What are rules without exceptions?

Prologue: The Story


They are passed on from generation to generation, whether by page or screen or tongue. They warm us at times, chill us at others. The allow us refuge from our own lives, they give us entry to other worlds of awe or sorrow. Some are fictitious. Others, such as this one, are rooted in truth. You likely do not know who I am. I assue you, I know who you are. One life may not seem so important, but it is lives which addd up to make a universe. As I am sure you have discerned, I have a story to tell you, for I am the Storyteller. I see timelines unfold in different directions, I watch worlds rise and fall. And today, we will watch a boy, a camp, and his wings.

Part One: The Boy 

"My Name is Michael" 

I'm really not sure where to start

My name is Michael Johnson. I arrived in Camp Half-Blood when I was 10 years old. When I was 16, I almost left it forever. I'm a son of Athena which is basically a way of saying 'any intelligence you have gained is not a result of your own talent it's because of your mom'. I'm not the best fighter. I'm not the smartest kid at camp.

My name is Michael Johnson and my story begins with two people. My mother was a lawyer who immigrated at an early age to America. She took all of her parents' sacrifices and owned them, working hard to become a successful prosecuter. She met my father during law school-- he was an engineer serving in the Navy. They fell in love, and married, and they really, really wanted children.

The thing was, they really wanted children. Like, a lot. And the unfortunate this was that try as they might, it wasn't medically going to happen. I don't know the details, but it just wasn't. But they didn't give up. They went from doctor to doctor, trying against all odds to make it work. And somebody caught notice-- I'm not sure whether I should expand on that now or later. Because the person who took notice was not human. (She wasn't an alien, either. I wish she were an alien.)

Well, she intervened, and my sister and I were born. And I guess that's where my story begins.

"There are Sharks in the Water"

Our home in Hawaii was by the edge of the ocean.

Part Two: The Camp

Part Three: The Wings

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