The Titan Symbols of Power were the individual object or objects that were wielded by the Titans, an example would be that Kronos had a Scythe (Megas Drepanon) and Hyperion had a Gold Great Sword (Chrysafenios), the only Titan that doesn't seem to have her Symbol of Power anymore is Rhea who is so divided into pieces that she may as well be dead. Most of the Titans' Symbols of Power appear in the Wrath of the Usurped series.


Symbols of the Major Titans:

Titan Titan Status Symbol(s) Symbol(s) Status
Kronos Alive Megas Drepanon, Armour of the Styx Recently Reformed
Rhea Near Destroyed Two Unnamed Katars Status Unknown
Aello Alive Adamastos Kerauno, Armour of the Sun Active
Apolleon Reborn Ebenos Malleus Reformed
Oceanus Alive Ophis Kopis Active
Tethys Alive Unknown Active
Hyperion Alive Chrysafenios Active
Theia Faded Unnamed Glasses Status Unknown
Obscurus Alive Abussos Xiphos Active
Koios Alive Kerauno Htipima Active
Phoebe Alive Unknown Active
Mnemosyne Alive Unknown Active
Themis Alive Unknown Active
Krios Alive Caelestis Xiphos Active
Iapetus Alive Letalis Longche Active


  • The Titan Symbols of Power contrast to the Olympian Symbols of Power.

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