for her to stay in my old cabin for too long.

Oh well. I'll be out of here soon enough.

Chapter Seven


Well, happy birthday to me! I turned twenty-four today. Whoo-hoo. I went practically a full year without Luke. Not so "Whoo-hoo"

My cabin didn't throw to much of a party. Nico gave me a drawing book. Guess he figured I could draw. Dunno. I spent some time with Mrs. O'Leary. She gave me the over sized squeaker from one of her toys. I liked it, slobber and all. I really didn't see anyone around. They were all sneaky, not really talking, but when I went near the mess hall, they'd shoo me away. Lyka took me shooting. I got a little better. Scar fought me in the arena. Nico taught me how to shadow travel. Eventually the conch shell blew and it was time to eat. Nico blindfolded me, and Lyka and Scar led me to the mess hall. I heard people scuffling around. I got ready for it.

"SURPRISEE!" all the campers shouted as Nico ripped my blindfold off. They really outdid themselves. The entire mess hall was covered in black and red balloons. The Hades table was filled with my favorite foods, like tacos and cake. And there were some presents. I sat down to eat some food, when Dionysus announced that since he was the god of wine, he was the god of parties.

"So first, she has to open the presents," he said and I went with it.

The first one was from Lyka. She got me a song book that looked like she had put together. On the inside cover it said, Get ready for showtime, babe! You're gonna be cast in the next Broadway sensation! I gave her a hug and ripped open the next package. Scar gave me a drawing kit, complete with drawing books, special pens, and more colored pencils than I could imagine. I think her and Nico were in on this one together. The other cabins gave me presents, they were mostly money and drachmas, but I guess it's the thought that counts.

We then dug into the food. Apollo's kids sang happy birthday in like a twelve part harmony and we ate cake. About half way through the song, they stopped and everyone started to gasp. They all looked behind me with pure terror in their eyes. I blinked and turned around. My jaw dropped to the ground.

"Gods have I missed you, Ari," said Luke.


Everyone seemed terrified when I showed up. I think a few kids passed out. Ariana seemed to be the most surprised. The rest of the campers took a moment for their brains to function, then one of the Ares kids shouted, "DUDE! OUR ARCH ENEMY IS STANDING RIGHT THERE! C'MON LETS BLOW HIM UP!" That seemed to snap them out of everything. They all ran for the armory.

Oh gods. I came back looking for peace, and they bring out the heavy artillery.

Dad, can you help me out here?

He seemed to be listening, because he appeared, and the rest of the campers stopped. Dad started talking.

"The gods, your parents, have decided to give Luke another chance. He has seen the error of his ways, and he will change. So please, don't kill him on his first day back," Hermes said. The campers dropped their weapons, some seemed a little angry about that. But they weren't about to upset the gods now.

Hermes nodded a good bye to me and vanished. I hugged Ariana and kissed her.

"Happy Birthday Babe," I whispered in her ear.

"Greatest present ever," she whispered back.

Chapter Eight


Luke and I had fun last night.

Like, adult fun.

Like, I kicked my brother out and he wasn't allowed back in, fun.

Chiron didn't say much when he found out about our "fun"

He couldn't, we are both twenty-four. Not like we're kids anymore.

The bad news is, I think I'm pregnant.

Yeah, not the greatest idea ever.

I told Luke, and he took it better than I expected. Well, he didn't pass out.

"What?" he asked.

"I think I'm pregnant," I said again.

"You.. Pregnant.. My.. Kid?" I asked slowly.

"Uh-huh," I replied, trying not to make a big deal about it. He obviously wanted to make a big deal.

"Ari! That's great!" he shouted, picking me up and spinning me around. I smiled, knowing that he was happy. His blue eyes shone.

"If it's a girl, what should we name her?" he asked.

"Sierra?" I suggested. He nodded furiously.

"And a boy?" I asked.

"Kyle?" he asked and I nodded.

"Sierra and/or Kyle," Luke announced. I smiled. I never saw him this excited before. I hugged him and walked outside, hand in hand.


I thought today was going to be a good day. It started out that way. But, it changed when Daddy decided to pay a visit. He came out of no where, literally, and confronted us.

"Ariana! What's this I hear about you being pregnant?" he demanded.

"I am, and there's nothing you can do about it!" I taunted. He turned and saw Luke.

"YOU! I voted to give you a second chance so you could redeem yourself, not have fun with my daughter!" he shouted.

"I am! I'm starting a family with the girl I love!" Luke shouted.

"I will not have this! It's bad enough I have to put up with her," he said pointing at me, "But I will not have this!" he said, raising his hand to slap Luke. As he brought his hand down I did something stupid. I jumped in the way and got slapped right into a coma.

Chapter Nine


I wasn't standing to far from where Hades was, but when he slapped Ariana, I was right next to her. Hades didn't apologize. He just said, "She got what she deserved," and disapeared. I helped Luke pick her up and carry her to the Big House. Chiron's eyes clouded over. He said that she was in a coma. There was nothing I could do to heal her. It was the worst feeling in the world.

They transferred her to a hospital in New York. They stuck her in the maternity ward. I guess that meant she was pregnant too.

Luke was an emotional wreck. He wouldn't sleep, he wouldn't eat, he wouldn't talk. He spent most of the time sitting in the chair by her bedside, tears rolling down his cheeks.

The doctors gave her a 20% chance, the baby was even lower. Actually, I should say babies. Yeah, they were having twins. I visited every so often, with Scarlet and Nico. It killed me to see her there, her black hair falling off the edges of the bed. I wondered if they were going to have to cut it. I hope they didn't.

Months passed.

The babies grew, but she didn't wake up. Luke brightened slightly, seeing that the babies were still okay. Luke practically lived at the hospital. He only came back to camp when they kicked him out. They told him that he had to go home, get some sleep, eat some food, and be with family. They told him that they would call if anything changed. He wasn't happy about that. But he came home. He tore through the Hermes cabin, looking for money. That's when I told the heads of each cabin to ask everyone for some. We came up with 1,000 dollars and 500 dracmas. We gave them to him.

I don't think I had ever see anyone hug so many people.

He ran out and bought a whole bunch of baby stuff.

Right after that, the phone rang. I answered it.

"Is Luke Castellan there?"
"No, can I take a message?"

"Tell him that we are ready to deliver the twins," the doctor said.


I came back from the store with a boatload of stuff. Cribs, clothes, and a whole mess of diapers. Lyka followed me around, saying she had something to tell me. I told her to wait a minute, while I put the stuff in Hermes' cabin. She was rather persistent.

"What is it?" I asked. Her eyes were filled with excitement and worry.

"The doctors called, they want you over there, they are going to go ahead and deliver the twins," she said.

"Why the hell did you not tell me sooner?" I asked, running back to the van. Nico and Scarlet were already in there. Lyka jumped in the passenger seat, and I started the engine. I drove like a maniac. I pulled into that parking lot so fast, people jumped into the backs of pickup trucks to avoid me. We ran in there, but were halted by the doctor.

"Only family is allowed back this far."

"I'm the babies' father," I said. The doctor nodded.

"I'm her brother," Nico added. The doctor nodded.

"We're her best friends, and we are practically family!" Scar and Lyka added. The doctor shook his head.

"Sorry girls," I said to them, "I'll come out here every so often with updates," I promised. They looked mad, but they stayed out in the lobby.

I ran back toward the operating room. They had a few benches out there. Nico and I sat out there. It was hard to believe that after me being back for nine months, I was still considered an outsider. Only Ari had welcomed me back with open arms, and that was because I hadn't try to kill her. Thalia probably didn't know I was back.

Oh gods, if she comes back to camp, I will murdered slowly and painfully.

It's sort of uncomfortable, sitting next to your brother-in-law while your girlfriend is undergoing surgery. Especially when it should have been me getting slapped, not her.

I don't think Nico was real happy about the fact that I didn't shove her out of the way in time.

Then again, Nico confuses me.

