I'm redoing it but here's the first

Chapter 1

Michael's POV

Through the forest, I ran. The fury had just let me go, (See This ) And a hellhound was following me! I ran and ran and ran!I collapsed at acreek, sure I would die but a beuatiful grey eyed weoman came up to me. "Mother?" I wasn't sure how I could remember her.

"Yes dear," she said. "Stay still." I obliged and I felt her cool hand on my forehead. She then tucked 3 items into my pack and handed me a blanket and pillow. "Sweet dreams!" she said and all of a sudden, I was lying in a bed in a cottage. My pack was lying beside the bed. I got up andf hurried out of there.

Annabeth's POV

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! I hated Clarrise! Why did she pour peanuts into my shutters? My bed was full of peanuts! i had no time to contemplate revenge though for Natalie interrupted me.

"er . . . Annabeth? You know that half-blood detecting machine you made? we've got a signal."

Michael's POV

I checked the items the lady had given me. a bookmark, a watch and an owl bracelet. Those would be of no use. i tucked them back in my back pack.

all of a sudden- Crash! a dozen trees fell down as a hydra stepped in the clearing.

"Get down!" a girl with brown hair and grey eyes tackled me, a bunch of poison soaring over my head.


"I'm Natalie Cole. Now DUCK!" a bunch of poison soared over my head-again.

Natalie yelled, "Get the bookmark and watch!"

"Why?" I yelled but obliged. Natalie tugged the bookmark and it turned into a sword. she tapped the watch and it turned into a shield. Natalie handed the weapons. Here!"

"I took the sword and slashed at the hydra. again and again it beat me.

"We need fire!" yell;ed Natalie. then she noticed the bracelet. "Oh my gods . . ."


"where'd you get that?"

"I dunno!"

"Grab it and yell Athena!"


an owl; swoope down and killed the Hydra.

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