While we were running through the woods we got surrounded by members from the Apollo and Ares cabins. "I told you this was the wrong way!" Claudia shouted at me.

"Well nobody is perfect" I replied. When Boyd appeared he was wielding a spear and not a whip.

"I told you I wasn't going to let win" Boyd said.

"Well I was kind of hoping you were" I told him. Before Boyd could take the flag from me Leo and his siblings from the Hephaestus cabin."Leo, you couldn't have arrived at a better time". They through smoke bombs at the Apollo kids and shock bombs at the Ares kids.

"Go!" Leo shouted. Claudia and I just had to get across the lake and we will win, but as usual things never went our way. Kids from Hermes and Demeter's cabins were behind us. I knew we couldn't out run them especially the Hermes kids so I decided that we should jump into the water.

"Do you trust me", I asked her.

"Yes, why?", she said with an confused look. Without replying to her I gripped her and drag under the water with me. I use the water to shoot us with jet like speed and within minutes we could have made it across.

The children of Hypnos were on a boat waiting for us on boat with swords and arrows.

"Do they realize how stupid it is to fight a son of Poseidon in the water", I said. I used my powers to tip and flip the boat over and continued on going towards the end of the lake. When we made it to the end everyone was happy that we got here before they could leave with our flag. Chiron appeared and announce our team as the winners. "We make a good team you and I". 

"Yea but it would be better if Quintus was here" she said with a grim look. About 2 months after we retrieved my dads trident and beat the titan Oceanus my best friend Quintus was asked to go on a quest and never updated us on the quest or replied to our Iris messages. It was hard on me and really hard on Claudia I could see that her and Quintus got close.

"I know how you feel he hasn't came back yet and its been a month. He hasn't answered any of my Iris messages, I'm started to fill the worse for him", I said. We went to the dinning pavilion to celebrate our victory and then I went to sleep.  Tower Of The Gods ch 3: Message!

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