Tony Johnson was created by the five rivers of the underworld (Acheron the river of pain, Kokytos the river of wailing, Lethe the river of forgetfulness, Phlegethon the river of fire and Styx the river of hate).


He has eyes that shift colour betwen: a milky white, a pitch black and a firey red. His hair is black with streaks of milky white and firey red. He has pale white skin.


Tony is always shifting between personalities and gets kind of confusing. Here are his six personalities:

  1. He can be strict and heartless,
  2. He can be wining and anoying,
  3. He can be fogetfull and stupid,
  4. He can be fast, cunning and sly,
  5. He can be mean and unforgiveing,
  6. Or he can be kind, friendly and nice.


  • Hydrokinesis,
  • Pryokinesis,
  • Umrakinesis,
  • Excellent Sword fighter
  • Can break any oath, even the River Styx oath because Styx is his mother
  • mní̱mi̱kinesis,
  • synaisthí̱matakinesis,
  • pónoskinesis,
  • misó̱kinesis.

Weapons and Items:

  • misó̱ (A Stygian iron short sword).


He was created by the five rivers of the underworld to do their bidding, but broke free from them and now wonders the world, seeking his fortune...

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