"It was good to be back," thought Corey Summers. In his own body, he meant. Ouranos had tied his consciousness to the Sears Tower, in Chicago. The tallest building in America was well within the sky protogenoi's domain. So, Corey and the small group of followers they had mustered made headquarters on the top floor, completely in Ouranos' protection, which they were going to need soon, provided all went according to plan.

"How long do we have before Callisto and McCutcheon reach Camp Half-Blood?" asked Jermey Finch, a half-blood Corey had managed to recruit.

"They should have just arrived. I assume they wont waste any time telling Chiron what they "overheard." Hopefully, we managed to convince them they actually escaped, and that we didn't let them go. We need them to tell the gods, or everything will fail. We have one shot at this."

Suddenly, Corey's world was rocked by a tremor in the floor.

"What was that?" asked Jermey.

"Something bad." said Corey.

Another tremor came, this one even bigger. Another happened, and the infrastructure of the building gave way. Five stories up, the building split in half and the top half toppled sideways, falling to the ground. It fell sideways and crushed everything within 1,000ft. Everyone inside and around was killed in the devastating incident. A sense of terror gripped the city as smoke rose into the sky. First-Responders rushed to the scene, but there was nothing they could do. However, no bodies were ever found on the top floor, where Corey had set up headquarters.

Outside, two figures stood alone, surveying the chaos with stern expressions.

"Well brother," said the one in the suit with a beard, "I thank you for following my orders. It was an impressive display, but I think they may have survived. They were up in the air, where he has domain. Our message got through, though, and that was the point."

"What!?!" said the one in a Tommy-Bahama shirt and a fisherman's hat. "You just had me cause an earthquake and kill thousands of mortals to send a message!? I was not sure about this when I thought we were going to stamp out the rebellion, but now, you disgust me. You're a disgrace to gods, and I don't want to be a part of anymore mortal-slayings you command."

With that, Poseidon stormed off, and Ouranos' plan to create a rift among the gods started out on the right foot.

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