I stood on a building not to far from the towers, news reporters and other people were their for the opening of the tower. I was still wielding my trident, I focused all my power to create one big storm heading towards the towers.

"This is Sandy Rivers for channel 5 News. I'm here with the CO-CEO of Triton industries for the grand opening for the global communications tower. There is a storm brewing and the winds are pretty strong. Thunder clouds are forming up ahead, wait he is about to speak", the reporter said.

"When the rays of the sun rise on this tower tomorrow morning we will have better communications with all nations worldwide. I'm sorry my boss couldn't be here but we will continue we will-", BOOM! and the towers exploded and everyone started to run for safety.

"It seems a bolt of lightning struck the towers and now the towers are starting to burn, wait now we have word that a hurricane is coming towards us we get out of here", Sandy Rivers said. I watched as the tower was being and I was getting weaker and weaker, I never made a storm of that magnitude before. My strength started to leave so I left with pride knowing I stopped Triton's evil tower.

Tower Of The Gods ch 16: I make a Promise

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