When Boyd and Emiley reached me all three of us was exhausted. "What do we do now?", Boyd asked.

"We can try to get the shell and make a brake for it", I suggested. Mimas appeared and he seemed very happy about something.

"Triton told me you three wont be a problem, that I will be able to kill you with ease, but he turned out to be wrong", the giant said.

"Triton told you we were coming?", I said.

"Of course you fool, he was the one who gave me his shell so I could use it to destroy the gods by using that tower of his", Mimas said. My mind has been processing so much now, how can my own bother plot my down fall, then it hit me what Rachael said that I will be betrayed by family.

"Silas I'm sorry but your brother sucks", Boyd said.

"I agree", I told him. A giant boar came through the jungle and crashed into the giant.

"Where did that come from!", Boyd said.

"I summoned him, he wanted to help", Emiley said. While the boar was attacking the giant Boyd and I sprung into action. I flipped Stream Surge and it turned into a lance. Mimas pushed the boar out his way and took out the shell and prepared to blow it. "Put the wax on!", but Emiley didn't here me, it was to late and she was effected by the mysterious sound. What ever she saw frighten her and she was paralyzed with fear. Mimas knocked Boyd and I out of the way and attacked Emiley. "NO!!!", I shouted but he attacked her without hesitation. He threw Emiley by a near by lake, I signaled Boyd to distract him. I ran after her. her body landed in the water and was sinking quick. I limped towards the lake and dived in the water. It was filling me with strength I grabbed her and shot us to the surface. "Heal!", I commanded the water to do but it looked as if nothing was happening. "Heal!", I shouted but nothing. I checked her pulse but nothing. I was filled with anger that this happened and I felt my power rising. All the water from the lake rose with me on it and I formed a giant water cloud. "Your actions are futile son of Poseidon", Mimas said.

"I will show you who's actions are futile, I summon the power of the TEMPEST!".   

Tower Of The Gods ch 12: The Tempest

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