But still, I figured it had been awhile so I went out to check on the girls. If Scar is one of my siblings, there's no doubt in my mind that she's already in trouble.

I walked out into the lobby, and Lyka was reading a magazine, but I could tell from the way her lips were moving, she was praying to her aunt and father. Artemis, the goddess of childbirth, and Apollo the god of medecine. I looked up, sent up a silent prayer to everyone involved in keeping Ari and the babies alive.

Scar on the other hand, was pestering a nurse about changing the channel. I could see why. It was one of those documentarys on childbirth or something like that. That is probably the last thing on everyone's mind right now. Lyka looked up and saw me. I shrugged.

"Nothing yet, but that doesn't necessarily mean bad does it?" I said, reassuring myself more than them. They nodded and went back to their business. Ah the teenage years, where you can be blissfully unaware to a certain extent. I walked back to Nico. He was staring off into a distance. I could hear the distant shrieks of mothers and babies. I tried not to dwell on it. Nico and I probably changed seating arrangements forty times. At one point I was sitting right side up, and he was upside down. I stood up and leaned against the wall, he layed on the bench. I layed on the bench, he leaned on the wall. After yet another round of musical chairs, ixnay the music, a nurse walked up to me and demanded that I control my guests in the lobby.

Oh gods, what has Scar done now? I followed the nurse, and saw her standing on three chairs to try to change the channel to Spongebob.

"Scar," I said, irritability ringing in my voice, "get down!" She guiltily climbed down, and unstacked the chairs. I found a blank pad of paper and a pencil for her. "Here, Scar, doodle something. The first thing that comes to mind," I commanded. She took this challenge eagerly and furiously started sketching. I turned to Lyka, she was still praying/reading.

"If she stops, either get her a new pencil or give her something more challenging to draw," I told her. Lyka nodded. I went back to the operating room. Nico and I started playing musical seating arrangments again, when I thought I heard a baby's screech coming from the other side of the wall. Nico heard it too. Then another. A moment later, the operator came out.

"The operation was a total sucess. Your wife actually woke up about fifteen minutes before the operation, but we went ahead with it. Two twins, a girl and a boy," he announced. Nico and I hugged eachother. I know we were both embarassed, but we didn't care. I sent Nico to go tell Scar and Lyka.

"When can I see them?" I asked and the doctor said give or take an hour, for the anethesia to wear off.

(A/N: Well, that was long...xD)

Chapter Ten


I walked out to the lobby and was immediatly greeted by Lyka and Scar hugging me.

"Nico just told us!" Scar shouted.

"What are their names? Did you get to decide?" Lyka demanded.

"We had decided before... Well, the girl is Sierra and the boy is Kyle," I announced.

"What are their middle names?" Scar asked.

"Err.. Didn't quite get that far," I admitted. They sighed. But I clapped my hands together.

"Well, the doc says we have about an hour to kill before we can see her, WHOSE UP FOR SOME ICE CREAM!" I asked. They all nodded. We walked down the street to the ice cream parlor. We were all eating when Scar pulled out the pad of paper she was drawing on.

"You wanna see?" she asked. I nodded, curious to see what she had been thinking about. The first one was of Ariana, before I had shown up. Her long hair was up in a messy bun, and she had a CHB tank top on with cut offs. She was sitting by the lake, it was after dinner, because the sun was setting. The stars seemed to make a constellation, and I realized that it was my face.

The next one was of her with chains on her arms and legs. She was wearing black robes, and her face was covered with scratches and blood. She was kneeling on the ground, trying to cover her face, and I could see the outline of a man with his hand making a clawing motion. I realized that it was Hades.

The next one was most likely her party day, because she was wearing the same clothes as she had been that day. The next three showcased her with someone. The first one was of her and Lyka. It was a comic, or should I say, manga. It showed Lyka straightening her bow, helping Ari pull the arrow back, and letting it go. It then showed a wood nymph sprouting from a tree and throwing the arrow back. I was amazed at the detail in the nymph's face.

The next one was of Scar and Ari, sword fighting in the arena. Ari was evenly matched. Scar had some skills. I remember teaching some of those skills to Travis and Connor. The manga was just as funny as Lyka's. It showed Scar knocking Ari's sword to the ground, and Ari calling some zombie skeletons to chase Scar around, poking her with bendy straws. It made me laugh.

The next one wasn't a manga. It was just Nico and Ari on the back of Mrs. O'Leary the hellhound. The only thing in color was her eyes. I could feel the wind rushing through Ari's hair, hear the twigs snapping underneath the hellhound as she ran, but most of all, I could feel the happiness between the two siblings. It made me smile.

The last picture was of me and Ari on the night I came back. We were locked in a kiss and fireworks were going off behind us. There was also little midget heads surrounding the scene. Lyka was saying, "Oh how beautiful, I can't wait to kill him when he breaks her heart," Scar was sheilding her eyes, "Ahh! Get a room!" Percy was saying, "I can't believe he came back for his girlfriend," and Annabeth was saying, "Maybe he really has changed," and finally there was Hermes' head saying, "Maybe this daughter of Hades can knock some sense into his thickhead." I laughed and handed them back.

"Scar, you've got some talent," I said, amazed at how many emotions I had expierienced looking at them. I had gotton Ari's year in a nutshell. She smiled and took a bite of her icecream. I looked at the time and realized that it was time to go.

"C'mon, we can go see her now," I announced. We all jumped up and ran to the room. Ari was in there, staring out the window. I held a finger to my lips and we tiptoed in. I came up behind her and kissed her cheek.

"Hey Sleeping Beauty!" I said and she smiled. It was the most heart wrenching sight I had seen in months. I knew tears were rolling down my cheeks, tears coated hers. She reached up and ran her fingers through my hair. Her hand touched my cheek, and the tears fell harder and harder.

"Thank the gods, you aren't a dream this time," she said, relieved.

"Nope, I'm right here, and I always will be," I promised. Nico and the girls came in. Lyka and Scar gave their hugs, but Nico looked ashen.

"Ari, all those things I've said to you when we fought, I never meant any of them," he said. Ari motioned for him to come over. "I know, I know, I didn't mean any of the things I said. You're my older brother, you had a right to be worried about me," Ari said.

"But I didn't have the right to tell Dad. I just, he just," he stammered, "The last time I was punished, he told me that Luke was going to go back. And he knew that you and Luke had a thing going on and he wanted me to tell him if you and he y'know, so I did, but I never thought that he would slap you into nine months later," Nico admitted, tears rolling down his cheeks, "I can't do anything right! I couldn't protect Bianca, I nearly killed you," he said. Ari hugged him.

"You're my brother, I can't deny that, and now is a time to be celebrating. I woke up from the world's longest beauty nap, Luke and I have twins! You are an uncle Nico!" she said and Nico smiled. I could tell that he felt like the world had been lifted off his shoulders. The nurse then brought the babies in. She handed Sierra to me and Kyle to Ari. She smiled and walked out of the room. I stopped crying when I saw her face. She had Ari's face, but she also had my blonde hair. Actually, it was more peachfuzz than hair. She yawned and opened up her eyes. She had the darkest red eyes I had ever seen. I smiled even harder, a blonde Ari. Scar and Lyka begged me to let them hold her, but Nico shooed them away.

"Let them have a father daughter moment before she develop's my sister's personality," he said, smiling. Ari laughed.

"Luke, you have got to see what you look like with my black hair," she said and I walked over. I had to admit, I looked rather funny. Kyle had my face and Ari's black hair.

"Yeah, well, you're blonde," I joked. Ari laughed even harder.

"A blonde me? I have enough blonde moments without the hair!" she giggled. I handed Nico his niece, and the girls dive-bombed him. Poor kid. I took Kyle in my arms, my blue eyes gazing into an exact copy. He yawned and closed them again. When I turned around, Nico was handing Sierra to Ari. The girls clamored over to me, trying to catch a glimpse of Kyle.

