"He's predicted that Rome will meet its downfall, and that I will be a part of it."

To Kidnap a King is an Original Story. It is set in Ancient Greece and Rome, a war has been going on for centuries, even the oldest cannot remember the true reason why it started.

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But when the Greeks finally decided that it is time to do something they send in someone who has to do the job. But when you are hiding a false identity and your task is to kidnap the praetor of Rome and bring him back to the home you haven't been to in months, its going to be hard. The People needed to be saved, this time it wasn't a war with demigods versus monsters, it was demigod versus demigod. How could you win when you were battling against people of the same birthright as you, but with the one who washes all pain away on the Greeks side, could the war that had seemed to last forever finally be over?


Chapter 1: To Help an Escape

Chapter 2: Good Evening Praetor

Chapter 3: Back to Home

Chapter 4: A Little Pain Couldn't Hurt

Chapter 5: She Who Washes Away Pain

Chapter 6: Meeting a Relative

Chapter 7: A War Council

Chapter 8: Tough Choices

Chapter 9: Setting Up Posts

Chapter 10: The Battlefield

Chapter 11: Shaping the Victory

Chapter 12: What's Rightfully Ours

Chapter 13: Final Choices


Between the Divide - How Tom and Francesca Meet

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