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Tom "Giggles" Smith
The Laughing Demigod
The Mortal God
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 18/12/96
Current age 15
Gender Male
Family Dad- Gelos, God of Laughter, Mom- Euphrosyne- Goddess of Joy
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6 ft
Alias Giggles
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons Tazer, Pathokinetics, Boomerang Knifes
Species Demigod, Mortal God
Home Gelos' Cabin
Appearances None
Quests None


Tom Smith was a normal child with a normal childhood, an orphan taken in by a loving family. What he didn't know and had always wondered was who his real parents where. He knew he didn't fit in and his foster father always found it a need to explain this to Tom. Tom is a demigod child, not like any other. He is one of a very distinct few demigods to be born from two godly parents, his parents are minor gods and don't play any distinct part in mythology. Tom's father is Gelos, God of Laughter and his mother is Euphrosyne, goddess of Joy and Mirth. Tom was born at a minor temple dedicated to Euphrosyne and was then placed in the mortal world as Zeus refused to offer the child immortality as he was the spawn of two minor deities. So he was placed among the mortal world until he showed a hint of odd manifestations.

Tom was fifteen when he began working in his high school in Milwaukee as a trainee therapist. He was such an exceptional that people with anxiety, depression, etc. would enter Tom's room and leave happy and laughing. Tom and other people couldn't understand it, how could a fifteen-year-old be able to soothe people's emotions and literally turn their frowns upside down. His guide, Viscount Herbert noticed a yellowish, laugh-inducing aura around Tom and decided to confront him. Finally, after explaining what he was and how his lifestyle will change, they decided to make a run for it. Viscount Herbert booked the "Supersonic" Express and that was Tom's first experience with a god. The "Supersonic" Express is Hermes' new, top-of-the-line expressway to Half-Blood Hill. They battled along the way but got to the Camp safely.
Commission reize seatlan by domdozz-d4yp9kt


  • Joy Inducement
  • Pathokinetics
  • Laughter Inducement


  • Mother = Euphrosyne
  • Father = Gelos


Tom fights with boomerang-shaped daggers. He is an exceptional warrior.

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