"Girls, c'mon, he's sleeping!" I told them, and I set him down in his little bed-like-thing. They slunk away to go sit in the chairs and talk to Nico. Ari handed Sierra to me and I set her down in her bed-like-thingy.

"We forgot something," I teased. She looked at me, confusion on her face. "Middle names," I told her and she rolled her eyes.

"Pfft, we can handle coming up with those," she said, "Since I decided on Sierra's name, you get to pick her middle name, and since you got to decide Kyle's name, I get to pick his middle name," she explained. I nodded. I thought.

The perfect name popped into my mind.

"Sierra May Castellan," I said. Nico looked at me questioningly. I looked at him, "After her grandmother, who always had my best intentions at heart," I explained. He thought about this and nodded. Ari seemed to agree too.

"Kyle Jason Castellan," she said, and I looked at her questioningly. "Jason was one of the nicer foster dads. He was single, had two kids of his own, but he saw me in the orphanage being tormented for my eyes. He said he couldn't sleep at night, leaving me there, and came back the next day. He kept me for two years, until his daughter got sick and he had to drop me back off. It broke his heart," she explained and I looked at them, sleeping in their little blankets.

"Sierra May Castellan and Kyle Jason Castellan, born August 18th, 2010," I said and I realized something. I died a year ago today.

"Hey Ari, do you know what happened last year on this date?" I asked and she shook her head. "I died," I said and Scar and Lyka laughed.

"Wait, wait, wait! You're kids, they were born on your deathday? Their birthday is the same day as your deathday? How's that for cruel irony?" Scar laughed. (A/N: Deathday Scar? You watch too much Jeff Dunham, lol xD)

"Man, you'll never be able to forget their birthday, because when they turn one, you'll be two years dead!" Lyka giggled.

"If he ever forgets they won't be able to kill him, cause he's already dead!" Nico added. We were all laughing. The babies slept right through it.

But the nurse told us to quiet down. We were still snickering. None of us could look at eachother without biting our tongues to not laugh. I had to break the silence.

"Which one is older?" I asked. I assumed it was Sierra, because the operator announced her first.

"I think it was Kyle," Ari said, "But then again, I was still a smidge groggy when they were rushing around with birth certificates and I.D. bracelets," she finished. I shrugged. It didn't matter to us, but I knew one day it would matter to them. I walked over to look at their bracelets. Sierra's said 11:57 am and Kyle's said 12:00 pm.

"Sierra by three minutes," I announced. I saw Nico passing two dracmas to Lyka.

"You two were betting on which one was older?" I asked.

"Well, the first one was a tie. He thought there would be two boys and I thought there would be two girls. So when we lost that one, I said that Sierra was older, and he bet me two dracmas that Kyle was older," Lyka explained. I rolled my eyes. Then there was an awkward silence. Scar spoke up.

"Now what?" she asked, "Where are you four gonna live? Cause according to cabin rules, only the god's children can sleep in that cabin." Oh gods, I never thought of that.

Nico smiled. I could tell he had something worked out.

"Well, Percy, Annabeth, and a few of the other older campers thought about that," he explained, "And Chiron said we could, so we built you a cabin like thing! Annabeth designed, Tyson did the heavy lifting, and Percy made a river sprout for plumbing. And the Ares and Hephaetus kids set up this killer defense system. Since it had to be a little more in the woods, monsters have an easier time getting to it. It won't harm demigods or quarter-bloods, but it will take out just about anything else that can be shot with celestial bronze! Anywho, you gotta see it!" he announced. (A/N: Ahh! Nico stole my word, "Anywho")

"Yeah, well, I'm stuck here for another two or three days. They wanna monitor me, make sure I don't slip back into my beauty sleep," Ari explained. I nodded.

"That gives me more time to move furniture," I said. She nodded. I kissed her one last time, and said good-bye to Sierra, who was awake. Scar, Lyka and Nico said their good-byes. We walked out of the maternity ward, and we about to exit the hospital when I heard a voice from the past.

"I thought I saw the last of you a year ago," Thalia spat. (A/N: Thalia showing up will make more sense in the coming chapter, enter angry ex-girlfriend xD)

Chapter Eleven


I really truly hate my family.

I hate my brothers, my nephews, and nieces, my sisters, my kids, everyone.

Why do I put up with them? Because after what dear old dad went through a year ago, I wasn't about to try to take over Olympus.

I'm really regretting voting to put that idiot Luke back on the planet. Worst desicion of my life. I honestly thought that he would become some sort of world peace hippy dude, not get crazy with my daughter.

Then again, I really don't care about them anymore. I'm going to laugh my a** off when they think that the Lord of the Dead is going to watch Sesame Street with those brats.

But what bothers me is Nico is softening. I watched him admitt to being punished.

That girl is too much like her mother. Headstrong, stubborn, and she inherited my flaw. She will hold a grudge till the end of time.

Gods did I love her mother. Almost as much as I loved Maria. That tiny little thing, but she packed a punch. She could talk to spirits. I helped her get her career launched as a world renown ghost whisperer. But she didn't listen to me when I said to get an abortion. No, no, this baby will be raised to see! Pfft and I'm the king of Barbies. I managed to track her down. She was living in some little Italian town throwing garlic and Holy water on everything. She lost her mind. She didn't even remember me.

I still don't think that Ariana likes me. Worse than Luke's animosity to Hermes when he was growing up. Everytime I summon her and say hello, I get called all sorts of offensive names. I didn't even think mortals still used those words!

I don't think I deserve this treatment. Persephone thinks it's hilarious. She says I get what I deserve.

Zues called a meeting to assess Luke. Joy, a family reunion.


Well, the throne room has never been more crowded. All the gods and goddesses were in there. Major, minor, everyone. There had been some renovations. The 12 Main Gods, plus me, had thrones up in the rafters, looking down. The others, had fold out chairs with cup holders on the ground. I want a cup holder. These meetings can get rather long, and I get thirsty easily.

Zues clapped his hands together. The room fell under silence.

"The time has come to assess Luke Castellan, what are your comments on him?" Zues said. I spoke first.

"Uhh let's see, he hadn't been back for an entire day, and he knocked my daughter up, I'm a little mad about that," I said.

"But Hades!" Aphrodite interjected, "He was in love! It was only a matter of time!"

"Oh don't get me started on that! Your daughters have been flirting with my son constantly!" I shouted.

"Don't be yelling at my girl!" Ares shouted.

"You're girl! She's my wife!" Hephaetus shouted.

"Yeah well she likes me better!" Ares screamed.

"I don't care!" Hephaetus yelled back.

This is why I always skip these meetings.

"SILENCE!" Zues shouted, "We are here to talk about Luke. Hermes, you may speak first,"

"Well, I haven't seen him do anything wrong. He was by Ariana's side nearly constantly, he didn't leave until the doctors kicked him out. Even then he snuck back in," he commented, "And he hasn't shown any signs of overthrowing us."

"I still think it's wrong that he hasn't proposed yet," Hera said indignantly.

"She's been in a coma since about the time he got back!" I said back.

"Because of you," Hermes said. For Rhea's sake will I ever live this down! It's bad enough Persephone won't let me forget it and Nico refuses to speak to me, but now this?

"SILENCE!" my almighty obnoxious brother shouted again.

"Well, he and my sons seem to be getting along," Poseidon said, obviously talking about Percy and Tyson.

"I think Luke has changed," Demeter said. Seriously, am I the only one that hates his guts? He tried to freakin kill us! I didn't even vote him back! I was stretching.

"But is it wise to put so much trust in him?" Athena asked. She is my new favorite niece. "Father, you really must think about this, even though he admitted he was in the wrong, is it wise to nonchalantly put him back with our other children? I'm not saying anything bad about his father," she said, glancing at her brother, "But, given Luke's history, and the fact that Ariana's personality is so much like his, should we be worried about what they could be planning?" Gods I love my niece.

She was right, I was right, and there was this awful smell in the air. Zues must be thinking too hard.

