After winning capture the flag last night I decided to go straight to sleep. My dreams aren't usually just dreams. This time I had a dream about Quintus, he was in bad shape. He had bruises and scratches over his body. He looked as if he was chained to something. "Si..Si...Silas", Quintus mumbled. Before I could do anything I was woken up by Claudia.

"Get up, Boyd wants to talk to you", Claudia said.

"Sure, I'll be out in a sec", I said. After I got dressed and ready I ate my breakfast and started to look for Boyd. When I found Boyd I told him about my dream.

"Did you tell Claudia about it", Boyd said.

"No I don't want to freak her out", I replied.

"Yeah she is already stressed out about trying to find him", he said. Just then Grover appeared running towards us.

"Silas! Chiron has a message for you!", Grover said.

"A message?", I asked. "Yeah a message", Grover said. We made it to the Big House where we saw Chiron reading and Mr. D sleeping on the couch.

"Chiron, Grover said you had a message for me", I asked.

"Yes a message from your brother", he said.

"Percy?", I said.

"No Triton", he replied.

"Triton? who is he", I asked him.

"Triton is the son of your father and Amphitrite. He is the messenger god of the sea and heir to Poseidon's throne. He doesn't like the fact that his father has another demigod son but he needs your help", Chiron said.

"What's the message?", Boyd asked.

"My conch shell has been stolen and I want Silas Corvin to retrieve it", Chiron read aloud. "Silas you need to find Triton's conch shell before it is to late".

"What's so special about his conch shell", Boyd asked. "During the Gigantomachy his shell scared the giants and forced them to retreat", Chiron said with a deadly look.

"Silas go see Rachael so you can receive your prophecy", he said. I walked up the stairs and opened the door to the guest room and Rachael was eating.

"Hey Silas", she called out.

"Hey" I replied. "Rachael I need a prophecy for my quest". Her eyes turned green and a green fog filled the room. The Oracles voice spoke the lines for my prophecy:

                                     You will leave the land you call home
                                     Travel far east through seas unknown
                                     Do battle with the bane of war
                                     Son of Ares finish the score
                                     Finish the quest to the end
                                     only to be betrayed by family in the end

Her eyes turned normal and the fog disappeared into thin air.

"Did you get your prophecy?", she asked.

"Yeah thanks", I replied. I left the Big House and made my way outside to pick out who will join me on my quest.   Towers Of The Gods ch 4: Hermes Letter

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