"Artemis," he started, "Are you willing to loose one of your Hunters? I would like my Thalia to stay at the Camp to watch them." Artemis nodded.

"And Hades," he said, "You are banned from the camp until further notice." Whaat? How can he ban me from my grandbrats and my brats and my brat-in-law?

"Meeting adjourned!" Zues said and everyone got up. Hermes came up to me.

"Hows it going in-law?" he asked, I glared at him.

"Hey, lighten up! You and me got twin grandkids!" he said. I glared more.

"Fine, whatever," Hermes said, walking off. I shadow traveled back to the Underworld.

Chapter Twelve


My mouth dropped. Thalia, daughter of Zues, standing right there.

Luke didn't seem all too thrilled either.

"Hey, Thal, how are you?" he asked, uncertainty ringing in his voice.

"I've been asigned to stay in camp and watch you. My sister doesn't think it's wise to let you stay there, alone, with only Dionysus to supervise you," she explained, "Can't have you turning my cousins and nieces and nephews against my father," she chided.

I thought Luke was going to crumble.

He took it like a man.

"Okay, you want a ride?" he offered. Nico and I exchanged looks. We knew that Thalia and Luke had a thing back in the day, before she was turned into a tree. We weren't too sure how this would go over with Ariana either. We walked to the parking lot in silence. Thalia sat in the passenger seat. She openly talked to the rest of us, but gave nothing but icey glares to Luke.

Chiron welcomed Thalia with open arms. She looked like she was glad to be back. I remember when I was thirteen and she had stayed at camp.We had been pretty good friends, but her joining the Hunters pretty much severed all connections with eachother.

But there was an odd spark in Luke's eyes. Nico could see it too. His mischevious smile was back, and it lit his eyes up like firecrackers.

Scar, who was blissfully twelve, didn't seem to notice this. She laughed and talked to Thalia as if she was the best thing since sliced bread.

Scar hadn't come to camp until she was ten, so she never formally met Thalia. And she didn't sense the old spark in Luke's eyes either.

I decided not to dwell on it. Thalia obviously didn't care for Luke anymore, and Luke had Ariana and the twins.


I always had my suspicions about Luke, but I didn't fathom this! The jerkwad.

The douchebag.

THE IDIOT! Nico and I caught him, sneaking out of his cabin. He picked the lock on Thalia's door. He went in, and didn't come out for a long time.

Honestly, the cheating douche's girlfriend and kids were coming home the next day.

Thalia didn't look too happy the next morning either.

Oh unicorn turds, they had it last night.

Oh Voldemort's nipple she's probably pregnant. (A/N: Unicorn Turds? Voldemort's nipple? Lyka obviously likes Potter Puppet Pals! xD I know I do!)

Luke seemed a little on the edge too, as if he knew that I knew and I was going to tell Ariana.

Of course I was going to tell Ariana.

How stupid can that jerkwad get?

Oh gods, how will I tell Ariana?


She's back, and Luke has his heart set on not letting me or Nico alone with her.

Thalia on the other hand, can be alone with her as much as she wants.

I think Luke is scared of something, and this time, I think it's two direct descendents of Kronos.

If Ariana found out about Thalia and Luke, she would most likely raise some zombies and kill the guy dead. Either that or Thalia, mad at Luke for killing her immortality, would fry him alive.

Oh snot, if they got crazy, Thalia can't be a Hunter anymore. She's stuck here, for the rest of forever, until she dies.

Nico pulled me aside.

"We have to tell her," he said. I nodded.

"But we have to be sure that the douche actually did it first," I warned. Nico shook his head.

"I know it, you see the way they're acting," he said.

"The way whose acting?" Luke asked.

Oh snot. He's been listening. The whole time probably.

Unicorn turds!

"You and Thalia," Nico said coolly.

"And how have we been acting?" Luke asked. I didn't like his tone.

"Well, you have been acting like you have something to hide, and Thalia's acting like somebody dyed her hair bright pink and replaced all of her cd's with Jesse McCartney and Justin Beiber," Nico said, his voice smooth. I had to hand it too him, he didn't cave under pressure.

"And why are you suspiciously talking to eachother?" Luke asked.

"Because we saw you sneak up to Thalia's cabin last night," I said. Luke looked like he was going to pass out, I saw why.

"Luke did what?!" Ariana asked, fire burning in her eyes. (A/N: Awwwkwaaarddd)

Chapter Thirteen


I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I didn't want too.

I refused too.

Nico and Lyka's jaws dropped when they realized what they had done.

Luke nearly passed out.

Thalia's eyes watered and she turned her head away.

Sierra was crying in her crib, and I went to go get her.

Kyle was still sleeping, but Sierra never seemed too.

These two were exact opposites.

Sierra was more like me. I can never sleep. Dad haunts me. I'm afraid that he may be doing the same thing to her.

Kyle on the other hand, sleeps just fine.

Sierra cannot stand to be left alone. Someone has to be within ten feet of her. Thank gods Kyle is perfectly content to be with her.

Kyle doesn't seem to care if he's alone.

I worry about Kyle sometimes.

But now, my children's differences were the last thing on my mind.

I wasn't sure what Nico implied, but I was positive it wasn't good.

I heard everyone arguing. Sierra cried harder. I picked her up and held her, wiping the tears from her eyes with my thumb.

"Shh, shh, Daddy didn't do anything," I cooed half-heartedly.

Luke's shouts were getting louder.

"Thalia! I didn't mean to go that far!" he shouted.

"You lie! You had every intention of going that far!" Thalia screamed. My breaths were short and shallow. Sierra's red eyes were darting around. I could feel my heart sinking to the pits or Tartarus. Tears rolled down my cheeks, splashing onto Sierra's blanket.

"Why would I do that?! I have two kids! Why would I come back to you?" Luke asked.

"Because you never cared about my sister!" Nico shouted.

"I do too care!" Luke shouted.

"Sure looks like it!" Lyka screamed, "You douche! I never could understand what Ari saw in you!" Kyle was stirring. His face contorted, as if he was listening to the argument. His blue eyes opened, but he didn't scream. He simply lay there, staring at the ceiling. I heard Thalia and Lyka screaming obsenities at Luke. Nico was silent. I walked back out to the living room, just in time to see static flash at Thalia's fingertips. Her electric blue eyes flashed. Luke had tears running down his cheeks, and Thalia's face was coated with running mascara. Lyka and Nico were pale, watching the two of them fight. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck raising. Thalia was about to fry Luke. I heard a slight whoosh coming from the babies' room. A cold hand was placed on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Hades.

"Toodles Ariana," he said, and he vanished. Sierra howled in my arms. I tore to the nursery and saw that Kyle was gone.

"Luke!" I instictivly shouted, "Kyle's gone!" I screamed louder, tears streaking my face.

My son, my baby, gone.

Hades had taken Kyle.

(A/N: Obviously, Ares and Hephaestus' killer defense system doesn't affect baby stealing gods does it?)

Chapter Fourteen


Oh. My. Gods. We turn our backs for ten seconds and whoosh, Hades steals a baby. Ariana's baby. Kyle Jason Castellan.

Sierra sensed it before it clued in for us.

She screamed before Ariana even got to the nursery.

Oh freak. Oh freak. Oh freakin crap.

This can never be good.

Nico seemed the calmest. I admired that. His brown eyes flicked around the room like Sierra's were.

Thalia was asking what we were going to do.

"Go to the Underworld, of course," Nico said, Ariana nodded.

"Yeah, easy for you to say, you and Ariana are children of Hades. You two can go down there, no hassle. The rest of us however, tend to stay away from the Underworld, until we die," I said. Nico shrugged.

"Are you aware how many times Percy has gone down there?" he asked, "Luke's been down there," he said.

"I died, remember," Luke said.

"So what, you're back aren't you?" Nico asked.

"I'm not going back down there," Luke persisted.


"I don't care what you two say, I'll go down there and freakin murder Hades by myself if I have too," Ariana continued.

"I'm with you Ari," I said, "And I'm sure Scar won't turn down an opportunity like this." Ariana smiled.

"Annabeth won't mind watching Sierra," Nico said.

"I'll come," Thalia said cautiously, "If you want me to," she finished. Ariana nodded without hesitation.

"So what's it gonna be Luke?" I asked, "Your son or your fear?" Luke glared at me.

"I'm coming, he's my son," Luke said. Nico smiled at me. I felt insanely good.

"When do we leave?" I asked.


Scar had jumped all over the possibilty of a quest.

"We gotta ask Chiron," she warned.

"What Chiron doesn't know won't kill him," I said, she nodded. She smiled mischeviously.

Annabeth had gladly taken Sierra.

"Just be careful," she warned. We nodded.

Nico and Ariana loaded us me and Scar up on Mrs. O'Leary.

"Lyka," Nico told me, "You need to imagine the Underworld. Just keep images of death, despair, and a black Olympus flashing in your mind. She'll do the rest," he finished. Ariana took Luke's hand. I thought about all the wonderful things Nico had told me to imagine.

I envisioned my mom dying.

I envisioned my all the demigods at the Battle of Manhatten who died.

I envisioned world hunger.

I envisioned an emo Olympus.

And boom, she took off. And ran right into a tree.

Shadow traveling freaked the crap out of me.

But it was such an adrenaline rush.

Better than any roller coaster in the world.

It was that intense.

The Underworld however, was not intense. Not intense at all.

I saw Ariana and Luke appear right infront of us. Nico wasn't too far behind with Thalia. Nico stumbled a bit, but stayed standing, unlike Ariana, who collapsed.

"Ari," Luke said, steadying her.

"I'm fine, I just haven't shadow traveled in awhile, give me a minute," she replied, sitting down. Nico leaned against one of the rocks.

"We going up there?" I said, pointing to the giant building at the top of a hill. It looked dark and dangerous.

"Yep," he replied.

"We gonna sneak in and take Kyle back, or we gonna confront Hades, have an epic battle, and then take Kyle back?" I asked. He shrugged.

"Knowing Ariana, it's gonna be a making-it-up-as-we-go type thing," he replied. Yeah, I felt reassured. Ariana stood up, her long black hair tied up in a ponytail.

"Let's go kick my father's a**," she said, walking boldly up the hill.

Chapter Fifteen


Well, I really am screwing my second chance up aren't I?

First, I get my girlfriend knocked into a coma.

Then, my ex-girlfriend shows up, and I sneak into her cabin to rekindle our lost love.

Then, my son is kidnapped.

And to top it all off, Thalia thinks she's pregnant.

Damn I'm good.

We were in the Underworld.

We stormed our way up to the palace. Whenever something got in our way, Ariana deathglared at it and it withered into nothing; her deathglare litterally killed things.

We burst into the throne room. Persephone was cooing at Kyle and Hades' eyes were alight. They looked up at the six of us.

"Exactly two hours for you to get here," Hades commented, "I expected you to get here sooner,"

"Give me Kyle," Ariana hissed, her eyes practically on fire.

"You see, I just can't do that," Hades replied, "Persephone has fallen in love with him. But I'm sure I can persuade her to give back her son for a daughter. Preferably a blonde haired red eyed one,"

"You can't make me choose between my kids!" Ariana shouted. Persephone looked helpless. I could tell she didn't agree with this, but she was afraid to act out against Hades.

"Well, if you had too, who would you choose?" Hades said, nonchalantly.

"Both," Ariana said blankly.

"That's not an option my dear, either Kyle or Sierra," Hades replied.

"Both," she replied sternly.

"Wrong again. I think I'll leave you alone for a couple of minutes to talk about it," Hades said, playfully. He walked out of the throne room. Ariana was in tears.

"Luke, what do we do?" she pleaded, her head on my shoulder. Persephone walked over to me, Kyle in her arms.

"You have ten minutes before he comes back, you need to get Kyle out of here. He wants Sierra more, and the minute he realizes you are gone with him, he's going to go after Sierra," she said, putting Kyle in my arms, "Get out of here, I'll hold him off as long as I can," she finished. Ariana wiped her tears. She took handed Kyle to Lyka and Scar.

"Take Mrs O'Leary to camp and get Sierra, then shadow travel to someplace safe," Ariana commanded, "We'll find you, but if Hades' shows up, shadow travel somewhere else. Don't travel to someplace that you have been before. Try some random town in the middle of Kansas. Something, anything, but stay safe," she finished. The girls nodded, and Nico whistled. Mrs. O'Leary bounded through the doors. I helped the girls on and wished them luck. No sooner had Mrs. O'Leary disapeared, did Hades reappear.

"Well, I see you improvised," he said, "I hate it when people improvise,"

Chapter Sixteen


Annabeth didn't seem to want us to go alone. But she gave us Sierra and suggested multiple small towns in the middle of nowhere.

Gods, how in the world does she know so many small towns?

We shadow traveled to someplace in Kansas. I don't even know the name of the town, but it's population was in the double digets.

Sierra seemed perfectly okay to shadow travel, but Kyle would not shut up.

I definetly can tell whose going to grow up to be the most like Ariana.

It bothered me what Persephone said about Sierra, how Hades wanted her more. I think it freaked Lyka out some too.

Sierra looked like some sort of baby demon princess. Her red eyes scared the crap out of everyone. It wasn't so bad with Ariana, because everyone was used to her gothic vampire look, but everyone expected Sierra to have Luke's blue eyes, since she was blonde. I loved those kids to death, but sometimes I swore they weren't related.

It sucks, being twelve, because you aren't quite sure how to act. You don't know whether to act like a child, or a teenager. You don't know when random outbursts are acceptable, because people tolerated them all your life, then suddenly BOOM you're grounded for speaking your mind.

Sometimes I wish I could just be a kid again.

But, the twins need me. I have to be strong for everyone. I know it's an awfully big burden to carry, but I can do it. I won't back down.

I don't care if I'm ever claimed, it doesn't make any difference to me. It just means I can be labeled for something I'm not.

Everyone says that I'm probably Hermes. That just means that I get labeled as untrustworthy and a theif. I'm not a can of soup, don't label me.


It's been days.

Ariana and Luke still haven't showed.

I'm worried.

Sierra really freaks us out.

She is always crying. And it's not normal baby crying. This is full out Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween screaming. And it's always after she wakes up too. Like she's having nightmares or something. I wouldn't doubt it. Sometimes I have nightmares. I still hate it when I have nightmares about mom.

Mom didn't like me. She said I was too much like my father. She begged to know why I couldn't be more like my older sister, who obviously was my stepsister.

She used to hit me for it.

Annaleise used to blame me when she lost her stuff.

I'd get hit more.

I ran away when I was nine. Got to camp a year later. It was awesome, and I got a pretty beast scar out of it.

That's when I started going by Scarlet, or Scar, I'll respond to both.

Oh gods, Sierra is screaming again. If the hotel manager gets one more complaint about her, we're going to be kicked out.

I don't see whose complaining, we are like the only ones on this floor. But I still get up to calm her down. Her red eyes were darting around the room, as if she expected something to jump out at her.

"Shh, Sierra, it's all good," I said calmly. Her eyes seemed to tell me that it was not all good.

I didn't blame the kid. I was lying through my teeth. It was far from being all good. Ariana and Luke were still in the Underworld with Thalia and Nico, and we were still running from Hades.

Speaking of Luke, I wonder what everyone was mad with him about. They were all giving him this cold attitude and being mean. No one will tell me, just say that it had nothing to do with me, and it was best I wasn't drug into it. Yeah right, I was practically family. Family doesn't keep secrets from family.

Lyka lazily stumbled over to me. Being a child of Apollo, she wasn't much of a night person.

"You guys okay," she mumbled. She was fifteen and I got the feeling she liked a certain child of Hades. And Ariana was already taken.

"Yeah, she's calming down," I replied. It was three in the morning, but I was afraid that if I set Sierra down again, she would spaz again. I held her the rest of the night.

It gave me plenty of time to think.

Everyone seemed to like someone nowadays. Percy and Annabeth, Ariana and Luke, Nico and Lyka (even though she denies it, "I'm too old for him!" she shouts and I shout back, "He's like seventy!" and she would give me a glare) and Clarisse and Christopher. No one liked me. But why am I worried. I'm twelve. I'd like to have some fun with my life before I was forced to grow up. But I don't want to be alone.

Who in the world would like me? I'm just a blonde haired blue eyed screw-up. My own parents won't acknowledge my existence.

It sucks to be alone, with no one to care for or be cared for by.

But, I'll think about junk like that when I'm older. I have too. I'm to young to be worrying about crap like that.

I'll be the coolest unclaimed demigod the world has seen!

Dawn was creeping into the hotel windows. Sierra's red eyes were drooping, slowly closing. She let out a small sigh and fell asleep. I had a good half hour before she woke up.

Kyle was starting to stir. I set Sierra down to check on him.

They were both about a month old. It was amazing, that they were still here, considering they only had a five percent chance of making it.

I could hear something coming from the door.

"Lyka, you up?" I asked cautiously.

That was the last thing I remember.

Chapter Seventeen


After Scar and Lyka left, all Hades broke loose.

Dad came in, and just about killed Persephone for, "DEFYING MY WISHES! WE NEEDED THAT CHILD AS A BARGAINING CHIP AND YOU GAVE HIM AWAY!" Persephone just ran off to Olympus, left her two stepkids and their friends to deal with Dad's wrath.

"Bring me my granddaughter!" he shouted.

"Pfft, like that's ever going to happen," Ariana responded.

"Bring her or every last one of you will die, then I'll go after the other two and the twins," he threatened.

"I'd rather go down fighting than running from my bastard uncle," Thalia challenged.

"Poseidon has nothing to do with this," Hades replied. I don't think he got what Thalia was saying.

"I was talking about you, moron," Thalia growled. He finally clued in.

"To think I went easy on you, only sending my weaker monsters after you," he said.

"Easy on me, I nearly died," Thalia shouted.

"Nearly, my dear, nearly died," Hades replied. I thought Thalia was going to strangle him.

"Dad," I started, "Leave them alone! My niece and nephew have nothing to do with you," I shouted.

"You don't know of Sierra's true potential. I see more power in her than I see in you two combined. I'm trying to take a potential problem child off your hands," Hades stated.

I thought the three of them were going to strangle him.

We were no match for him. Even if 75% of us were powerful demigod children of Kronos' sons, we couldn't take on Hades. It was suicide, literally.

My fingers started to tingle. My arms were set on fire with a tingling sensation. I could feel the power coursing through my veins. I clenched my fists. Hades was paying no mind to me. My fist started to open and close, clawing at sleeves of my jacket. My head felt like it was underwater, and I could hardly see. I was getting angrier and angrier. I saw Hades stroll over to Ariana. He fingered the scars on her cheek where his hand had hit nine months ago.

"I see the scars are still there. I'd hate to put new ones on that pretty face of yours," Hades said, his voice hardly a whisper.

Blood roared in my ears. I pushed my hands together, which was like pushing the north ends of two magnets together, and realesed the energy in Hades' direction.

The black fireball roared straight into his face. Luke and Thalia were thrown backward, but Ariana withstood the impact. She looked at me, her eyes wide. I shrugged. I didn't know where it came from. But it seemed to have worked, whatever it was. Hades was slammed against the wall and knocked unconsious.

"We need to get out of here," I urged, helping Thalia up. She looked a little delirious. Ariana nodded, holding out her hand to Luke. Luke got up, but Thalia stayed down. "I can get up, it hurts to much," she complained.

"Thal, you have too," I urged.

"No, don't make me," she replied, pain filling her voice.

"If you don't get up now, you're never going to get up," I replied.

"Thalia Grace," I growled, hoping me using her full name would make her get up, "Someone has to make sure Luke stays in line, and it sure as hell won't be me." Her electic blue eyes narrowed. She practically jumped up and stangled me.

"If you ever call me that again, I will murder you in your sleep," she threatened, before she realized she was up. I smiled and she playfully punched my arm.

"Y'know, Nico, you're alright," she said, and I could tell I won a whole mess of respect.

"Thanks," I replied. Luke glanced at me and Thalia. Ariana looked at all of us.

"Where do we go now?" Luke asked.

Chapter Eighteen


Holy crap. My father was after my daughter because she possessed some sort of demon princess powers. I didn't know where my kids and my two best friends were.

And to top it all off, I haven't eaten any real food in like nine months. I don't consider the hospital food to be food, just like the junk they serve at schools.

I'm starving. But I'm not thinking about that right now, I'm thinking about how Hades probably has his greasy fingers on my kids. We've probably traveled through three different states looking for them.

I'm dying on the inside.

This whole expierience has taken it's toll on Luke too. He wasn't as free spirited as he had been back at the hospital.

That could have to do with his and Thalia's party, the night before I came home with the twins.

I wasn't exactly obsessing over the fact that he cheated on me.

I'm hardly thinking about it.

I only think about it sometimes.

Okay, I lied, I think about it constantly.

That douche. If it weren't for the fact that I have two kids with him, I'd anihilate him. He wouldn't even have enough time to draw his sword, he'd be dead as a doornail.

I really didn't enjoy being pissed with him, but what choice did I have? Do I just go up to him and tell him that I forgive him for going all out with one of Artemis' hunting b*tches?

I didn't care if Thalia was cool and all, she was still a b*tch in my eyes.

And Luke was a lying douchebag.

Nico kept on stealing glances toward me, I knew he was wondering why I was so quiet. That night, we stayed in another no tell motel, and I pulled Nico aside.

"Nic," I said, "I want to know exactly what you know about those two," I said, jerking my head towards Luke and Thalia, who were sitting on opposite ends of the couch.

"Well, back when Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth were still running away from monsters, Luke and Thalia sort of liked eachother. Then when Thalia turned into a tree, Luke sort of never got over her. Then when the Fleece worked to well and revived Thalia, she and Luke fought this epic battle and Thalia threw Luke over a cliff," he paused a moment to catch his breath.

"She threw him off a cliff? Isn't that a little harsh? I mean, yeah I want to kill him, but I doubt I could ever go through with it," I admitted. Nico held up his hand, telling me to shut up.

"She joined the Hunters after that, saying that she didn't care about Luke anymore. Then, you came along and I guess Luke learned to deal, but I doubt he ever truely got over Thalia. Then she showed up at the hospital, Zues sent her to keep tabs on Luke, make sure he wasn't up to any of his old tricks. And well, we caught him sneaking out of the cabin and picking the lock on Thalia's cabin and going in. And here we are," he finished.

So that douche had broken in on her.

She hadn't lured him in.

He could have raped her for all we know.

But something else was bothering me.

"What were you and Lyka doing up together that late?" I asked suspiciously.

"I know it sounds bad when you say it like that, but I was in my cabin minding my own business when I saw him sneaking around. I started trailing him and Lyka came out of her cabin when she saw me and Luke outside," Nico explained sheepishly. I was relieved. At least one of the men in my life wasn't a hopeless douche.

On that happy note, Nico and I sat down. I distanced myself from Luke. I know that Hades' kid's fatal flaw was holding a grudge, but I was still mad at the douche.

I call him a douche too often. Maybe I should lighten up. Then again, maybe I shouldn't. I hated this.

Thalia looked so unsure of herself, which was odd, because from what I gathered about Thalia, she was never unsure of herself.

The awkward silence was a small scream coming from the room beside ours. I thought I heard a faint baby's scream coming after it. I could feel the darkness radiating from the wall. Nico could feel it too. We both ran out of the room and Nico kicked the door in. All I saw was Lyka's distraught face as she caught Scar's limp body.

We found them, but where were the twins?

Chapter Nineteen


My chest tightened as I saw the girl who was practicly my little sister collapsing into Lyka's arms. I ran over and helped pick her up and set her on the bed. I checked Scar for a pulse, it was faint, but I could feel one. Lyka's eyes were tearing up, and she turned to Nico. She rested her head on his shoulder and I could tell she was crying. Nico looked a little surprised, but he didn't object. He stood there and stroked her hair, trying to calm her down. Luke and Thalia barrelled into the room, both weilding their weapons. Thalia saw Scar and Lyka and dropped her bow.

"We were too late," she said to no one in particular.

"Nico, I-I was asleep," Lyka mumbled into Nico's shoulder, "I didn't hear him. I didn't see him until it was too late," she cried.

"Shh, shh, it's okay, you did your best," Nico comforted.

"My best wasn't enough, he's got the twins, both of them," Lyka cried harder. I came over and took her in my arms.

"C'mon babe, chill, it's okay," I comforted, "It's nearly impossible to sense him unless your one of his kids. I'm not blaming you. I'm not mad, at you atleast, it just means I get to witness Nico's amazing power again," I said, trying to sound happy and upbeat. I wasn't. We were so close. It would explain the crying baby last night.

Lyka perked up when I mentioned Nico's amazing power.

"Nico's. Amazing. Power?" she sniffled, "What do you mean amazing power?"

"He knocked Hades over with a black fireball that he conjured out of nothing," I explained.

"It was nothing, I lost control," Nico humbly said.

"Well, you can't deny how sexy it is to kick a door down," Lyka teased. Nico blushed.

"I never thought I'd see the day when someone said Nico was sexy," Luke teased.

"I never said he was sexy," Lyka replied, "I said kicking doors down is," Nico blushed harder. Scar started to stir. Her blue eyes opened and she surveyed her surroundings. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Her eyes grew wide. She looked terrified. Her mouth moved more and more rapidly, but nothing happened. Lyka reached over and shut her mouth. I handed her a piece of motel stationary and a pen. "What were you going to say?" I asked. She scribbled furiously. She handed me the note.

Damn, I'm dyslexic, and her handwriting wasn't making it any better.

"Luke, read this," I said, shoving the note in his hand. He stared at it. "Nico you try," he said, giving the note to him.

"Oh freak, I'm the only one whose not dyslexic around here, fork it over," Lyka commanded. She read it out loud.

"I was making sure Sierra didn't start crying again, so I pulled an all nighter. About the time the sun started rising, she fell asleep so I put her down and picked Kyle up, cause he was waking up. I heard something coming from the other side of the room. I thought it was Lyka, so I set Kyle down and turned around. Then something slapped me and I passed out. NOW I CAN'T SPEAK! WHAT THE HELL?!" Lyka said and I stared at Scar. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"It's okay," I said. She shook her head, but I could tell that it hurt like crazy.

"Can't you heal her with your Apollo powers or something like that?" Nico asked Lyka. She shook her head. "I'm not that good. Dad would have to come down and do it, but considering it's dawn, he's rather busy at the moment," she explained.

"He's picked me up before when he was doing his rounds," Nico persisted.

"Fine, I'll try to catch him," Lyka said. She went over to the window and tossed a dracma threw the mist and muttered her father's whereabouts. Apollo came on.

"Hey, Lyka," he said coolly, "I'm little busy kiddo, and you're blocking the windshield," he explained.

"Dad, I need your help," Lyka pleaded, "Hades slapped Scar and she's lost her voice. She was out cold for atleast an hour and she's just waking up,"

"Lyka, you know exactly what to do about this,"

"I know but I-"

"Can't? Do you think I said I can't when I had to slay-" "Dad, not that I don't love your pep talks, but I'm kind of in a hurry,"

"Oh right, Lyka, you're my daughter, and I know you've been taught well, so try," Apollo said, "And either way it goes, I expect a haiku about it when you're done," he continued, "If something goes wrong, just call me," he finished. Lyka nodded, but I could tell it was a forced nod. Apollo smiled and the connection faded.

"Haiku my a**," she said under her breath, "I'm not writing a haiku about this," she growled, reaching up to her neck, taking the gold chain with miniature monster charms on it off.

"Do you have any preference to what monster heals you?" she asked in a bored tone. Scar shrugged.

"Would you like the Minotaur, a Fury, a hydra, a hellhound, or a Skeletal soldier?" Lyka asked. Scar held up four fingers.

"A hellhound it is," Lyka said, taking one of the hellhound charms off.

"If at any point in time, you feel that your life is put in jeopardy, you feel uncomfortable with the treatment, or you are healed, yell up at us and I will kill the hellhound," Lyka said, crushing the charm into a fine powder. She added some water to it and stuck it in the microwave. It dinged after five seconds and she opened the door and let the hellhound out. It walked cautiously to Scar and gave her a giant kiss on her bruised jawline. Scar started to laugh. The hellhound started to go to her arm, which had the famous scar on it, and she yelled up at Lyka. Lyka boredly jabbed the hellhound with her knife. "And you die," she said as the hellhound yelped and disapeared, turning back into the charm. The charm seemed smaller though.

"Crap," she said, picking up the charm, "This one probably has one good heal left in it,"

An Iris message appeared. Apollo was on it.

"Ello love, where my haiku?" he demanded. Lyka sighed.

"Scar lost her beautiful voice. The hellhound found it. I hate reciteing haikus," she said. Apollo applauded her. "Such talent, such beauty. I loved it! Encore encore!" Apollo shouted. Lyka rolled her eyes.

"No," she stated, "Did you not listen to the last stanza?" Apollo looked sad.

"Awww, I wanted another one," he complained, but he brightened, "I sent you some new charms, Hermes should be getting there in about... NOW!" he shouted and the connection fizzled. All of the sudden Hermes appeared.

"Hey everybody, I have a package for Lykasois Yvonne," he said, reading the label, "Are you Lykasois Yvonne?" he asked Lyka. She nodded, and started signing the papers. He looked around and saw me.

"HEEEEYYYY IT'S MY DAUGHTER-IN-LAAAAW, SORT OF!" he shouted, giving me a hug.

"Uhhm, hi Hermes," I said.

"IT'S LUUUUUKE!" he shouted, giving Luke a father-son-hug-thing.

"Where the twins?" he asked.

"More than likely with their evil grandpapa," I said.

"He took them?" Hermes asked, astounded.

"Uh-huh," Luke replied.

"That's kind of bad, considering he wasn't supposed to enter the camp," Hermes said.

"This is the second time he's taken Kyle, first time he's taken Sierra," I explained. Hermes nodded.

"Ehh, well, what can ya do," he replied, turning to Scar, "KAYLEEE!!! I haven't seen you since you were this big!"

"You know my name?" Scar asked.

"Why wouldn't I? I'm your daddy-kins!" Hermes replied.

"Then how come you haven't claimed me yet?" Scar asked.

"Been trying too, but you haven't been at camp in a good month or two," Hermes said.

"It's been a month?" Thalia asked, looking pale.

"Let's see, it's October 22nd. Yeah, it's been over two months actually," Hermes replied. Thalia's knees started shaking.

Oh corn puffs, I know exactly what's going through her mind. I thought Luke was going to pass out.

Gods, she is, isn't she.

With Luke's.

Gods, what am I supposed to.

Hades will never let me live this.

I can't even complete a thought.

I looked at Nico and Lyka, they were white as sheets.

Thalia ran to the bathroom, and I could tell from the sounds that she was sick. "What's with her?" Hermes asked. He looked at all of us, and studied our expressions.

"What's with all of you?" he asked.

His gaze rested on mine. I could see myself in his eyes. I looked absolutly petrified with a hint of ever growing rage. Nico and Lyka's were about the same.

Luke's cheeks were paler than usual. That's saying something.

Thalia finished barfing and stayed in the bathroom for sometime. Scar looked about as confused as her dad.

Hermes seemed to finally clue in.

"Oh, Artemis is not going to be happy about this," he said, and we adverted our eyes as he showed his true form and disappeared.

Chapter Twenty


(A/N: Ariana lets out all her inner rage in a swear filled rant. To all ThaliaXLuke supporters, proceed cautiously!)

"What? What's Artemis not going to be happy about?" I asked. Lyka, Nico and Ariana's glares shot invisible daggers toward Luke. My voice was still scratchy, but I could still speak, which was better than nothing.

"Thalia and Luke, they're gonna have a baby," Lyka said, not taking her glare off of Luke. WHAT?! WHAT THE HELL?! WHAT DOES SHE MEAN?! WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS?! THAT LYING DOUCHE! my mind screamed, and apparently so did my mouth.

"Scar, it's not nice to call people lying douches," Luke said sheepishly.

"She speaks the truth," Nico said, "She's saying the exact same thing Lyka screamed at you, and Ariana has been thinking and I've been trying to say,"

"Ariana, you think that I'm a lying douche?" Luke asked, his voice was filled with hurt.


Thalia stumbled in from the bathroom, her face pale. "Ariana, I didn't mean too," Thalia said, her voice weak, "I didn't want too,"


"Ariana, leave her alone, I forced her,"


"Ariana, you're over reacting,"


"Ariana, please,"


"Ariana, calm down, if you get any madder, you'll kill them," Nico warned.


I was terrified. Ariana never got this mad. Lyka stood infront of me, trying to shield me from it.

"Ariana," Nico warned.

"What?!" she screamed. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I could see the steady stream rolling down hers. She saw me and I saw her exhale.

"Scar, I'm-I'm sorry you had to see that," she apologized. Thalia was crying too, and Luke's eyes were misting. Lyka was practicly sobbing on Nico's shoulder. I stood up and hugged her.

"It's okay, I understand, he would never last if I were you though, I'd have killed him the minute I found out," I admitted.

"Great to know my sister's on my side," Luke muttered. I glared at him. He shrank in his skin. Lyka and Nico were holding eachother close. Thalia slid down the wall and wrapped her arms around her knees. Luke bent down to check on her, but she punched him. I could tell she had broken his nose. He looked at Lyka for some help, but she glared and shook her head.

"I'm not helping you, you might come rape me when I'm done," she accused. Nico's eyes shone, I could tell that he was laughing on the inside. I saw the love in his eyes. He liked Lyka, and I knew she liked him. They were perfect for eachother.

Ariana still glared at Luke, but triumph was in her eyes. I knew that she felt better after she ranted.

Luke gave me a begging look. I rolled my eyes. "Lyka, we can't tote him around in search of his twins looking like that," I complained. She rolled her eyes and threw one of her new charms from her father at him. A drakkon appeared when he pulled it out of the microwave. It blew fire on his nose, and Lyka drove her knife threw it's eye. It turned back into it's charm. She strung it onto her chain.

Awkward silence ensued.

"Okay," I said, "We aren't saving the twins just standing around, when do we leave?"

Chapter Twenty-One


Ariana and Nico already hated me, stealing the brats probably isn't helping.

But Persephone is absolutly in love with Kyle.

I think she likes the brat more than she likes me.

Understandable, I suppose.

But, that little brat named Sierra will never shut up.

Gods, she would give Jamie Lee Curtis a run for her money.

If I could record that scream and sell it, I'd make millions.

But, anyhow, I still think what I'm doing is worthwhile.

I want that screaming child.

She has more potential than both of my kids.

I see the evil look in her eyes.

It's wicked, and shakes most mortals to the core.

Ariana most likely had the same problem, but Sierra's is harder, more demonic.

They haven't seen what this child can do.

If you let her scream long enough, the hellhounds come.

And her voice never cracks or stops. She never has to pause to take a breath.

And even when she does, she takes one look at me and screams.

I should be offended by that, making babies scream, but I like it.

Adds to my charm.

Still, it sucks when I have to silence her to make the groveling souls happy.

They are apparently perfectly content with their shrieking and they don't need my demonic granddaughter adding to it.

Persephone comes in every so often to pick up Kyle.

She dances with the kid. She eats with the kid. If I let her, she'd probably move his crib into our room.

This kid is like the son she never had.

Gods, if this was all it took to make her happy, I would have done this a long time ago.

Kidnapping babies. Babies, babies and more babies! So many babies that they'd have to rename this place The Underworld- Eternal torment for dead souls, and award winning day care.

Holy me, I scare myself just thinking about that.

Well, I'm sure the older brats will be along soon.

I'll just wait, here in the throne room. Still waiting. And waiting.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ What the hell?

Where the hell are they? It's been hours!

I half expected Ariana and Nico to shadow travel here themselves and attempt to kick my a**.

Last time was just a cheap shot. Nico will not get another chance to humiliate me.

I hear something. It sounds like determined footsteps. Yep, the children are here! Ariana was the first to burst through the door.

"Dad, give them back!" she shouted.

"But why?" I asked.

"Because they're mine, not yours,"

"You sound as if I took your toys,"

"To you maybe, just because you've screwed up with the rest of your kids doesn't mean you can take mine,"

"I screwed you up?"

"You didn't acknowledge my existence until I was an adult!"

"Your point?" "I want my kids,"

"Too bad, so sad," "Bastard,"

"I know I am,"


"That too love,"

"Dad, give them to her," Nico said, appearing out of nowhere.

"Nico, my boy, how are you?"


"But why?"

"Because Sierra and Kyle deserve a chance with their parents. Knowing you, you're gonna just dump them in some random casino and leave them there until you need them,"

"That's cold,"

"It's the truth." He had a point. That was what I was planning on doing. Damn, how does he know me so well?

"Nico, Ariana, why don't you give me a chance?" I asked, putting on my best pleading face.

"Yeah, I tried, you knocked me into a coma. You beat me senseless," Ariana growled.

"Obviously or else you wouldn't be in this mess with Luke," I replied.

Something started descending from the ceiling. I saw her when it was too late. A twelve year old descended like a spider on it's silk and held a Styngian iron knife to my throat. "Remember me?" she asked. I cursed. It was the little girl I had knocked out. All of the sudden, Luke and Thalia came out of nowhere and tied ropes around my feet.

They're trying to capture me. It's so adorable. But where is the sixth?

Something started rumbling. The Minotaur, Hydra, Furies, and multiple hellhounds burst through the wall. And who was leading them?

That daughter of Apollo.

"Attack!" she shouted. They jumped on top of me, pinning me down.

"Give us the kids," Ariana growled.

"Never," "NOW!" One of the hydra heads snapped at me, nearly taking my head off.

"You can have Kyle, but not Sierra," I offered. A Fury tried to rip my leg off. Persephone walked in with both of them.

"Ariana, Nico, take them," she said, "I- I- I can't do this. I can't keep them, knowing how much it hurts you," she finished, and from my spot on the floor, I could see her handing them to Ariana and Nico.

"Persephone," I warned.

"Hades, I can't do this anymore, I can't stand back and watch you do all of this, I just can't," Persephone said.

"What do you mean," I started, "Persephone, what do you mean?"

"I mean it's the middle of October, and I'm not with my mother. I haven't seen her since the war ended. I should only be here during the winter, but instead I'm stuck here in the middle of summer, I'm going home," Oh my gods, is she breaking up with me?

"And on that note, I think we'll be leaving," Ariana said, "Don't bother showing us out, we know the way," she said, walking out. They all murmured in agreement and followed. I didn't bother to follow.

(A/N: They have the twins back and Thalia has comfirmed her pregnancy. What chaos will ensue in the coming months? Will Zues be as mad about Luke and Thalia as Hades had been with Luke and Ariana? Will Sierra's dark powers show themselves? Will Lyka and Nico admit their undying love for eachother? And most of all, will Ariana ever forgive Luke? Find out when I finally post the next chapter!)

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